Shu Yoshida talks VR with Media Molecule, Guerrilla, London Studio & Supermassive in new video

Panel discussion explores the next frontier in immersive entertainment

Following the Paris Games Week PlayStation press conference last week, some of the top development talent from Sony Worldwide Studios and beyond gathered round a table for an in-depth discussion into what the advent of VR means for interactive entertainment.

WWS President Shuhei Yoshida, Media Molecule’s Anton Mikhailov, Dave Ranyard from London Studio (The London Heist), Simon Harris from Supermassive Games (Until Dawn: Rush of Blood) and Piers Jackson from Guerrilla Cambridge (RIGS Mechanized Combat League) shared their opinions on how virtual reality is about to reach its tipping point of mass adoption, with consumers soon to immerse themselves in dream-like digital experiences with the help of the upcoming PlayStation VR system.

Hosted by the well-respected journalist Keza MacDonald of Kotaku UK, it was a fascinating discussion – and, duly, one we captured on film for posterity. Take a look at the video below for the highlights.

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Hi when will there be a price and release date I can’t wait to get my hands on the PlayStation vr and I’m super hyped about it

European_Gamer 02 November, 2015 @ 15:22

First half of 2016, they have not announced any specific release date yet. Your only option at the moment is to find a gaming expo with PSVR.

Treat is as rumor:

But some time ago one of Italian retail shops set the price of PS VR on 499 EUR. That of course might be just placeholder. But I wouldn’t expect price to be much lower than this.

But again… it’s just a rumor.


They said early 2016 but I would really like the official date so I can go pre order it and they said it be a new gaming console so so idk about the price but It be cool if they anouse it because games are ganna be £50 each


When will we see a price and official release date of the PlayStation vr

No offence…

But knowing what happened to all previous accessories, like: PS EyeToy/Eye/Camera, Move, Wonderbook… and recently after SCEE changed Vita/Vita TV status from independent console to mere PS4 accessory… I would have to be crazy to even consider for a second buying PS VR.

Sorry, but I know what you did with Vita… how you abandoned it without even trying to do anything… and I’m more than sure that you will do exactly the same thing the momment you will realize that PS VR is not selling as much as you wanted. After what you did with Vita I decided to postpone decison of buying PS4… I know for sure that I will buy it in the future (after all I am proud owner of all previous PS consoles)… but when it comes to PS VR… forget about it.

Blame yourself SONY.
And especially blame yourself SCEE.


Then you clearly haven’t been noticint the trend lately. VR has the backing of Sony, Facebook, Samsung, Valve, HTC and Microsoft.

VR is the next generation of gaming.



Oh naivety.

You know few years ago everyone was talking exactly the same thing about 3D TVs. SONY, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Microsoft pretty much everyone. Where is now that 3D technology that was supposed to change the way we are watching TV? It’s forgotten.

Our current popular gimmicks (or trends if you like) which replaced 3D TV are UHD and VR.

Pretty much every new medium/high class TV is 4k. Because everyone (manufacturer) want to believe that now this gimmick will catch on. UHD just like VR is overly hyped thing, despite having much higher lag input than normal TVs… not to mention that it’s not supported by neither SONY nor Microsoft.

Just because someone tells you that VR this time for sure will catch on… doesn’t really mean that exactly that will happen. It’s marketing.

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European_Gamer 02 November, 2015 @ 15:23

Can we watch the full panel discussion somewhere?


Alas, at present that’s not possible. I’m trying to track down the original file though.

RodrigoSharingan 02 November, 2015 @ 15:24

Deja vu all over again.

Your gonna offer support from the start with already existing games fame, then you are gonna make your own games, but they are gonna sell badly because they are gonna be badly made. With already bad game sales and bad hardware sales, your gonna enter a limbo state and by the end of maybe 2 years, your gonna drop almost all support to it.

^ This is how sony works with everything. This is just another gimmick, a expensive gimmick. Don’t believe me? just look at PS Home, 3D, PS move and cam, that weird book thingy and of course Vita.

I’m gonna say £299 package with one game and perhaps 1-2 move controllers.
The weirdest thing is it requires the camera right? So do you bundle that? Or do you sell it separate and have this situation where somewhere might sell the VR headset but the camera be out of stock…. Obviously you wouldn’t want people to buy the camera twice in a bundle.


I have 2 move controllers you can pick em cheep

Well then headset on its own then you have to pick up all the other stuff separately? I dunno it’s a weird retail sell. Just need one box with everything in it.


it be cool if they did a bundle with game and controller but its always gonna cost you more so no point

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I aint buying this unless it becomes successful, rip vita


vita might be dead but its still apart of playstation

vr will definitly never sell because more than 1/3 of the population don t suport it (if you have no binoculare vision or more than 3/10 between your eyes it doesn’t work at all or cause deases ) if you add to this people how don’t want to be ridicule on there room or just don’t want to pay 499 for an accessorie you obtain a big failure!
oh and one more thing : the bad comunication about games how are psvr compatible an games ps vr only. that will confuse consumers and shut down ps4 selling….
verry bad sony… 3D tv failure and past vr failures are not enough? and yes valve htc and facebook will fails too… like the first vr revolution future of gaming in 90’s or 3d revolution for tv or cinemas in 70’s 80’s 90’s and 2010’s (different technologies but same reject by population.) just a product for geeks but will never sell to mass market

What? Shuei Yoshida apologized for forced Singstar in PS3 XMB and there will be delete/hide option in next FW? I can’t believe it!

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