New Everybody’s Golf announced for PS4

The long-running sports franchise returns with a host of new features

As you may have heard, we had the latest iteration of the classic Everybody’s Golf franchise on display at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco this past weekend. Visitors were able to check out the game and experience one of the brand new game modes as well. I’m here to tell you all about the ins and outs of New Everybody’s Golf, coming exclusively to PlayStation 4.

As you may know, Everybody’s Golf is one of PlayStation’s oldest franchises and originally debuted in 1997. Over the years, it has delivered a fun and accessible golfing experience, with its unique stylised graphics and realistic golf mechanics and physics, to players on all of PlayStation’s home and handheld consoles.

With this latest iteration, we are adding to the mix character creation and customisation, a robust online experience, and free roaming on the game’s golf courses, including the ability to drive golf karts anywhere you want.


In past Everybody’s Golf games, unlocking new golfer characters and building a lineup of athletes with various strengths and weaknesses was key. However in New Everybody’s Golf, players start by creating and dressing their very own golfer, utilising a deep set of customisation tools. By playing and completing specific tasks, players can level up their personalised golfer and build strength for long drives, precise control for putting on the green, and more.

New Everybody’s Golf will include a variety of golf courses set in a variety of environments. And rather than being automatically transported to the tee for each hole, all golf courses will be free roaming, meaning you can walk around, explore, and more anywhere you want. Take a spin in your golf kart, or stop by the pond and try to catch a few fish. And you’ll see other online players going about their business as well.


Aside from just solo play, utilising the PlayStation Network, New Everybody’s Golf will offer a wide variety of connected online gameplay modes. Unlock new missions and tasks to unlock rewards, play in competitive game modes and tournaments, or even cooperative and team-based competitive modes. At PSX we even showed off a new team-based mode where players try to complete as many holes as possible within an allotted amount of time, with the team getting the most points winning the round.

Stay tuned for more information about the game right here on PlayStation Blog, and happy golfing!


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Awesome stuff.

Day 1 purchase for me….When can i pre-order


I’ll be there with you :)

stargateheaven 07 December, 2015 @ 17:58

Can you make sure the servers arent seperated? I buy this game every time and cant play with japanese friends

Excellent – Loved the first two games – Just please give us the click,click,click swing option and I am in.

3D support?

jamie-sixtyfour 07 December, 2015 @ 18:11

Really looking forward to this but the name is a bit pants.

Are those Xbox Avatars?

Yep, They have been using them since 1997. . .Wait a minute, Microsoft, Sony wants a word.

Yeah, well. The scenery design is beautiful indeed but what happened with the character design?
Coming of the Vita release which was exquisit in every way this seems as a step down. Trying to appeal to much to the “former” Xbox only crowd?


I quite like the mii type characters, I’m sure there will be dlc with ‘prettier’ faces and clothes, but yeah I get where your coming from ;)

I actually can’t wait for this! Can we have more than one avatar per account and me and my wife will like to play on the same game?

Very nice! Know and love the series since the first one, good news.


I want it now!!! Love it.

Love this series. Shuhei for President!

Sounds AMAZING :P LOVE Everybody’s Golf ;)

Sounds good, will definitely make a purchase

Hope it has a colour blind mode. I couldn’t play the PS3 one because I couldn’t see the power line move when it was in the rough (white on light green I think). Love these games on PSP too.

Did you know PS4 has an “invert colours” option to aid in such things under settings->accessibility. It also allows you to pin it to the PS menu so that you can access it quickly.

Yeaahh \o/

One of the best partygames with frustrations and laughs combined :D cant wait! … Have to :/


Excellent news! I echo flipside666’s request for multiple characters on one save for my wife and I, being able to play on our own seperate accounts together would be a bonus too. I see the fishing minigame clearly, do I see a golfcart racing minigame too?… I’m hoping for plenty of courses this time, one of my few disappointments about the series so far is the variety of courses has never really increased. A definite purchase any which way though.

Oh and don’t call it New Everybody’s Golf! It’s bad when Nintendo does that and it’s worse when you copy Nintendo doing it.

cant wait for this game

I’d loved themed courses ala Mario golf,kart,baseball etc. It would be awesome to play golf in hades or on the Nurburgring in the middle of a race, or Sly’s Paris, Shangri La or even Ding Dong Dell. The PS universe is expansive and it’s time sony brought them together.

PS Move/Camera support?


I can’t wait but I wish you wouldn’t call is “New” though as later it won’t be new and later still they’ll be a newer one, what do you call that? My “New” (now dead) iPad is such an example… stupid naming.


cant wait…love everybodys golf

Why do they look like Miis? The old games had a great style, why would they change it?


Return the compatibility PSTV with Sonic All Stars transformer and Everybody golf 6.
you are vague and not well you treat users

Mi PSmobile games don´t work, and y Paid its.

Sorry for my poor english.

Finally!! Looking forward to this.

Does anyone know if they’ve locked all the top tier equipment behind a paywall again? That really didn’t sit right with me last game, I paid money for the game, I didn’t expect to have to fork out even more money to remain competitive online.

I’ve always loved playing Everybody’s Golf – a prime example of why gameplay is always more important than realism. Not owned one in a while though but I think I might actually get this, making them open world with mini-games is a great idea to refresh the franchise (as long as there is still a ‘jump to ball’ option for when you just want a quick game). This might actually be a Day 1 purchase – when is it out?

OMG OMG cant waittttttttt for this :) day 1 for me

Looks like “PlayStation Home” just got intergrated into “everybody’s golf”. Shaping up to be buckets load of fun .Hope the fishing game is well implemented i kinda miss sega bass fishing .

I’d like to see some more, am pretty hooked already


I can’t wait for this game. Have owned it on PS3.
Could you tell the release date?

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