New In-ear Stereo Headset for PS4 launches this December

Featuring noise-reducing AudioShield technology

Today, we’re happy to announce the new In-ear Stereo Headset for PS4. Featuring a built-in microphone and noise-reducing AudioShield technology, it will be available soon from £77.99/€89.99 RRP.


The wired headset restricts unwanted sound from the environment around you – meaning every journey, from epic gaming adventures to your daily commute, becomes free from unwanted noise and distraction. Simply power up the AudioShield to experience increased immersion as you go deeper into the game-world, and enjoy uninterrupted audio every time you listen to music.

The headset also has approximately 15 hours of rechargeable battery for the noise reducing feature, which can be charged via the USB cable included within the box.

It includes a built-in microphone for chatting with friends on PS4 and can also be used for taking calls on smartphones and tablets. In addition, the headset includes a microphone mute switch, an in-line call button and +/- volume buttons for easy control of your audio.



With small, medium and large interchangeable ear-tips included and 13mm speakers producing deep bass audio, the headset plugs directly into the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller, as well as other standard headphone jacks, making it the ideal companion for all of your audio needs on any device, including PS4, PS Vita, smartphones or tablets.

Lightweight and portable with a blue woven fabric cable, it’s perfect for use in and out of the home. A pouch is also included within the box, to store and carry the headset when not in use.

The In-ear Stereo Headset for PS4 launches in the UK and Ireland from 4th December and across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Africa from 9th December. Please look out for further information for the exact launch date in your country.


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I just Baught the 2.0 gold headphones but this would be cool but for the price it looks they do the same has the headphones

It’s just a matter of preferences. I actually prefer headphones, they are more comfortable to the inner ears. The 2.0 model especially, I even take them outside because of the perfect fit.


Iv always gone for headphones earphones have always been my last choice and I really love the headphones but when it comes to my headphones I spend alot of money on em


I think I fell down and hi my head ’cause I’m a little lost in time, can anyone help me please? Is this april’s fool already? LOOOL

So sony “kindly asks” €90 for some regular ear buds with a “thing” attached to it that might (or not) even do any difference about the surrounding noises LOOOL SERIOUSLY!? I people wouldn’t get fooled, but unfortunately there’s always those with more money than sense. *sigh* -.-‘

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Nearly £80 for a pair of in-ear headphones? Are you kidding me?


I payed £80 for my 2.0 headphones

Then you sir/madam paid about £60 more than was necessary. ;)

I’m kidding. I know that people will shell out more for higher quality headphones. But these are certainly not for me.


The earphones look nice and all that but yeah I wouldn’t pay £80 for earphones that I know that will end up getting broken but yeah I love my headphones so much and when it comes to headphones price don’t matter to me

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Are you NUTS with the price?

Why? Costs the same or less then some comparable headphones with noise cancelling.

I hope of course, that the audio quality matches products within this price range. But if they do, then I will be happy with it.

That’s €90 for in-ear headphones way to steap a price to sell if you ask me about €60 more and you got yourself a 5.1 surround headset. I think it’s ideal for gaming without a lot of cables being in the way but the price is just to much.

You can get high quality surround headsets for the 90 euro mark if you look around a little.

True, I already have a 5.1 surround headset but i’m currently looking forward to upgrade to 7.1 headset. I’ll won’t call any names it might seem like I’m advertising.

I was really excited for this, then I scrolled down to the price and scoffed. That is an absolute JOKE of a price Sony. You people are extremely hung up with over-pricing your gadgets. £30, maybe £40 but £80, hell no. That’s almost the price of the wireless headphones!

Depends on the audio and nice cancelling quality. Prize is comparable to many other products like this, so we will have to see it the sony headphones are on the same level.

Wow! Now THAT is expensive!

holy [DELETED], $80! Do you guys ever make an accessory under $50!?

This is the european blog. These headphones transfer into a cost of $120.02 but of course you would never pay that because the rest of the world subsidises the american appetite…

thank you Captan Obvious, though I’m not sure what you mean about the rest of the world subsidizing the American appetite….


He means we pay for you guys, in Europe we pay way more than you in the USA.

Wow that price is incredible!
This is wrong, all you need to do is realease a WIRELESS earpiece just like the old Xbox 360 wireless earphone and then increase the noise suppressor threshold for for the microphone to block out everyone else’s control pad tapping.


All of you are moaning at the price would u pay that for a normal earphones yes would u pay that for beats earphones yes would u pay that BOSE earphones yes you will so stop moaning yes for the price for me is kinda expensive but that’s because I know they will end up broken but they are a good earphones


People who buy Beats are stupid. They’re just cheaply made and include metal weignts to mae you think there’s actually tech in them.

You pay for the logo.

