Job Simulator Confirmed for PlayStation VR

The scientists at Owlchemy Labs help you re-live the glory days of work

Hello humans! The scientists here at Owlchemy Labs are excited to announce that Job Simulator will be a launch title for PlayStation VR! That’s right, that means you’ll be able to smash an egg, chuck a stapler, and serve a moldy hot dog from the comfort of your living room on PlayStation VR!

For those not yet familiar with Job Simulator, here’s the scoop: in the future, robots have replaced all human jobs. In an effort to ensure that humans would not forget what it was like “to job,” the Job Simulator was created. Players can re-live the glory days of work by simulating the job of a gourmet chef, an office worker, a convenience store clerk, and more!

Job Simulator is all about using your actual hands to interact with the world. The game relies on two tracked PS Move Controllers, one for each hand, to manipulate the environment. Once you’ve reached into the world with 1:1 tracked hands to pick up and throw items, you can never go back! Interacting with objects feels so natural that you don’t need to think “How do I pull this lever?” It just works.

Job Simulator also utilizes the tracking space of PlayStation Camera in a very significant way. The game encourages players to stand, reach, and move around the space in front of the TV, meaning you’ll have the room to live out all of your job-related fantasies. Feeling bored at work? In our Office Worker job, you can throw office supplies at your coworker one cubicle over without fear of impending unemployment. And the Office Worker job is just one of five fully-featured jobs to ship with the final game.

Job Simulator

Job Simulator relies heavily on realistic physics to deliver hilarious moments of physical comedy. The feel of throwing a paper airplane, juggling a coffee mug, or opening a cash register all hinge on an incredibly smooth and fluid physics system. This means the industry standard of 60 frames per second gameplay just didn’t cut it for Job Simulator. The team buckled down and optimized further than we ever thought possible in order to bring our rich environments and physics interactions to the PS4 at 90 frames per second. We’re very proud of the entire team for pulling this off!

For those lucky enough to be attending PlayStation Experience here in San Francisco, come by the Job Simulator demo station on the show floor to try out the game. You’ll also have a chance to meet some of the Owlchemy Labs team in the flesh to ask all of your burning VR (or owl-related) questions.

We also have a little something special in store for PlayStation fans. We’ll divulge more information soon, but for now we can’t wait for you to be able to serve wacky customers expired hot dogs and juggle tomatoes from the comfort of your living room with Job Simulator on PlayStation VR.

We’ll see you humans in VR soon!


Job Simulator

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Ohhhhh so exciting :) but when will we see a price for vr


When everyone stops laughing.


Watch it be like £500

Budget 500 of your preferred currency and you’ll probably be on the safe side, allowing you to get some launch titles as well.

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This game looks hilarious

Inherentdragon 06 December, 2015 @ 23:21

Wow,forget Final Fantasy Remake,The Last Guardian and NI No Kuni 2,I cant wait to pay at least £300 on Sony VR to play games like this..!

nukualofaperson 07 December, 2015 @ 01:11

I have nothing particular against this game, but I just don’t see the appeal of that VR thingy. There are lots of games being released for it, but will it have any lasting power? I’m pretty sure I won’t be playing with it, just as I don’t play with motion controls such as Wii, Kinect and Move. However, my son would definitely be wanting one.

I’m wary of writing the VR off too soon, remembering the success of the Nintendo Wii (just a GameCube with stupid waggle controls) and DS (just a GameBoy Advance with a pointless touchscreen gimmick). Games like this might be just what it needs to make it appeal to those who usually keep their gaming confined to party games and mobile phones


Most normal people won’t want to strap a device to their faces simulating an 105 inch screen. Parents will find the social situation with their children gets even worse. The equipment is too heavy to use for a long time, doctors are predicting back and neck problems. Lastly the issues where you take the visor off and return to the normal world, dizziness, nausea, headache, disorientation. They intend to sell these things before even knowing if they’re safe and resolving the overwhelming problems they cause.


Well if you worried about thease problems don’t buy but other people will and parents should understand if gamers like me and the other millions of people across the world we look at a TV all day playing games so putting on a headset what’s that ganna change nothing I told my mum and dad about the vr they said okay cool I’m a girl gamer and imma buy this if the price is right so just stop moaning about all the little problems and live a little

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