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It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re finishing up last-minute holiday shopping, prioritising your gaming catch-up plans, or just taking it easy until 2016, there’s one thing we can all come together for: Game of the Year voting!

We’re lucky enough to live in a world where every year is pretty darned good for gamers, but 2015 was a year where PlayStation 4 really started to hit its stride. We started 2015’s list of GotY nominees nice ‘n early with FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, but things have stayed steady throughout the year.

A few quick housekeeping notes before we dive in:

  • Nominees are limited to games that have never appeared on a PlayStation platform before.
  • Additionally, if a game has won for a specific category in a previous year, it’s no longer eligible to win in that category this year.
  • We tried to include a (very) wide range of nominees for each category, but if your favorite isn’t on the list feel free to write it in at the bottom of each form.

We’re keeping the polls open until the end of 2015 to give folks time to catch up on any games they might still have in their backlog (I’m looking at you, Geralt). Once the polls close at 7:59am GMT on 1st January, we’ll start tallying ’em up, with the big winners post following in early January.

But enough stalling — let’s vote!


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4 Author replies


Bloodborne = Best PS4 game, best soundtrack, best expansion (The Old Hunters).
No Man’s Sky = Most anticipated (had a hard time to chose between this and Hotizon Zero Dawn, though).

The No Man’s Sky hype train derailed for me when they announced the release date.


I agree with Cronoss69. They showed no man sky too early and now the anticipation for the game has gone from a lot of people because of the release date. Especially when the developer guy stated in an interview that the game would be out in 2015.

I remember he said something like ‘it will definitely come out 2015’. I WAS hyped then. And it wouldn’t have been a too early reveal if it HAD come out in 2015. But when I watched that press conference with the release date announcement it all just vanished and left a bitter aftertaste of ‘PlayStation VR launch window’.

Wraith_Bringer 18 December, 2015 @ 21:04

How the hell did Uncharted 4 NOT make it onto the most anticipated 2016!?

CoolRichy007UK 18 December, 2015 @ 21:09

because uncharted 4 is out out yet oO


was wondering about that too :P but i still chose it

I choose it, I can’t understand why he is not in the list too

And no, Uncharted 4 came out on 16 March 2016, so he is not out yet .

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madmanwithabox12 18 December, 2015 @ 21:26

Best PS4 – Batman: Arkham Knight

Best Vita – Danganronpa Another Episode (though P4D is VERY close)

Best PS3 – Hotline Miami 2? It was great on Vita at least.

Best Story – Danganronpa Another Episode (by a mile yet not even on the list, likely because none of you played it)

Best Soundtrack – Persona 4 Dancing All Night, is this even a question?

Best Digital Only – Rocket League

Best Multiplayer – Rocket League

Most Anticipated 2016 – Persona 5. Otherwise Gravity Rush 2

Best PS+ – Gauntlet

Best Expansion – A Matter of Family, I’m a huge Batgirl fanboy

Studio – Meh… none of them. Arrowhead perhaps?

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Best PS4 – Batman: Arkham Knight

Best Vita – Danganronpa Another Episode (though P4D is VERY close)

Best PS3 – Hotline Miami 2? It was great on Vita at least.

Best Story – Danganronpa Another Episode (by a mile yet not even on the list, likely because none of you played it)

Best Soundtrack – Persona 4 Dancing All Night, is this even a question?

Best Digital Only – Rocket League

Best Multiplayer – Rocket League

Most Anticipated 2016 – Persona 5. Otherwise Gravity Rush 2

Best PS+ – Gauntlet

Best Expansion – A Matter of Family, I’m a huge Batgirl fanboy

Studio – Meh… none of them. Arrowhead perhaps?


Best studio was definitely CD Projekt Red :)

madmanwithabox12 19 December, 2015 @ 11:27

Meh, Witcher 3 isn’t for me. I know they did lots of free DLC though so good on them.

For me both in terms of Best Vita game and best story – Steins;Gate

It simply crushed whole rest.

Although P4DAN was also absolutely marvelous.

Silver-Seraphim 18 December, 2015 @ 21:29

Bloodborne for pretty much everything it was up for hell I would have even voted for it for multiplayer with the Old Hunters improvements, as for best plus game that was hard as all the good PS3 games where old and the PS4 games where either good indies or pretty much AAA demos (metal gear *cough*) and vita became an after thought for titles.

