New Horizon Zero Dawn video offers a detailed look at the reveal demo

Guerrilla Games talk us through the ‘behind closed doors’ gameplay showcase

Hello PlayStation community. We hope you enjoyed the live play-through of our Horizon Zero Dawn reveal demo during the Paris Games Week Press Conference. There’s a lot more to this early slice of the game than we had time to showcase. Luckily, we’ve created a video to offer you a more detailed look at a demo that prior to this week had only been seen behind closed doors.

We appreciate all of your support and feedback and we’re eager to share more of our fantastic world as soon as we can. There is a lot more to show! In addition, we have another video that we created just for the blog, showing how our reveal trailer came together. You can see how some shots made it into the trailer almost intact, whereas others changed in subtle ways. We hope you enjoy this inside look at our creative process.

That’s all for now, and we hope those of you who attend Paris Games Week have a great show. For everything Horizon Zero Dawn, keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook channels for new updates.

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Sadly guerrilla lost me at ‘RPG’ as the genre is not (at all) my cup of tea. I was expecting action just not rpg -.-‘ oh well. I guess I’ll save for other games.

Looks really good. I hope the RPG elements have real depth to them. Can we turn off hud elements/tooltips/tutorials?


It looks very exciting to play and a lovely environment to explore. Looking forward to this!

Please put the stage Demo in the Store.

The gameplay walkthrough really lifted the veil of how the in game mechanics work. I’m really satisfied with what I’ve seen.

Shame there wasn’t any real ‘new’ footage shown, but this is still by far my most anticipated game of next year. Glad the RPG elements are a big part of the game and not just tacked on. Roll on 2016.

Probably GG isn’t reading my/our comments at all but still I would like to say that much prefer the game without the HUD.
Copass, HP bar, XP level, bars over enemies’ heads, XP notifications, IMO they all break immersion and it’s terribly handling.
I know the HUD is there to stay but at least give us the option to fully customize it or turn it off.

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