Hardware: Rivals rolls out to PS4 next month

Vehicular combat revival pins down a release date following its recent beta run

Locked, loaded and engines firing. The lights are green and we’re good to go. Hardware: Rivals is coming exclusively to PS4 on 5th January for €20.99, and we’ve got some new updates to share with you today!

For those of you new to the game, Hardware: Rivals is an explosive, over-the-top, vehicle combat game where you pit yourself against other drivers in heavy tanks or fast attack vehicles.


Battle online through multiple maps, game modes, challenges and special events. As you take down your enemies, you will collect bounties for hunting your biggest rivals. You can play as a lone wolf or as part of a team. Check out our launch trailer above.

We’ve been busy tweaking the game based on your feedback from October’s beta trial, and also putting the finishing touches on a ton of new stuff. We’ve added another map, Outpost 92 – a frozen, deep-core mining facility drowning in snow and ice, cut off in the face of a blizzard. It’s the ideal place to try out our new vehicles: the Sledgehammer (Tank) and Nomad (FAV). They’ll be lining up alongside the Predator and Wraith, ready for you to unleash devastation.

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All four vehicles can acquire a whole load of skins and add-ons that you can use to customise the look of your vehicle. Whether you want to trick out your Hardware with a bunch of military gear, or just put a hula-skirt on your tank, there’s something for everyone. You can also upgrade the handling and weapons systems of each vehicle, catering for whatever engagement style suits you best.

There’s more game content coming very soon after launch, including new maps, vehicles and game modes that we’ll be patching in as quickly as we can. We’ll also be publishing unique community events each week, mixing up modes, weapons and rewards, so keep an eye on the PlayStation community forums for more updates and previews from the dev team. We also put together a community Q&A based on some popular questions we received from our fans.

We appreciate the feedback and excitement we’ve received for Hardware: Rivals, and can’t wait for launch day to arrive. Keep the comments coming, we’re always listening.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)
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Whoa you are charging for it? I thought it was free to play.

Look another post which completely forgets about the fact we use £ Pounds the blog barely ever shows UK currency and Daniel you are just as bad as Chris Howe. SCEE you need to understand not everyone in the SCEE region uses Euros and I’ll also give a mention to Australia & New Zealand who are always left out.


RKO_JPL7: Apologies for missing it off. Just to confirm for you, the UK price is £16.99.


I would guess it’s to do with the fact that UK users pay more, rather than Sony just assuming we all use the euro. XE sees 20.99 euros as £15.31 – not the £16.99 as stated.

This is getting annoying for sure. We use £ in the UK (SCEE is headquartered in London, you’d think they’d get at least that right on the blog)

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It would be great PS+ title.


And launches the same day as PS+ games come out, I wonder!

Don’t think I’d heard of this before, but it looks pretty cool.

It is a remake of Hardware Online for the PS2. It was really fun back then. I tried the beta and it is still pretty fun.


It was bundled in with the PS2 network adaptor, and it was great fun. Looks like a cool update, provided they’ve kept the core mechanics intact. Fingers crossed for a demo, given the price tag.

Will there be splitscreen?

Why is the game $19.99 in the US, and £16.99/€20.99 in Europe? Seems like Europe is getting the short end once again.

Don’t the US get there tax added on at checkout?

people: didn’t you learned to make more account?
eu, uk and usa/canadian.


I didn’t learned to make more account.

Enjoyed the neat on this although I had the distinct impression it was designed to be F2P, I prefer premium so it is good news but I’m curious what currencies will be used in the final release, what microtransactions will there be (if any)?

Neat = Beta

This was a free game originally on the ps2 disc ,no way Willi be paying for this ,IMO its shocking, no thanks from me ,enjoy those that buy it .

And i got my dinner for free, rent for free and clothes washed for free oh that right i was living with my mum back then lol. There comes a time you gotta stop expecting stuff for free this is a ps4 game the fact is it costs more to make games than it did for ps2 you should be glad once in awhile theres a good freebie on ps plus dont want the game fine dont be ungrateful because its not handed to you.

Banthafodder24 10 January, 2016 @ 16:48

We were able to download this on ps+ but says now closed. Is it going to reopen? If not, why allow it to still be downloaded??

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