Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival is coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita

Dino Dini’s classic football simulations return after 25 years away

Today I’m immensely happy to announce that Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, a brand new instalment of my classic football simulation series is coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita in 2016.

For those of you who might not recognise me, allow me to introduce myself. I was a geek from a young child, and happened to be just the right age when home computers became a thing. I taught myself to program, and wanted to make games like those in the arcades.

I sold my first game when I was 14 or so, in 1980. In 1988 I started work on Kick Off on Amiga and ST home computers. After release, they reached the top of the charts and won at industry awards such as the 1990 Golden Joytsick “16 bit Game of the Year”. It was banned from the magazine offices because people were playing it too much!

However, the industry started to become unfriendly towards small developers and individuals like me during the 1990’s, and so I went into the industry in other ways, working with companies in the US, the UK and Italy. Eventually, I went in to teaching game development which is what I have been doing for the past eight years in the Netherlands.

I never really stopped wanting to continue the story. I watched as some competitors with big budgets and licenses took over the market, and I was sad because they forgot the lessons I had taught them.

As one person, I had managed to beat large companies in sales figures without having licenses and gigantic budgets. I did this by focusing on what is the most important part of games: gameplay, and I am very good at that.

I was not the only one who could do this – there were many others – but the industry focused on graphical realism and high production values. The indie spirit has no place in that world: big budgets and their associated risks can become ruthless masters that wreck many a good game design concept.

Recently indie game development has made a comeback. Perhaps one of the most important things about the story of Minecraft and Notch is that the industry can no longer pretend that huge budgets, big teams and massive marketing budgets really mean very much at all. How can we think that with a straight face, when a bedroom programmer created something with zero budget that eventually sold for over three billion dollars?

As I saw that the industry was beginning to change and embrace the indie spirit again, I knew I had to try one more time. Talent is being valued once again and this is a wonderful thing.

The revival started when Shahid Ahmad, Director of Strategic Content at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, took an interest in my story and, to my pleasant surprise, offered to send me a PS Vita development kit. At first the challenge was finding the time to work on a prototype in my spare time. Eventually I was able to show a demo, and Sony offered to help me get the game made. Now I am working on it full time.

So, what can you expect from the new Kick Off? The important things will not change. The ball is not stuck to your feet; you can shoot the way you want; aiming and swerving the ball will be 100% under your control.

The game is going to be in 3D, but only because it is actually easier to make games like that these days. I may offer different camera views, but the default views will be the classic top down approach of Kick Off 2 and GOAL!, perhaps with small adjustments.

The spirit will be that of the old games, but designed with the modern hardware in mind. This is particularly true of the controllers. 25 years ago home computers used an eight-direction joystick with one button. These were digital, not analogue. You could only aim in eight directions. The new game will make full use of the analogue controls, and the gameplay is tuned to work with these. The effect is that the feel and the spirit of the original game is retained, but the possibilities for precision and skill are vastly improved.

If you like to know more about the development of the game you can follow me on Twitter @dndn1011.


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This has made my day



SnakeEaterITA 14 October, 2015 @ 15:06

Congrats :)



Brings back some old memories. Nice though.
I hope all goes well.

And only then will I ever play a football game again! Awesome! :)

Dino Dini’s Soccer on the Mega Drive used to get played so much in my house! Looking forward to this!


I was most proud of that game, so very happy you enjoyed it :)

I had it on the snes and was so addicted. I had no idea there was a real Dino Dini. Love this!!


“It’s in the name”

This is potentially awesome. Will it challenge Rocket League as the best footy game on PS4?


I’m enjoying the Amiga revival on PlayStation, I must say. Chaos Engine and PP Hammer next!

You said it will release in 2016 in the video above the Eurogamer related article, will we see the game in action at PGW or PSX conferences?
Anyway, congratulazioni Dino! I hope for a retail release as well, like an historical game like yours deserves :)


We do intend to give updates and maybe some teasers in the future. Stay tuned! :)

This is really great news! Kick Off was so much fun when I played it on Amiga back in the day. Can’t wait to revisit it – and it’s on Vita, too.

Brilliant news, loved Kick Off on the Amiga. Could Shahid sign up the Bitmap Brothers next, so we get Chaos Engine 3, Gods 2, and Megablast 2 oh and Geoff Crammond for Stunt Car Racer Revived


A VR enabled stunt car racer would be cool :D

Exciting news!

Exiting news! Looking forward to play Kick Off again :)

If anyone can do it, it’s Shahid :D

Day one for me. Loved the game back in the day.