“would u pay that for a normal earphones”…no
“would u pay that for beats earphones”…hell no!
“would u pay that BOSE earphones”…no

never presume

Would I pay it for normal earphones? Certainly!
Would I pay it for Beats? Hell no.
Would I pay it for Bose? Nooooo.

Both are great marketing and substandard products for the price. Better putting your money into some Shures, Audio Technica, Sennheisers or countless other decent brands that have been selling products for years based on great quality and reputation rather than marketing.

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Unless the bluetooth connection between the PS4 and controller uses the aptx codec, there’s no point anyone comparing these to high quality ear/headphones and their prices. If the audio codec isn’t CD quality, then the price of these is ridiculously high.


The headphone jacks in both my Dualshock 4s are well flaky. Not sure I would want to spend that sort of money on these only to have to faff about twisting them around like a safe-cracker to get the mic to work.

Am I the only one who noticed the notification for someone joining the playstation, within that video? Seems like a new feature to me. Could they finally be preparing the oft requested feature of Online Status notification? Would be great.


Pretty sure this was already confirmed in the 4.0 update, Online status and appearing offline… Or it might have been for an earlier release, not sure off the top of my head.

How much more would this drain the DS4 battery? Would it use any more or less than any other earphones?


Would have been great without that box hanging there to be honest, something that would also be able to plugin to the controller would’ve been much better.

Definetly interested in this though, Noise cancelling is heaven and most people have yet to realize.

At that price, I will stick to the PS Vita headphones. They are more than good enough for gaming.

I struggle to justify spending that amount of money on in ear headphones.

Especially since you can get brand new ones for £5 in retail stores.


Do the via ones have a mic, or noise cancelling?

Just curious as I’ll have to buy some if so.

CoolRichy007UK 03 November, 2015 @ 13:16

So this is for the players them lol £80 for a small headphones no one will buy this unless it was 9.99

RodrigoSharingan 03 November, 2015 @ 13:23

Are you sure that is plastic and woven fabric? Because for that price i can only be made of gold.. lool


I didnt realise it was april fools already,78 quid for some earbud headphones yeeeah sony thats a lot of nope :D

You do know that a lot of people buy much more expensive earbud headphones right? Look at the beats ones they cost over £100. Also a lot of people prefer earbuds to actually headsets.

Beats are for suckers, they’re useless headphones sold purely on excessive marketing, it’s nothing more than a fashion statement. There’s so many good ear/headphones that get no advertising yet are far better and cheaper.

Supvic I own beats and I can tell you they are the best for true audio reproduction that I have encountered and I have tried a lot of headphones. Please suggest something better that you have PERSONNALY TRIED or own and tell me how you did your comparison

There are far cheaper and, I’m sure, quite nicely sounding alternatives to this.

No release for North america? Does this has some kind of special integration with the PS4 OS? I like Sony products a lot but most of the time the price is very ridiculous.

so I see no mention of these working with the pstv…if not i may as well dump the pstv altogether as that is feature of the pstv which is missing, and Bluetooth headset on pstv is a pain as the audio comes through that and the chat is very low…so can these work with pstv?

I’ve nothing against paying extra for higher quality products but this does seem an odd price bracket to aim for when designing ear buds.

Personally, I’d prefer a quality set of headphones with detachable boom mic. Adjustable comms AND game sound at the headphone end and if you want to be ultra classy then offer open-ear and closed-ear versions (I prefer open-ear design but it seems to be rare these days).

I’m just not convinced that noise cancelling technology is where the ‘quality’ should be focused for the average gamer. Put it into the speakers and microphone. Plus, the next best thing from push-to-talk comms is a good boom mic with heavier noise cutting limits to reduce background noise. I’d rather see less mic-on-a-string designs so I don’t have to kick/mute/leave due to rubbish leaking through peoples mics in games.

Disagree with all the people complaining about the price. I think the price is about right for quality active noise cancelling earphones.

One thing I will say though, is that I think having the battery for the ANC not able to be powered from the controller port is a missed opportunity. I don’t want to have to charge my headphones. And I’ve yet to see anything use that ext port.


You can disagree, but you’ll be in a corner doing it by yourself, because you are wrong.

The price of these headphones is ridiculous, and while I can definitely afford them, there’s no way I would shell out £80 for wired in ear headphones, which drain the controller battery even faster (Already a terrible battery life) and don’t sound anywhere near as good as a proper headset.

£50? Ok I’d probably buy them then, because of the practicality, but not £80… can buy a new tb hybrid drive for that, or two controllers… or two games.

DeathWhisperer7 03 November, 2015 @ 14:43

Was going to buy the new headphones for PS4 and got really excited for this but the price well it’s just waaaaaay too expensive sony like really…

I assume the design have to do with ps vr ,they need something small


PlayStation VR has it’s own headset inbuilt into the device why would u want to use these with the device?


i correct myself it seems it dose not have a headset inbuilt, i think i shall be using my 11.1 channel 3D sound system :) then buying these rip off ear pieces in stereo

I need new headphones but unfortunately for me these won’t stay in my ears. If they came with an over ear attachment it would be worth it.

