New This War Of Mine: The Little Ones Dev Diary goes behind the scenes

And pre-orders for 11 bit acclaimed war sim go live tomorrow

Hello gamers! Pawel from 11 bit here. In this exclusive post we’ll show you how the motion capturing for children in This War of Mine: The Little Ones was made and how it all works in the game.

In This War of Mine: The Little Ones, you control a group of civilians (adults and children) stuck in a warzone. The goal is simple – survive until war ends, but your way to peace will be filled with hunger, diseases, wounds and sometimes violence.

But how do you take care of a child? A child is defenseless and needs a protector. Some children have a protector already, but war is brutal and the child could’ve lost their family protector before. What then?

Pick an adult living in your shelter as the protector and make sure they talk to the child every day so a relationship can develop. If the child trusts the protector they will feel safer. When something bad happens you’ll need the protector to comfort the child.

Every adult may treat the child’s wounds, feed or heal them when sick – but remember, there’s the favorable one who may comfort the child like no one else.


Children love to play, even in a war. Think about your child in the shelter, they can use chalk to draw on a wall, run around the shelter, sit on a staircase railing, or play hopscotch. But when the child gets bored, he or she is going to ask the protector if they can play together.

To build a relationship with a child you should spend time with them, such as playing clapping hands or rock paper scissors. As the adult you will have your daily duties – fix a wooden bed, cook something, collect rainwater – but what if the child asks you to play while there are other important things?

Sometimes you’ll have to choose between treating other civilians and playing with the child. Whatever you choose, someone will be left alone. For a parent the choice can surely be tough. The worse the situation your group is in, the harder the choices you will need to make.

For obvious reasons children will stay hidden in the shelter. Only adults for example can leave for scavenging in the night. Besides bare necessities you can find pieces of toys lost in the war as well. Remember you can use these for things like crafting a swinging rope or a jumping rope for the children to play with.


If your adult civilian is sick, wounded or somehow incapable of cooking, helping others or working – you should think about teaching the child to help. You can teach them how to collect rainwater, how to grow herbs and other actions that benefit the shelter. A child is a valuable member of your group.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones is a very emotional game. You’ll get that once you start trying to survive and you’ll see that you also need to perceive life in war from a perspective of a child.

Meanwhile, join us at where we share all the news and updates from the development. Remember that the pre-order of This War of Mine: The Little Ones is going to start tomorrow on the 27th October for European Territories. Peace!

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Really interested in this… but I don’t preorder PSN titles as I don’t support Sony’s policies concerning refunds.

Amazon has physical copies available for pre-order =)
Got mine from Amazon France.

Looking Good :)

Pawel Miechowski 26 October, 2015 @ 16:16

Great to hear that, thank you.
Didn’t mention that in the post – I’m here to answer your questions!

Hey, I’m looking forward to grab it, especially since you’re a polish developer:)

What exactly is “the little ones”? Is it a standard version with some additional DLC? Does it include everything from the “base” game?


Pawel Miechowski 26 October, 2015 @ 16:58

Yes, it’s an expanded experience – so you have everything from the base game + you have kids brought to the world of TWoM (hence the title: TWoM: The Little Ones). Additionally, you’ll have a new shelter to live in; exclusively for PS4.


That’s amazing to hear, looking forward to play:)

Looks great !

Some hope for a Vita version ? I’d love it :)

Any chance for Vita version in the future?

Pawel Miechowski 26 October, 2015 @ 21:41

We’re developing PS4 version but no Vita port.

@Pawel Miechowski
Bit shame, but thank you for straight answer!

This game looks absolutely incredible! I will preorder it right away. Will the game be translated in other languages or English only?

Pawel Miechowski 27 October, 2015 @ 07:58

Yes, it’s full translated to: German, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese – Brazilian and to be confirmed (now, say, 99%) – Korean, Japanese and Turkish


so whats the price on this for a hard copy not bothered about digital version as find the price for it from the playstation store are a rip off


i think it’s 29,99€… has it for preorder….but they take money instantly.

Good to see another polish studio breaking into the business.
Powodzenia chłopaki!

Pawel Miechowski 27 October, 2015 @ 16:03

PL: Dziękujemy. Zapewniam, że ta gra to coś wyjątkowego – dojrzała opowieść dla dojrzałego odbiorcy (nie dla dzieci, ale nie ze względu na przemoc, która nie jest eksponowana, ale ze względu na siłę przekazu).


Asuka_Scarlet 27 October, 2015 @ 14:36

looks good

Watched some people play this on twitch back when it came out and it peeked my interest. So hearing it coming to console made so happy. And it’s good to see and hear all the effort you guys are putting into it, so it’s not just some terrible port!

And while i know this most likely can’t happen, i really wish this could come to the Vita as well. It’s a shame. But absolutely buying the game day 1 without a doubt. Need more survival games like this!

Pawel Miechowski 27 October, 2015 @ 16:06

thank you for the supportive word. We’ll do our best to make this serious experience work in the very engaging way and for now we’re 100% focused on it. Peace!


when will we see some PS4 gameplay? :) did i mention i bought steam game? :D

Pawel Miechowski 28 October, 2015 @ 08:01

Some bits are presented in the dev diary above. More gameplay to come in upcoming weeks!


I have to say that this war of mine is one of my most favorite games. So I have this war of mine on PC, is this just DLC or a sequel? And please tell me you are making more games like this.

Pawel Miechowski 29 October, 2015 @ 09:49

It’s an expansion made for consoles: base TWoM + the kids brought to the city.

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