I just can’t put last guardian of FF XV for most anticipated through fear that even the mention of it will jinx them ever coming out so I went with Dark Souls 3.


Agreed. I never play MP but heck I’m playing co-op to death with Bloodborne.

A great year for gaming, but if you don’t vote Bloodborne as GOTY then you missed out on one of the best gaming experiences in recent history.

Carnivius_Prime 18 December, 2015 @ 22:47

I didn’t like it, sorry. Not fun.

Sovietwarbear_NL 23 December, 2015 @ 09:53

I got game is nice but not my type game for me its fallout 4 i got over 180 hours nog in one save game

Yeah lots they missed out for anticipated for 2016. In fairnes it is looking like a KILLER year. Final Fantasy XV for me, but Gravity Rush 2, KH2.8 (If its out here next year), Persona 5, Uncharted 4 (Bizarre they missed that), and others I can think of, but they werent confirmed for 2016 unlike these, so I won’t mention them.

This year does look awesome, as long as developers quit shoving microtransactions in everything.

I’m actually dreading all the HD Remasters and PS2 Upgrades that will wash over us.


Sure, it’s hard to include absolutely everything – but please do use the ‘other’ field for alternative choices. Also, we only included titles which have been confirmed for 2016 – I’m not sure KH etc have been.

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Tales from the Borderlands is my game of the year, for sure. I have to say Until Dawn was great as well for its refreshing take on the horror game genre but TFBL just was a true joyride, I literally laughed out loud playing it more times than watching any comedy film. The voice work and writing were close to perfect, only the graphics were a bit outdated I guess. Also, the soundtrack was not nominated though it was pure gold?

I’ll be damned if Kingdom Hearts III isn’t the one we’re all hoping to come out next year since it’s been 10 years since the last numbered title as well.

Finished episode 2 today, prolly do episode 3 tonight or tomorrow. Yeah it’s really good. Just wish it had gameplay like kings quest action sections, something a bit more like a game with true results from your actions like until dawn too


Telltale games have been on fire ever since Walking dead. They literally can’t do anything bad if you’re into those kind of games. Both TFBL and GoT were excellent. TFBL probably one of the funniest games ever. GoT probably one of the best series ever and their take on it was true to both the series and their own Telltale style and elements. Only waiting for a sale on Minecraft story because I’m not familiar with that game but other than that this is the only ‘digitally focussed’ studio where I gladly pay full price for their games. Sure, the graphics and technical aspects are a bit basic but you get so much story and character development in return for such a great prize (not to mention when they’re on sale, then they’re an absolute steal). Need more developers who do games like these. Hope DontNod gets into it too, Life is strange was pretty excellent too :p

For best ps+ I went with other: protest vote, dreadful year.

I invite you all to do the same!

Wasted vote then


Rocket league m8


Rocket League for me. The Snow Day update has got me hooked again.

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Bloodborne all the way. It’s a PlayStation classic.
Rocket league also rates highly.
Special mentions to Jamestown +


Bloodbornnnneee :D


Bloodborne is my GOTY.

ManikwithaNine 18 December, 2015 @ 22:16

I didn’t know telltales making batman. Voted for that coz I like batman.

Thanks Fred, something fun on here is nice to see

All awards to Witcher 3!


Hi Fred, once we do the vote, does it replace the first vote if we do it a second time (after a page refresh or come back into this post) to change it or does it give a count for both votes?


You should only be allowed to vote once on your signed-in ID.

Onlytripleseven 27 December, 2015 @ 00:25

I voted twice. Once not signed in, then again signed in.

Carnivius_Prime 18 December, 2015 @ 22:44

Rocket League got my multiplayer and best PS Plus freebie game.
My fave single player PS4 game surprisingly is Transformers: Devastation. I bought it half price during sale, played it once then didn’t touch it again for 2 weeks (to be fair I was busy with stuff) and then gave it another go and just fell in love with it’s fast, frantic action, satisfying combat, levelling up, challenge mode and gorgeous graphics and sound. It’s almost the opposite of what I’ve been so disliking about the vast majority of games this year with their tedious boring drabness. I really need a sequel (with a co op multiplayer mode). In fact I’m still playing it now just having paused it to check emails and write this comment.