StevenJamesHyde 14 October, 2015 @ 15:46

Goal! was the best non-Sensible Software football game on the Amiga. This could be a great Vita game

I can’t wait to see how my nephew and niece will react when they’re exposed to the awesomeness that is Kick Off. I hope they can handle the old school controls and ball physics. :)


As Roy Castle used to say… Dedication is what you need :)

This is one of best news of this October… I’m waiting for your talent in making really fun games, Dino! Keep on…


Thank you :D

S_P_A_C_E_M_A_N 14 October, 2015 @ 15:59

Great news! Kick Off 2 on the Amiga holds very special memories for me.

Hi Dino! Great news! Hopefully it goes well!

I thought you lost the name license when Kick off 3 (goal) and that Kick off PC came out…

I’m glad you didn’t!

Please do not cancel the announced vita version! It needs all the love it can get…


I am doing everything I can to look after the Vita :D

Excellent! Kick Off 2 and Player Manager are my most missed games since amiga times!Hope Player Manager will be revived too… someday. Great news and all the best to you Dino!


I have always wanted to do a sequel to PM :D

CookieMonsterES 14 October, 2015 @ 16:51

Another Kick Off 2 old timer player here. I can’t count how many hours my brother and me played it back then. Sooo many good times :)

Awesome news, Dino, really glad to see the footie season isn’t over ;)

Oh my word, I can’t tell you how many days, weeks, months of my life I lost to Kick Off, Kick Off 2 and finally Goal! on my Amiga 500. I’m beyond stoked for this.

Here’s hoping for some smashing intro music too a la Goal!


Was talking to someone about music tonight as it happens…


Hi Dino, truth to be told, I’m not so much into soccer games… but this is one of the best news I’ve read on this blog.

We need more old times developers to come back, the industry right now is a mercyless beast, and most times the personal touch from the creators is missing for commercial purposes…

So I expect with great anticipation your game, specially on vita.

Thanks for your comeback.


Thank you for your support :D

Oh the memories – Kick Off and Sensi Soccer were the last decent football games IMO – FIFA & PES have never done anything for me. Cannot wait to play this on the PS4 & Vita.

Oh yeah! Dino Dini, the king of football in those 16 bits days. Goal! for the Commodore Amiga is probably the football game I’ve played the most in my gamer life. Cannot wait to play the new Kick Off!

MiguelitonsUS 14 October, 2015 @ 17:42

Best news since ages, loved Kick Off on the Amiga and now it’s coming to the PS Vita, it feels like a dream comes true!!

I lost many a Saturday afternoon to Kick Off 2 on the Amiga. Reading this article has made my day. This is a day one purchase for me, 100%.

I want to shake Shahid Ahmad by the hand and thank him for sending you the Dev Kit.

Now, I need him to send one to Jon Hare and the Sensible guys so I can get Cannon Fodder and SWOS too ;)


Too true. SWOS and Cannon Fodder and long due a revisit. Hell, I’d even take a port of the version on the 360 of Sensible Soccer…

May i ask u Sir Dino?Why hasnt been this on Kickstarter?Secondly, i know 15 Friends of mine who will get a ps4 just for Kick Off! I can hear them scream “Damn you Xbone”…haha


Make sure you guys let Sony know :D I did not want to do a KS from nothing, I wanted the backing of an industry partner who believed in the game. I am so happy to have found that.

Amazing news. I was at boarding school when Kick Off 2 was a thing. The queue to the Amiga would stretch out of the communal room and down the hall, winner stays on.


Amazing story! I’d like to know more. Perhaps you can follow me on twitter and we can talk about your story?

When i was a child my uncle made me a gift: Player Manager for Amiga 500. The best soccer game ever created. I remember the mouse cursor with a rolling ball. Played for years listening the queen album innuendo. Thanks Dino Dini


Thanks for the story.


LOVED Kick Off 2 on the Amiga – it was always miles better than Sensible Soccer, despite what Amiga Power would say.

Definitely buying this :)


You say all the right things :D

I have very fond memories of playing this game with my friends many years ago. I am so happy to hear these news!

I used to play against my brother or his mates using our Atari 2600 controllers. Great days, great games. That moment when you put in a cross and your forward headed it in, or those shots from outside the box south late after touch to beat the keeper. Epic!


I loved those controllers, classic.

Pay 12.99 a month to play games you already bought.

No thank you.


Was it something I said? ;)

This is extremely great news. Have many great memories kick off and Player manager. Looking forward to it sir and thanks again to Shahid for being aces in finding great games for us :)


Wow! About 7 or 8 of us used to play Kick Off 2 (and then Goal!) in our own home-made football league – I organised domestic and European cups and even sat through CPU vs CPU matches for games in the cups where human players weren’t in the fixture (I had plenty of time back then!).

I may well get this (again!).

Best of luck Dino!


Thanks. I am interested in how people played KO2 with their own competitions, if you follow me on Twitter perhaps we can talk about it :)



emporiogaarmani 14 October, 2015 @ 19:59

Welcome back Dino. As a kid I played kick off hours on end with my brother and wrote off so many of my joysticks(in particular the quick shot python) looking forward to buy this one. I remember as a kid getting all my players sent off deliberately so that if the ball went off for a corner the other team would take it for me! Great programming really looking forward to this one you legend! Thank you Dino and thank you Sony.


