Volume: Coda is a free PlayStation VR expansion, due in 2016

New campaign and characters for Mike Bithell’s acclaimed stealth adventure

Hi, Mike Bithell here. It’s been two months since the launch of Volume on PlayStation and, thanks to your overwhelming support of the game, I’m happy to announce an expansion for Volume coming first to PlayStation VR at launch – Volume: Coda

Volume: Coda picks up after the events of the core game. I’ll avoid spoilers here, but you’ll play as a new character, brought in as a last resort by the villains hurt most by Locksley’s revolution. The new campaign features 30 new levels, a new cast of voice actors adding new characters to the story, and a new VR setting as players take on the role of The Troubleshooter.

Volume: Coda is a free expansion to Volume. When the PlayStation VR platform launches next year (nope, they won’t tell me when either ;D), you’ll be able to play the Coda expansion and Volume’s core campaign in VR. You’ll also have access to all the user generated levels and, of course, the curated Staff Picks section where we highlight the best levels designed by the community.


By the time you read this, the PlayStation 4 version of Volume will be patched in all available regions with the Checkpoints Update. The original design of Volume was heavily sided to speedrunners. The Checkpoints Update has added new modes and leaderboards for players seeking pure stealth or simply a more challenging experience. Now the different communities on PlayStation can compete against similar players on their own custom leaderboards.

Where’s Volume for PS Vita? Well, it’s still happening and the game remains Cross-Buy for PS4. We’ve hit some roadblocks, which slowed us down. Rushing out a weak port wasn’t an option, and I’m proud of what the team have managed to squeeze into that awesome little box. Oh, and the Checkpoints Update is also absolutely included in the PS Vita version. We cannot wait for you folks to be able to check it out, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be too much of a wait.

Oh, and one more thing… in celebration of the Checkpoints Update, Volume is currently on sale for PlayStation 4 at 30% off, until 4th November.

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VictorAnalogy 22 October, 2015 @ 15:36

Free expansion? Amazing. Mike Bithell is a stand. Up. Guy. Awesome news.

Bought this on the day of release (partially as thanks for TWA and because it looks really neat) but I haven’t played at all yet as I’m waiting for the Vita version. It’s been so long now that I feel pot committed to waiting for the Vita version now.


It’s nice to know that Vita release is close.

Will it be playable only witcher ps VR or also without this stupide and totaly until accesorry that will fail like move kinect. Sony need To clarify about it. Games only ps vr or ps vr compatible…. cause it will confuse consumer.


Your English is confusing.

And I highly doubt VR will fail as it’s being developed on a major scale with Sony on PlayStation VR, Valve with Vive VR and Facebook with the Oculus Rift.

VR is the next generation of gaming, moving away from TVs.

Definitively fail ! Just for 2 reasons 499e the accesorry and the big thing Sony valve or facebook don t want to admite but medically prouved 1 person of 3 don t have binocular vision so imposible for them To use it. The same reason for the 3d tv failure

It’s not a failure. Just a niche market.

Nice to hear about the Vita version :)
Been holding off buying it until it materialises :)

Only to VR?!

I have VR sickness will the expansion be playable without VR?

Love your work Mr Bithell :). Volume is tops, a very well put-together piece of software, looking forward to Coda :).

European_Gamer 23 October, 2015 @ 14:00

I wonder if SCEE paid for the expansion.


maybe you can set a trend mike as expansion packs should be free as you are doing for me having to pay for them is a rip off when you buy a AAA title game average price £50 then you should get that game as a whole and expansions should be within the price we pay

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