Win a PS4, Sony HD TV, Xperia Z5, more in our festive giveaway

We’ve a gratuitous prize bundle to get you through the winter

Starting today, PlayStation Store is running its biggest competition yet, with prizes worth over £1,500/€2,000!

To celebrate this holiday season’s incredible gaming releases, PlayStation Store is offering one lucky winner everything they could possibly need to survive the winter, stay indoors and play video games.

Check out all the wintery-themed goodies up for grabs that are guaranteed to give you hours of fun to last the entire season, and beyond!

  • White 500GB PlayStation 4
  • Sony R45C Full HD LED TV
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • £350/ €500 worth of PlayStation Store credit
  • A Glacier White Dualshock 4 wireless controller
  • Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 in white
  • Aqua Blue PS4 faceplate
  • PlayStation Christmas jumper
  • Pair of PlayStation socks

So what are you waiting for? Enter now. We’ve even left you some clues to make it easier. Good luck!

Before you race off, please don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before entering the competition.

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LegendOfArkham 04 December, 2015 @ 16:48

Hmmmm I wonder will my birthday luck extend to this competition? I certainly hope so haahahaha. Any chance of a happy birthday from PlayStation :P


Hey LegendOfArkham, Happy Birthday & good luck with the competition! :)


Iv entered nearly every PlayStation competition but this one is hard because iv not played the games that was asked so it’s kinda hard for me but I doubt I win I’m not ganna hold my breath I’d rather have the psn cards because I already have 2 ps4 I have the headphones and I just Baught a Sony phone and last month I Baught a tv


Hey Rayna-Monique, try visiting PlayStation®Store pages for the games mentioned in the competition, you might spot an answer or two… ;)


Hi but every competition I have entried iv been fair with and iv not cheated if I do that then it would be cheating and id rather win fair but somepeople will cheat and it ain’t fair because people like me have been around PlayStation all there life iv been gaming from PlayStation since I was 3 years old and im not about to start cheating at things like this

This isn’t a closed boom GCSE, its not cheating don’t be crazy.

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Not even going to check how many countries you left out this time. Thanks, but no thanks.

Dear PlayStation EU, did you know that Europe has more countries than those that made it to the list?

SotirisSrt1988 04 December, 2015 @ 17:28

Where are you Greece?



As always no Slovenia on the list :(

This is pointless…

The “one” who’ll win this prize will be the one who has access to the answer for the Tie-Breaker question, since the answer cannot be found anywhere because it has not been announced until now in news or blogs related to the game in the question. So, the winner will be someone who knows or is related to an employee of the staff of EA/PS Blog. So, no point in participating…

Why not make it a regular prize draw with equal opportunities to every EU PS Blog Member?

That’s rubbish. Read the terms & conditions. Those people are exempt from entering. It’s not different from those things at fairs where you guess the number of sweets in a jar. This is much better than those fastest finger quizzes they did. It’s pretty much down to luck.


I agree with you about the fastest finger quizzes, they are the worst. However, even though friends and relatives are not allowed to enter this competition, there is no way to ensure/guarantee that an employee in EA/PS Blog won’t give the answer to someone they know. Making a statement about it in the terms & condition does not mean that it can’t/won’t happen.

I guess the only way to see if I’m right is when they announce the winner and make the answer available to the public.

Anyway, 1,500 GBP is not much of a gift to give. SCEE has millions of customers, why make a competition with only 1 winner? for a commercial? That’s is so cheap of Sony.


It’s actually worse than you think, and the reason I’m not bothering entering yet another EU competition. Why are they still doing this? It’s so frustrating.

We don’t have a chance at winning. It’s a whoever enters the answers the fastest competition, with a tie breaker in the event two people have the same time. Anyone can be lucky in a draw, and anyone can have a chance- it could be you or me. But you have to be a freak of nature to be faster than like 100,000 other people- and I doubt you have a chance nor do I.

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I havent played just cause 3 but I went on youtube and managed to find a video of all 3 vehicles.
The rocket car is my favourite

WHERE is Greece(again)?


Its just south of Macedonia mate.


We can’t see it from all those debts piled up on top of it.

Great, i’m in.

Ive never won anything in my life so not holding my breath life full of unluckyness

PRIZRAK095_5656 04 December, 2015 @ 21:52

Если например я выиграю я что должен платить £1500/€2000 подскажите

Carnivius_Prime 04 December, 2015 @ 23:36

i entered but mainly cos i need a new pair of socks. mine keep getting holes. :(


I feel you lol

I feel good

Anything PlayStation will be a huge hit in my home this Christmas I’ve got 17 Children and Grandchildren coming …Let the games begin :D


You are only making most of EU…angry and minor!

They,re light years ahead in sound and vision -got the world in my room with expert precision.

I think I’ll have to win this competition, because I’m still stuck on PS3

Does South Africa fall under any of those countries?

mucha suerte a todos

@Otisha Sealy

No Greece… again? Can someone explain why? Last time i checked we are in Europe too…

There is no correct answer for the Just Cause question. It contains all three vehicles. So how can we enter if you can’t even provide a question with answers that are actually right?


I entered for the Socks :P


Can’t enter as it keeps saying the security code entered is incorrect


All i can say is hope i win this nether won nothing in my whole life so this would be a first hope i win would make me so happy. :)

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