Ah yes, the “All my players are sent off problem”. What do the official rules of football say about that?

I have no words (and I Must Scream)… My favourite game of all times (really, THE game) will return…

One minute thinking… No, today it’s not April 1st, so WOOOOWWWWWW, it has to be true!! Good news Dino! Saying that I’m about to cry is near to reality I have to admit.

Another minute to recover myself. And what’s next? Ah yes, I have to buy a PS4 ;)

P.S.: We missed you at Amiga 30 in Amsterdam, Dino :(


WOOOOOWWWWW is exactly how I felt when Sony said ‘yes’ :)

Amsterdam: I honestly did not know about it, or I would have gone if I could :(


Congratulations Dino!

I’m glad there will be a football game that will take me away from the annual regurgitation of FIFA.

Absolutely loved the games as a kid and cannot wait to see the finished article. You’ve made myself and a lot of friends very happy with the news.

Good luck with it all!

I hope there’s D-pad control as well!

Imagine playing Streetfighter 4 with an analogue stick.

It’s a very good game and of its time, I don’t think it needs that level of awkward control.

That’s just me though, all the best, I hope it’s a success.


The game is being designed to work with analog sticks: this part of the game is already made, and it works well. Analog sticks are fine if the game is designed to use them, rather than being designed for a d-pad and then played with an analog stick. The question being answered here is “how would I have made Kick Off if the controls available at the time were not only 8 way digital stick?”. Designing for modern controllers gives a lot of freedom I did not have before, and gives the player a lot of freedom too. But I will retain the feel and excitement of the original game.

I grew up playing Kick Off 2 on my Amiga 500. The loading screen stating “Anco Software” and “by Dino Dino” is forever engraved in my mind. Day one for this game whatever happens! I destroyed so many controllers until I got the legendary “Tomahawk” or “Pacman” joysticks from Anerousis in Greece. Since I work for SCEE I hope we someday bump into each other and shake your hand. You played a big role in making my childhood years special. All the best with the revival of this EPIC game Dino :)


Thanks :) If you like follow me on twitter and send me a message I’ll give you my email address, maybe we can meet up next time I am at Sony.

That would be awesome! Followed on Twitter :)


Hi Dino, I’m still grinning about about today’s news. For a long time portable kick off has been a holy grail for me. Emulators just don’t cut it. Question. Do you have plans for online multiplayer? For me quick and easy matchmaking is key. Rocket League’s matchmaking is a shining example. Looking forward to more news and development streams with musical interludes along the way. Congratulations! PS see you in Dublin


I am grinning too :D I can’t go into details, but thanks for the tip :) I am practising for the WC. Hopefully no Shirt of Shame this year…


Outstanding news Dino! I used to dream each night of making perfect shots in Kick Off 2, bending the ball past the goalie. I probably still have the muscle memory to pull it off too, I put in enough practice. Looking forward to playing the revival!


Do you still have you Amiga?

Most of my childhood was spent playing Dino Dini’s Soccer for Mega Drive (Genesis).



By far the most time put into any amiga game went to kick off 2. The ultimate challenge for me of that game was to achieve the goalkeeper bug. For each goal you were ahead your goalie slowed down and their goalie sped up. When you got to a forty goal lead your goalie got so slow he walked backwards. If the computer got a corner your goalie walked backwards away from the ball and off into memory. So your aim was to see how far over forty goals you could get before you crashed it, my record was a forty seven goal lead.

Please Dino leave that bug in. It gave me immense replay value. Best gaming news of the year for me. Move over fifa, the king is back!


That does not sound familiar… o_O I think I might have to check the source code!

This is absolutely fantastic news! Good luck Dino, hope this works out well for you!


Thank you

I’m so excited, kick off 2 is probably my favourite game ever!! Please tell me this will also incorporate elements of the player manager game too Dino???


Thanks :) Rome was not built in a day. But I really do want to do another PM at some point :D

zalwelgoedgaan 15 October, 2015 @ 10:22

Never played Kick Off or anything on the Amiga and ST, but I’ll give you kudos for being in touch with the fans unlike plenty of other devs/companies.

OMG this is brilliant. You sir will get my money on day one :)
This will be perfect on my vita!!


As the organiser of the 3rd Kick Off 2 World Cup (Groningen, Netherlands) I was very surprised to read this! I never thought this could happen! I have a PSVita, PSTV and PS4 so I’m very curious to know how the game will look and feel on any of these devices. I haven’t attended any of the world cups for a long time (last one was in 2005) but I still play Kick Off 2 occasionally on my Amiga 1200 (which is the main ‘computer’ on my desk :). Great news!

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