Pffffff, like many others i was kind of excited (considering how terrible the mono headset that comes with ps4 is) but with that price? Hell no.

PS Vita headset works with the ps4 and it’s way more cheaper.

^ Argh, i didn’t want this to be a reply, when will i be able to delete/edit posts here….

Well, might as well do what i first intended to, Lucreto have you tried the other plugs (i think that’s the name of it, those plastic things you fit into your ear) that comes with the headsets? I had the same problem so i switched to a smaller size and the problem was gone.


Too bad they’re the in-ear kind that you actually have to put inside your ear canal like the smartphone kind.. I hate those and love the regular ones but you don’t find those with a built-in microphone a lot.. Don’t like headphones either so I’ll stick with my in-ear Sennheisers.

For that price i rather save up and buy a bluetooth earbud instead. This is too much for what your offering. Sorry!


You tend to lose sound qualty when it comes to bluetooth, especially with earphones as they are much smaller and have weaker antennas and such.

Well I’m certainly interested. Especially as Sony make some of the best sub £100 earphones around, bith in terms of sound clarity, bass, and build quality. I keep wanting the 2.0 Gold headphones but headphones interfere with my glasses, so these may just be the ticket.


I got the 2.0 gold headphones and they really good I love em I ain’t had em for long but they are amazing


While I agree with the glasses problem, if you buy these headphones at this price then you are part of the problem.

There is no way on this earth they can justify that price, it’s almost as scandalous as PS Now.



Why don’t you give Sony, who have a history of releasing brilliant earphones for their pricepoint, the benefit of the doubt before condemning them and me.

I didn’t find a single useful information in this article.

What are specs?
Frequence response?



yes please to new in ear headphones but the price NO WAY

£78? Seriously? Lol.

How does it actually sound as a headphone? Even thought I have the Sony XBA Z5, without more specs to back this gaming headset up it seems overpriced :/

Any headphones work with the ps4 controller I use a pair of $20.00 skullcandy ear buds with Mic and they just fine excellent sound and bass. Also use a pair of Sony overeat head phones and a pair of jbl so any ear buds will due with a Mic.

Skull candys work really good nice and loud good sound walmart $18.00 plus tax $22.00.

Skull candy sound quality is atrocious!

superman-wonder 03 November, 2015 @ 18:28

I’ve got regular Sony earphones I use every day on my iPhone. They have deep bass and have Clear sound. For the price they want for these new earphones there not worth the price, especially when some people don’t have that kind of money for something that expensive. ( I’d say don’t buy these earphones. There not worth it .) buy you some turtle beach earphones

VincentVega_76 03 November, 2015 @ 19:24

Wow, this price seems like a very bad joke.

ManikwithaNine 03 November, 2015 @ 20:44

Hell no, I ain’t paying £80 for this. I could buy 2 controllers with that

1,5 controller lol

90 euros for a pair of earplugs?

Sony is on crack.

I’d buy these at £30/£40……but 80 !!!!, must be something really special at that price…..

What a rip off! For the same money you could get a wireless surround sound headset. Only a fanboy would buy these.

never at that price. sack the guy in charge of the PRICE part of the 3 P’s

Or just buy Sony PS Vita headset of eBay for £10 or so.

overlord884499 03 November, 2015 @ 23:18

hell no! 90 euros for a pair of earbuds? that is shocking.

ERM yeah…. So you know that bank robbery at least it was at NIGHT!!!…

Seriously guys Just make Bluetooth support more devices so we can make our own choice on what headsets we use, or at least support for the last gen headsets we forked out for

himynameiscory 04 November, 2015 @ 01:49

Have to make up for that console price cut somewhere lol. These look cool, but earbuds have never been my thing. A little tough to recommend at that price point as well. It’s a shame though, they are very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.

Fail, is the same price with wireless headset 2.0, that noise reducing feature is cool for ear headset i never see that before and i know Sony makes good headset, but this feature actually works? they reducing backround noise like full headsets? Anyway the wireless headset 1.0 that you can find it cheaper or 2.0 is better for ps4 is 7.1 and does not drain your controller battery :)


Bargain if you ask me, I’ve got 4 kids and a nagging wife so the noise cancelling would be a god send!


Hahahahaha Your comment is the best iv seen :) I might show my dad this he will laugh so much and say its like my family

90€!?!?!? Good luck with that, ahahah

price = lol

i only want turtle beach = them are the max
i goth p12 = 60 €
whorks great on ps4

So you bought in on the turtle beach hype too? They marketed those sub par headphones to gamers as well as beats marked to fools. Both overpriced tosh.

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