Intense survival racer Distance is coming to PlayStation VR in 2016

Check out Refract’s treacherous, fast-paced racer

Hi there! I’m Jordan, one of the developers at Refract. Last year I announced that our survival racer Distance is coming to PS4. Since then we’ve been working hard to add things like random track generation, new story mode content, improved car customisation, improved multiplayer features, and we spent some time optimising so that Distance runs as smooth as possible.

Today, I can finally announce that we’ve also been working hard to bring Distance to PlayStation VR!

If you’ve never seen Distance before, it’s a survival racing game. Distance takes the intense action of arcade racing and places it in a mysterious, atmospheric world. The road is deadly with treacherous obstacles around every corner. Instead of doing laps on a loop, you’ll be trying to survive from point A to B.

You pilot a unique car that allows you to boost, jump, rotate, and even fly. Instead of being constrained to the track, you can break away at any point and find your own path. You can even drive upside down or on buildings and walls.

Virtual reality amplifies this by adding another dimension. You can now race through these chaotic tracks from the seat of the driver. PlayStation VR gives you an amazing sense of scale as you’re able to look into turns or glance over at other players in multiplayer. Once we started prototyping VR gameplay in Distance it was undeniable that getting a true feel for the jumps, flips, and flying is exhilarating.

From a story-telling aspect, VR is thrilling since we can explore the game from the perspective of the driver, and who (or what) that is. We’ve redesigned our UI to work with a cockpit dash, and we added an “upside-down” moonroof to help when landing. Getting sliced by a laser is also (not surprisingly) even more exciting.

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We can’t wait to unleash Distance on PS4 in 2016. If you’d like to keep up with the development, I regularly post behind-the-scenes updates on Twitter. For less frequent, more detailed updates, sign up for our newsletter on our website here.

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Very very much looking forward to this :D


Since the announced vr the been getting all thease games and iv been looking for that game to make me go wow and this game has

When I do get PS VR this is one game am definitely getting.


It releases early next year. I’m guessing around May.

Thats not early, its middle.

Jordan, will this be the kind of racer that will work with a wheel? It doesn’t appear so at first glance. Either way, I’m there day #1, in PSVR.

Doesn’t look too bad. When I get VR I might give it a go.

When you release the price of VR, then I will look at the games.

Money is on Sony having dismal support for VR beyond the first 12 months, just like everything else in their “peripheral” library.

That’s why I’m cautious with PS VR. Every peripheral Sony releases gets NO support after a short while. Just look at Move, 3D support, Sharpshooter, PS Eye and now Vita.. Sony acts like they don’t exist anymore, not a single word. 3D support on PC however is still alive and well but Sony supports nothing in 3D on PS4 now, it’s not a good sign for PS VR.

Looks like a seizure waiting to happen lol

Are you serious. This is going to make me mad.

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