A final pre-launch hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront on PS4

DICE's spectacular shooter is finally upon us

After spending almost eight hours with the final game, it’s clear that Star Wars Battlefront is reaping the benefits of developer DICE, veteran multiplayer designers and creators of the Battlefield series.

Star Wars Battlefront sits in a unique niche in the current FPS landscape. The controls are simple and streamlined, making the game accessible to players of varying experience levels.


But its deep character progression, sprawling mode selection, and tight gunplay will satisfy the veterans, too. Thanks to the expanded arsenal in the final game, the combat is far, far richer than last month’s (excellent) multiplayer beta.

Of the 11 or so weapons, my current favorite is the T-21B Targeting Rifle, a high-damage, high-range blaster with a deliberate firing rate and murderous accuracy. Very satisfying.

The CA-87 Shock Blaster is another standout, shredding armored targets with its shotgun-like spread. Fans of Destiny’s pulse rifles will love the burst-fire EE-3 Blaster Rifle, while Han Solo’s iconic DL-44 Blaster Pistol is, shot for shot, one of the most deadly blasters in the game.

They all look great, sound great, and feel great. Mechanically, DICE hit the bullseye here. As a shooter, Battlefront is a joy to play.

Rounding out your arsenal are Star Cards, specialized secondary gear that can briefly tilt the odds in your favor. Chewie’s signature weapon, the Bowcaster, excels at zapping several infantry at once, as does the Barrage grenade launcher. A new Ion Torpedo dominates enemy vehicles with homing rockets.

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And those are just the tip of the lightsaber; there are so, so many unlockable abilities and collectible power-ups in the final game that I had a hard time cataloging them.

And that’s not to mention the Charged Star Cards, which are consumable items you can deploy as needed. These introduce interesting tactical wrinkles, allowing you to deploy a short-lived personal shield or briefly eliminate blaster overheating.

Then there are the playable Heroes and Villains, an undeniable part of Battlefront’s charm. My early favorite may be Boba Fett, with his jetpack and mix of long- and close-range firepower. Princess Leia takes a bit of getting used to, with skills best suited to a support role. As you’d expect, Emperor Palpatine’s Force Lightning makes him a crowd control expert.

I particularly loved the new Hero Hunt mode, an asymmetrical battle which casts one player as a random Hero or Villain and pits him against the other players. Only the Hero or Villain can score points, and the only way to play as a Hero or Villain is to kill one. This leads to entertaining and energetic matches, with Stormtroopers scrambling frantically after a fleeing Luke Skywalker or Boba Fett.


I also enjoyed Battlefront’s fun spin on Capture the Flag, Cargo mode, which sees two teams battle over control of 10 packages. And the new Droid Run mode is basically Conquest with mobile capture points.

Visually, the game is a knockout on PS4. The entire game is peppered with loving details, from squealing Ewoks fleeing indoors on Endor, to the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine, to the wide array of colorful alien species you can unlock for your Rebellion trooper.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on PS4 next week. Have questions? Let me know in the comments!

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I wasn’t too keen on the beta but have to admit, whenever I see screens or videos of this game I get that giddy “it’s freaking Star Wars” feeling.

I am confused about the release date, is it 19 or 20 of November in Europe? The battlefront official page says 19 but on the PS STORE (Portuguese at least) says 20.


“Have questions? Let me know in the comments!”

Thanks a bunch for those replies.

You lost me to Fallout 4. Create the Battlefront features and content that the players actually want, then we’ll talk.

*that the minority of whiners want.


Is it too much to ask that we have more than 4 locations?

The price of the season pass is extortion. I’d much rather wait another year and have that content as part of the main game.

The price you’re paying for the small amount of content you get is just wrong.

Well Jakku releases in a couple of weeks….so thats more than four.

But I agree…content wise it’s a little light.

Oh look, a Star Wars game! Oh, no campaign? No, thanks.
a Star Wars game without a story is like a sandwich without bread. Just not as good. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

DragonxTortoise 13 November, 2015 @ 21:13

Hope its not anything like the beta. Very linear maps with bad poor spawns and unbalanced teams.

Spawning was sometimes an issue.

Calling the maps “linear” though is funny.

…oh and Hoth is supposed to be unbalanced. All it needs it teamwork and objective gameplay from the rebels and winning is easy.

It’s the idiots thinking this is purely a “k/d” game that means you don’t win.

Rebels have all the turrets, which easily mow down infantry.

AT-STs can be easily taken out by A/X-Wings or concentrated fire.

Orbital strikes used intelligently can destroy the AT-ATs very quickly.

It’s really only people that dont know what they are doing, or cant accept this isnt a CoD game that whine about balace.


Game looks great as a star wars geek, campaign or no campaign.

I’ll be playing this instead of getting ripped off buying the Bloodborne DLC. Still waiting on answers or an apology on that one.

warensembler83 16 November, 2015 @ 12:52

So, this unfinished game that ask you to get a season pass (that costs about as much as the game) to get all its content, is less of a rip-off than the Bloodborne DLC (I agree the price change feels pretty scam-ish, though).

Until l I get a feel for how much content is in SW:BF, yes. Most FPS games today have a season pass, and the content has usually warranted the price, imo.

Ofc if it feels like a barebones game then I will also call it a ripoff too.

All whiners, please do let everyone know what else you won’t be buying.

We are all dying to know.


I wasn’t going to tell you but since you asked……..


With Sony asking for £20 more than the shops for battlefront it would be a nice gester to give us the game at the same time as American ,since you don’t have anything to physically touch for your £65


id like to know how many gamers didnt get this game because of the lack of single player campain me been one of them as i dont do much multiplayer and prefer single campain so was confused and gutted this game lacked single campain
plus how come it is sold at a high price other games have but the diffrence been the other games have a solid single campain

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