Save 20% on all PlayStation Gear purchases on Black Friday

Choose from a selection of official apparel, and grab a few early stocking fillers

Hi there everyone. With Christmas just round the corner, what better time to stock up on PlayStation finery for your nearest and dearest? To give you a little leg-up, you can claim a 20% discount on any item in the PlayStation Gear store, from T-shirts and mugs, to artwork and figurines.

Why not pick up one of our fabulous Christmas jumpers to get in the holiday spirit, or grab something from our Assassins Creed or Batman ranges. There is something for everyone on PlayStation Gear!

Just add items to your shopping cart and use the code ‘GearBlackFriday20’ at checkout to claim your 20% discount. Make haste – the promotion runs until midnight on Friday 27th November.

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No videogames?

Not first!

CoolRichy007UK 27 November, 2015 @ 15:55

if you cant come up with a better comment for a blog post your just making yourself look silly!!



Hope there is a sale tomorrow….

I think it was said we were getting a sale tomorrow.

What about Black Friday game sales? US store already has one… :(


NA has a co-op sale. Both NA and EU will have a black friday sale, but it’s not friday yet…


Ordered on the 27th Oct was still waiting for payment to go through as when checked PayPal said pending rang them and they’ve now canceled said the merchant hadn’t requested the money, ordered nearly a month ago, cancelled now but I would like to order one if it will actually go through before Christmas. I’m not alone going by Twitter. Why would the payment take so long to go through, No stock? Says ships within 1-2 days, hmmm.


Never ever use PayPal, anywhere!!!


We process payments only when an order is ready to ship, so it is possible that your order has not shipped yet that’s why you have not been charged. Nevertheless, please provide your order ID so we can check the status of your order and we’ll send you a follow up email right away. Thanks!!

NA PS has a Black Friday game sale? Pff, we have 20% off on apparel B|


NA has a co-op sale. Both NA and EU will have a black friday sale, but it’s not friday yet…


Black Friday game discounts are on the store now (at least the Australian store)

Uhm ok…

Games on sale please!

Instead off putting it out at a discount, you could get MyPlayDirect to respond to emails and send the goods out they’ve taken payment for. I’ve been waiting for my Bloodborne tee they took the money for since the 7th November. Emailed them three days ago with no response and no estimated shipping date.


Hi zGoNaDs, sorry if we have not had the chance to reply to your email =( Please send us your order ID and we’ll send you a follow up email right away.


Yesterday they even didn’t changed to new deals, no new deal of the week, BB GotY is full priced and they said (in “this week on PS Store”) that it will be on discount this week.

Has anyone else got issues with adding funds to their PSN account? Both my cards get rejected despite working everywhere else (“There has been an issue please try later”), and the helpline just told me to use a prepaid card instead…. I have done that but it is still annoying.
Anyway, a lot of quite hideous merch going on in the PS Gear store, not really tempted

Late answer, but yes – I kept having the same problem a while ago. Not lately, though. Anyway, the solution was to change from browser to PS4, or the other way around.

What exactly is a “Black Friday”, and why does it warrant a sale?


That’s like getting something for free and asking why … who cares why? Also, it’s Thanksgiving in ‘Murica and “Black Friday” sales have became common around the world. I’m pretty sure in Germany as well.


You’d be taking a ticking time bomb, or syphilis, just because you’d get them free? Dude, that’s just…weird. Still don’t know what a “Black Friday” is and why there’s a sale.

It just reminds me of “Bloody Sunday”. What’s the “Bloody Sunday Sale” discount? Sounds wrong.


I probably wouldn’t take something that can give me syphilis, no :D Also, like I said, it’s Thanksgiving in America and Black Friday is a sale that follows it.

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What kind of joke is this? jourmey scarf for 24 $ in the US 80 € in Spain…

But the Playstation Gear store is not yet available in your country/region…


ehm.. where is this t-shirt then?

FallingStickman 26 November, 2015 @ 14:13

The prices, like everything else Playstation in Europe, are insane.

I_Love_Jordan_AS 26 November, 2015 @ 14:41

i like it

Sadly, my order from October 7th is still not shipped, even though expected shipping date is 1st half of November. So, don’t believe the ‘ships in 1-2 workingdays’ part.


Hey chrisboers, we wanted to check if your order has shipped. Could you let us know your order ID? Thanks!!

…and I’m still waiting for my order to ship, from 03/10/2015…


Hi Azreil1225, we wanted to see if there is something we could do. Could you reply with your order ID so we can check? Thanks!!

yep same here. first shipping got lost on the way from UK to GER. The Replacement should have been dispatched 15/11… nothing …not even a email. sry the deliver will take longer than expected. But the worst thing is that in my original Order from 3/10, the Bloodborne T-Shirt is still not shipped …. & no Email for Information that Shipping takes ages…. thats the first & last Order i placed….

I wish SONY would stop showing that T-shirt(the Blue retro one) because it’s not available :( Really wanted one of those to but SONY said it wasn’t available :( Maybe SONY could make them soon? Because I have seen a lot of people wanting them to. PLEASE make it so SONY ;)

Hmmmm. I see a pattern emerging where people pay money more merchandise and it not shipping. Hmmmm.

Yeah, just a heads up if anyone wants to order, their customer service is absolutely atrocious. I ordered two t-shirts a while back, with an estimated ship date of 1-2 days. The first one arrived after three weeks and I had to cancel the other one after six weeks of waiting. Meanwhile they never let me know what was the problem, or why it was delayed, even after contacting them multiple times. I live in the UK as well, which they are too, so it’s not even a huge distance, or going through customs or anything. Most annoyingly, my local comic book/geek store has plenty of their stuff, and they seemed to have no problem restocking while I was waiting on my orders. Quality isn’t that amazing either, insert coin has much better stuff.

Would love to have that PS sweater. But it isn’t even an item in the shop…..why was that put on the ad?


PS Gear Store is the worst store ever!

Ordered 5 items a month ago and when i placed the order all items was “IN STOCK” and of course only 2 of the items actually was in stock.
Now i’m still waiting on 2 items to be shipped with no estimated ship date.
And the items are still “IN STOCK” according to the webpage!

The Shipping cost is also a joke!!!

If you are thinking of ordering, Check other sites first!


Hi Andre-Veelt, we’re really sorry you haven’t received all the items in your order. We wanna check this out for you. Could you reply with your order ID? Thanks!

Just checking my region


I don’t see the sweater on the site at all. I NEED it.

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