Ace Combat 7 announced for PS4 and PlayStation VR

Take to the skies in the latest entry in Namco Bandai’s long-running series

Who never dreamt to fly like a bird, or be a fighter pilot? For two decades now, the Ace Combat series allowed fans of air combat to experience all of it. Worthy successor to a long destiny of 12 games that started in 1995 on PlayStation One, Ace Combat 7 is coming for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR!

Coming for the first time to new gen consoles of course means you will experience the best Ace Combat game ever. Stunning photorealistic graphics, beautifully rendered skies and detailed cityscapes, we are setting the stage for the most engaging aerial battles. Let’s take off together in this new trailer. And yes, everything has been captured with the in-game engine!


Ace Combat 7 will take the elements the series is famous for to a whole new level. Backed up by the powerful Unreal Engine 4, this will be THE dogfighting game every fans need. We are using all the know-how we developed on the Ace Combat franchise with the power of next gen consoles.

Be ready to experience photorealistic visuals and lightning effects and an evolving and adapting ecosystem which will dictate the flow of battle. Our trueSKY technology will astound you, we are sure of that! And if you need even more, you will be able to immerse yourself in exclusive features developed specifically for PlayStation VR!

Through an exciting campaign and furious multiplayer battles, will you become the Ace of the Aces?

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Thank You, Project ACES!


Can i play without VR?

SlyCooperFan100 06 December, 2015 @ 05:35

Yep! You do not need PlayStation VR in order to play Ace Combat 7 :)

SlyCooperFan100 06 December, 2015 @ 05:36

Thank you guys so much! Some of my best and favorite moments over the past year and a half have been on Ace Combat Infinity. I currently run Acepedia, the Ace Combat encyclopedia, and I could not be happier to see AC7 on the PS4. Best of luck to you all at Project Aces and Bandai Namco!

For me, this was THE best thing to come from the PlayStation Experience keynote! I was also completely against PlayStation VR however I want it just for this!

Ni No Kuni II ‘and’ Ace Combat 7? What a stunning return to form from Namco Bandai.

Gameplay footage please.

On the face of it this seems like the perfect game for PlayStation VR – if you played the game you’d be sat in a chair with a helmet on holding a controller; if you were to fly a combat plane in real life you’d be sat in a chair with a helmet on holding a controller…

Even though I’ve never really been into flight sims before this news has actually gotten me a little bit more interested in PlayStation VR…

ThirdEyeVision55 10 December, 2015 @ 19:28

For the love of god, DO NOT USE THE DOG FIGHT SCRIPTED CAMERA TRACKING FROM ASSAULT HORIZONS!!!! This feature completely turned me off to the game…it took away skill, and what makes Ace Combat such a good game series!

PlayStation VR price on £288, it’s under accessories tab for playseats.


Seems like a placeholder price because it has gone up now…. £295.18

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