Watch the new TV ad celebrating The Wonderful Life of a PS4 player

How many PlayStation references can you spot?

Today we are launching our new TV ad for PlayStation 4, which you should start seeing on TV and cinema screens from tomorrow.

The video celebrates all of the incredible experiences available on PS4 that make every Player’s life wonderful, offering a glimpse at just some of the innovative features and exclusive blockbuster games on offer – from Share Play and PlayStation VR, to massive PlayStation console exclusives like Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V and No Man’s Sky.

The video follows a player dancing to Go! by The Chemical Brothers, as he embarks on his day living in a PlayStation house. The house also features many references to PS4 games – let us know what you spot!

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I have may have spotted about 41 or 42 references in the advert.

RodrigoSharingan 05 November, 2015 @ 12:33

Yeah … Wonderful … especially in Europe…

Lovely being ignored constantly. :) Rock band 4 Dlc.

Where’s the part where they login to the blog to complain about the plus games?

Where’s the part where they can’t really afford games cause they’re too expensive?

may as well just say, “once we have got your money, we don’t need to do anything more, so enjoy our mediocre service and complain all you want as we dont actually listen to any gamers “

Yeah, PS4 players sure have wonderful lives.

Especially when compared to Vita and PS TV players.

Not a bad commercial. I can confirm that I drive the Batmobile to work and I do have a robot dinosaur for a pet.

Carnivius_Prime 05 November, 2015 @ 14:11

Lies. I have a PS4 and my life sucks just as much as it did before. And I certainly can’t dance either. grr.


I loved the Rock Band dlc reference! …oh wait, it wasn’t there.


Where was the additional DLC required to unlock new doors around the house, friends and dance moves?

Inherentdragon 05 November, 2015 @ 15:30

I was proud to be a PlayStation gamer but after watching this I’m just embarrassed.

supersmith2500 05 November, 2015 @ 16:47

Destiny, Black Ops III, Destiny, Black Ops III and even some more. Way too much Activision. :(

Still prefer those old weird commercials :) But this was good as well not just as good to *me*. :D


I know what you mean, gaming is for the masses now so they have to make commercials the masses understand :(

heh , I don’t actually mind the masses. I mind that the masses only seem interested in certain games and all these unique games and rpgs we usually had are dying out.
We can pretend that the smaller games are filling that hole but we’re just lying to ourself then.
But hey, I have some high hopes for a few independent developers so we’ll see :)

Well that totally didn’t represent me as a PS gamer at all….never played COD or Destiny never will


I liked the part when he can use his own wallpaper in ps4…oh wait…nope.

A bit cringeworthy unfortunately. :/

I much prefer the old ones that were off the wall and used a bit of artistic license, or even the Kevin Butler ones.

CoolRichy007UK 06 November, 2015 @ 18:04

No crash bandicoot in the video tipical

Great soundtrack, great ad. I too would have loved to have seen more references to classic games I play but that’s a personal thing.

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