Everything you need to know about Vampyr, from the team behind Life is Strange

Dontnod Entertainment reveals new detail on the follow up to its 2015 hit

Hi PlayStation Blog readers! Philippe Moreau here, Game Director on Vampyr, the new RPG from Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind Life is Strange!

I’m here today to give you a brief overview of where we’re going with our new game, and answer some questions that you might have! Let’s start!

What can you tell us about the gameplay of Vampyr?

Vampyr is an action RPG with tight, visceral combat mechanics, exploration, and investigation – you’ll have to collect many clues, and talk to many people as you prowl the streets of London.


With the use of vampiric powers – as you’d expect! – and authentic ‘make-shift’ weapons, such as a saw (our protagonist is a surgeon, after all!) you’ll be fighting both mythical terrors and human foes.

You’ll also be able to make use of different ranged weapons, and there’s more to the combat, but we’re not ready to reveal that yet.

One of the most interesting things is that everyone you meet in Vampyr could be a target, if you want. But each kill will have consequences on the fragile streets of London. You’ll both see those consequences, and feel them. They’ll have an effect on the story, often immediately, and in the long-run. Vampires have to eat, after-all. But as the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’ – at least, in Reid’s mind. He’s a very human vampire… at least, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Do not think that makes him ‘good’, though. You’ll see.

Why base a vampire game on the 1918 London Spanish Flu epidemic?

We wanted to tell a truly gothic story about vampires – a far cry from the glittery vampires you see on TV and in movies nowadays. The mood had to be just right.

England was recovering from the aftermath of the World War I, and the Spanish Flu was making its way through London’s winding alleys. The streets were rife with death and crime, but England was also going through many social and political changes, as new sciences sought to re-envision the way we see the world. Superstition was becoming less socially relevant, but it was still in the streets, folklore, and politics of London, so science was on the rise, but the world was still a dark, scary place. Especially the smoggy, smokey, war-torn streets of London.


Who is Jonathan Reid, the game’s protagonist?

Now, this really ties in well with the first question. Reid was a doctor in the war – he’s a scientist, specialising in blood. Familiar with a new blood transfusion technique used in the war, Reid is quite the skeptic of all things supernatural, so as you can imagine he’s finding it rather difficult to come to terms with his new… condition.

A rational man, Reid wants to come to terms with vampirism – he wants to understand it. Basically, he wants to treat it as a medical condition, but as you play through the story and meet many of the characters in the game, you’ll discover that things are much more… organised, or deliberate, than that.

How are we faithfully recreating London in this period in history?

We researched the events surrounding the catastrophic flu endured by London in 1918, but also research about the medical and scientific enlightenment of this period.

The authorities in London barely managed to handle the epidemic, since they were recovering from the trials of the Great War, and didn’t want to communicate too much on the flu to London’s populace to reduce panic, and manage people.

This grim vision of London is presented in hundreds of historical documents and visual accounts of the flu, each darker than those before it. But for the streets, architecture and feeling of London, there are many factual but also fictional references that are fantastic visual reference pieces.

VYR_AR1511_0001_WC v2

What role does player choice have in Vampyr?

Killing innocent people is unfortunately the price of immortality. Besides, in the eyes of a vampire, how do you define innocent? You’ll have to kill people, that’s for sure… but how do you decide who? The information you gather, the things that you see, and the relationships your nurture will all define your decisions. But you will have to feed. You cannot escape that you are a vampire.

I hope this short Q&A has piqued your curiosity, and if you want some more info do not hesitate to visit our website! We’re working on the first in-game assets so stay tuned, there will be more coming your way very soon !

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Well this sounds very exciting and the concept art looks amazing. One of the things that stood out for me in Remember Me, was the city. These guys know how to make a beautiful and compelling environments.

Keeping an eye out.

edgar_sawtelle 02 December, 2015 @ 19:56

I completely agree with you. I have always wondered: why so many people dislike Remember Me? I have really appreciated the Environment.

Sounds great and love the concept art, hopefully it translates well to the final game.


This sounds very promising. Plus, it’s DONTNOD. I’ve never been dissapointed in a game they have created.

I adored Life is Strange :) Wasn’t so keen on Remember Me :( So I am on the fence with this. Although this article has gotten me interested.

I have one little request, Please don’t make LIS2. It’s not needed. The game was perfect and I feel a sequel will only harm the uniqueness of LIS.

warensembler83 02 December, 2015 @ 13:10

As long as they use different characters, I wouldn’t mind to have LIS2.


Life is Strange 2, you day? I’m up for that..!!


Day? Sorry, was meant to say, erm… SAY!

warensembler83 02 December, 2015 @ 13:11

The game looks interesting, let’s see how the combat works. Keep us posted!

Absolutely loved Life is Strange, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Vampyr :0)


It will be very interesting to see what possible consequences will arise based on who you choose as your next victim.

Also, would be great to see what powers Jonathan Reid will have as a vampire. Awaiting this with baited breath!

Life is Strange 2 would be good, particularly if it is from someone else’s perspective than Max Caulfield’s…

Yes, yes! It’s really one of the most expected game for me. Life is strange was very good storytelling game. And I love underrated Remember Me. Setting is very exited.


Looks really good to me! Any word on platform(s)?

Philippe Moreau 03 December, 2015 @ 11:06

Vampyr will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

mellan_Konsten 02 December, 2015 @ 14:44

Would you describe the action as methodical, as in looking for movement patters and finding holes in the enemies defense or is it more about quick reflexes and keeping the momentum?

Philippe Moreau 03 December, 2015 @ 11:07

The combat is more “methodical” to quote you, rather than keeping the momentum as it was in Remember Me. The pacing is different.

As you play a human doctor with supernatural abilities, the combat gameplay revolves around mastering different weapons movesets as well as managing Vampiric powers.

We want players to maximize synergy between weapons and abilities in order to create deadly combos!

This is almost the Dexter game i always wanted… sounds amazing.

Interested piqued..

Loved Life Is Strange and Vampyr looks ace! I’m liking what i read so far. All i want is a release date so i can buy it! :P

Who to kill? Well the same way you decide which piece of meat you pick at the store.
The one that looks the most delicious. It’s that easy people ;)

There really isn’t enough vampire games (especially good ones) but that looks like it’s about to change between this and Paradoxes acquisition of White Wolf. Exciting!


Given how well the story telling and decision cause and effect were done in LiS this should carry over really well to such a story. Graphics look beautiful too. If the mechanics are sound this should be a phenomenal game!

You guys are a day one purchase no matter what, really excited to see this.

so I have questions.
1. is it open world sandboxy
2. can you turn into a bat (well it is old scool vamp right!)
3. can you only venture out at night, ie hopefully we dont sparkle in sunlight
4. first or third person.
ive been waiting patiently for years for a remake of the atari game night hunter the dracula game realy hope its like or similar.

Philippe Moreau 07 December, 2015 @ 10:37

Here are some answers :
1.Vampyr will be a semi open world with enough liberty and content to explore London’s streets for hours!
2.We can’t reveal too much about the vampire abilities at this point of the development.
3.The game takes place exclusively during night-time. Our vampires don’t “sparkle in sunlight” ;-)
4.Third person

BrooklynVentrue 06 December, 2015 @ 23:46

Always in the mood for more vampire games. Wish we’d finally get a sequel to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, but this game looks like it could be good, too.

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