New WiLD gameplay footage debuts at Paris Games Week

Take a closer look at Michel Ancel's ambitious open world adventure

Hi everyone! I’m very happy to be back on PlayStation Blog to give you an update on WiLD, our brand new open world action-survival game I’m making with my new studio, Wild Sheep Studio.

WiLD is set in a lush, expansive world where your knowledge of the land will be crucial to your survival. You will learn and adapt to the ever changing world around you, whilst uncovering the secrets of the land.

As you would expect from mother nature, the world will continually change through different time of day, weather and seasonal changes. All of these affect your world, so at the start, it will be a challenge just to stay alive.

Once you get used to your surroundings, you will learn Shamanic abilities in order to take control of animals and exploit their unique abilities to assist with your survival. Discovering the relationship between man and nature is the essence of WiLD. As you can take control of any animal in the world, this opens up huge potential for emergent gameplay that will be unique to you.

In the video below, you’ll see the player with some Shamanic abilities seeking a way to summon the snake divinity to aid a clan member. It will give you a good idea of how the game plays and how a player controls animals against challenging situations.

I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for further news on WiLD!

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This looked well COOL :P

The best title for me, can’t wait for release date!!!


Looks technically crude in certain areas (but I do believe it’s an indie or isn’t it?) but love the concept of taking over different animals and having a different take on gameplay that is still presented as an experience that is dynamic to play. Looks like I might enjoy this.

Really cool. Looking forward to this.

Btw have you considered selling the art for this? Even if it’s just a PDF it would be something I would love to buy.

Now this is my kind of game! I was hoping to get a release date for wild at PGW after seeing it at E3
But I feel it was another title announced way to early although beleive this is becoming quite the trend

Don’t think we’ll see it till at least Q4 2017


That was incredible! Really can’t wait for this! Looks so beautiful. Don’t like the look of the snake tho. I hate snakes!

Haha 100% agree, please cut the snakes.

I was very interested when it was first announced, and I am not dissapointed. Idk, something just clicked with me when I saw this game. Really interested in seeing even more, I really like what I am seeing so far… it looks like one of those games I could just wander around in aimlessly. This game took the show for me… again.

I really love bears. In fact the more animals, the better. This showing was my favorite from the entire conference.


Looks Awesome :D

Samael_blackwing 28 October, 2015 @ 09:20

So… it’s like an Open-world version of Space station: Silicon Valley?


Wow, that would be amazing and you’re right it actually does sound like that.

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