Uncharted 4 multiplayer revealed at Paris Games Week

Naughty Dog reveals an exciting, refined online experience

So it has finally happened! Uncharted 4 multiplayer has been revealed to the world. The trailer shown earlier today at the PlayStation press conference at Paris Games Week gave people a glimpse of all the hard work the Naughty Dog multiplayer team have put into it. If you didn’t see it live, check it out below!

Over the course of development for Uncharted 4 multiplayer there have been a number of ideas that sounded great on paper, were tried, and failed. This happened time and time again but through each iteration there was one nugget of “that is cool” that we would cling to and bring with us into the next iteration.

Through this iteration process we were constantly applying our lessons learned on our previous experiences with Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us which helped shape an incredibly exciting, fast and deep multiplayer game.

Expect the teamwork, over-the-top action-adventure, and detailed, gameplay rich environments you’ve come to expect from Uncharted multiplayer, but we have greatly enriched multiplayer with elements you may have caught in the trailer.

One thing in particular we’ve done is introduce a number of systems completely unique to Uncharted 4 multiplayer.

  • Sidekicks: When you are in a pinch you can call in your friendly Sidekick to help you. These are unique, AI-controlled characters that come equipped with special abilities that can help turn the tide of a battle.
  • Mysticals: These are super natural abilities from the Uncharted series that give a player unique powers – see if you can recognise what Mystical abilities we are showing off in the trailer.
  • Last, you will be able to leverage the grappling hook in a number of locations in our multiplayer maps – we have also heavily leveraged this exciting mechanic for our melee. Yes, you will be able to land on people and take them out – would you expect less?
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If you are at Paris Games Week, please join us at the PlayStation stand on the show floor to get your hands on our first playable demo of Uncharted 4 multiplayer. This demo will also be at PAX Australia from 30th October 30 to 1st November, and at Lisboa Games Week from 5th to 8th November.

If you can’t join us at one of these shows, you can gain exclusive access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta by buying Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. The beta will run from 4th to 13th December 2015.

We look forward to seeing you online in the final, full version of multiplayer when Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is released worldwide on 18th March 2016.

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Looks incredible, so happy that I bought the Nathan Drake Collection. :)

Probably the most exciting multiplayer video i have ever seen :P Looks ACE ;)

Am I the only one not fussed about this multiplayer trailer? Is it so hard to grab UC2’s MP and improve here and there and make it UC4 MP? Way too much “supernatural” stuff is a turn down for me on the MP side.

Carnivius_Prime 27 October, 2015 @ 20:21

Why uncharted 2? Uncharted 3’s multiplayer was much improved and more fun.


UC3 mp was COD wannabe and light years worst than UC2 mp and I’m pretty sure that if there was a poll up for that the uncharted community would chose UC2 mp over UC3 any time.


Looks awesome! Where can we sign up?! :D


Amazing! Looking forward to playing the beta. The bad news is, the beta will have to come to an end and the wait to play it again when the full game begins. lol

destruction1983 27 October, 2015 @ 19:54

Looks amazing thats how we expect a game to look :) i hope theres a fun COOP mode


I’m not a huge fan of gameplay presentations and prefer actual trailers but this was an awesome gameplay trailer that encompasses most, if not all, of the crazy stuff and mechanics going on in Uncharted with such a smooth framerate. Still the technical and graphical giant of last generations.

Carnivius_Prime 27 October, 2015 @ 20:40

I cannot wait! :D

Tranquil-Fury 27 October, 2015 @ 22:06

Hey Naughty Dog,

Can you be trusted not to leave out some perks and guns from the base game in order for you to “offer” them to us as paid content?


Best game ever can’t wait to play this game

The trailer does not meet the high expectations. It’s shady and complicated!
Naughty Dog should repeat the success of Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

fps_d0minat0r 28 October, 2015 @ 13:37

lol you can keep running at someone while they are firing bullets into your chest?
Or are you just confirming theres no dedicated servers and thats what the lag will be like?
I dont think im going to enjoy this.

After all the hate on kickbacks, superpowers,…Etc in the online multiplayer of Uncharted 3, you still dare to use it in U4…
lol But yeah I am sure I gonna enjoy this game.


I love naughty dog ​​company, and Video games, this company has an idea of ​​the stories and adventures, I think that (the last of us) was a strong system on the PS3, but succeeded, and I think that’s the best game played on the PS3, and now the UNCHARTED 4 will break all games PS4, Xbox and destroys, and Thanks


And the multiplayer will be stunning, as in the demo version, I’m excited for the game !!!!!!


strong game ⌚️I can’t whit go play‼️

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