Most anticipated is Uncharted 4, by far.

Carnivius_Prime 18 December, 2015 @ 22:47

Also Rocket League for best soundtrack (with Transformers Devastation not far behind to due having new Vince Dicola tunes to punch and blast away too).

GOTY: Bloodborne
Soundtrack: Hotline Miami 2
Story: Soma
PSN freebie: Transistor
Multiplayer: Planetside 2
Most anticipated: Dark Souls 3 (sorry Uncharted 4!)


I’m with you on Transistor. Such a beautiful game to be included in the IGC. Was one of my first PS4 games to play and when my controller started to talk and flicker. One of the greatest implementations of that gimmick I have seen and heard so far.


Yeah Transistor is a gorgeous game, and all the ways to mix weaponry really made it stand out. A better game than Bastion in my opinion.

Transistor such a beautiful game (listening to the soundtrack at the moment) really really loved it and Bastion!!


GOTY: Bloodborne
Vita: Olli Olli 2
Soundtrack: Hotline Miami 2
Story: The Witcher 3
Digital only: Rocket league
PSN freebie: Transistor
Multiplayer: Helldivers
Most anticipated: Dark Souls 3
Studio: From

Do you even Rocket League?

Best Expansion, for me, was Hearts of Stone. The fantastic Olgierd alone, what a faceted character, makes it a great experience.

Rocket League just bores me. People going crazy about Rocket League just bore me. But then again, most multiplayer just bores me. The ‘something different’ of Divinity gets my vote there.

To decide about Dying Light as best game, it should at least get released here. Ad absurdum for the whole list of choices, if it includes unreleased titles.

I know not many people agree but I hope dying light and techland win an award


I’m still waiting for an enciting sale on that one.. Not a fan of their previous work but this one looks better.

I find it weird you listed Steins;Gate as a default answer for several categories but didn’t have it as a default answer for “Best Story”.

Persona 5 is by far my most anticipated game (And because of that I am a little disappoint that it isn’t one of the default answers)

Surely you don’t think that SCEE team wasted their precious time on japanese game? I really doubt that any of them actualy played Steins;Gate.

I mean… INDIES! That’s what everyone on planet ever wanted. SCEE know it more than everyone else.


Oof, huge toss up between Oreshika and Toukiden: Kawaii, for me…

Clairvoyant_666 19 December, 2015 @ 04:29

Best PS4 – Fallout 4
Best Story – Until Dawn
Best Soudntrack – Rock Band 4
Best Plus Game – GOW Ascension
Best Studio – Bethesda
Most Anticipated – Deus Ex MD

Best Soundtrack – Rocket League. It should have been an option without having to choose Other.

Megadimension Neptunia VII is in the wrong category, it should be in the most anticipated section rather than best PS4 game as it isn’t released until February.

FatPrincess2015 19 December, 2015 @ 06:55

Fat Princess Adventures for best multiplayer, obviously.

Best ps vita game is Soul Sacrifice Delta . How did u miss it ?

How come you missed that it was released in 2014 not in 2015.

StonecoldSAS1mgs 19 December, 2015 @ 08:50

Batman Arkham Knight is GOTY for me. Gameplay is so damn good. Has an exciting story and the soundtrack pretty rad. Yeah the story dlc (released so far) could have been better.

Ishan_The_King 19 December, 2015 @ 09:08

What insolence is this! Why is Uncharted 4 not a nominee for Most Anticipated of 2016?


See above ;)

Best PS4 – Witcher 3
Best Story – Witcher 3
Best Soudntrack – Fallout 4
Best Plus Game – Valiant hearts
Best Digital only – Super meat Boy
Best Expansion – The Taken King
Best Studio – CD project Red
Most Anticipated – Horizon

Had some good times this year, most recently with Shadow of Mordor. What a great game that I skipped.


Agree with you on best studio. From their approach to dlc, the qualite of the first paid expansion, the after launch support of Witcher 3 and the overall awesomeness that is Witcher 3. There were some hiccups, but they have been acknowledged, addressed and dealt with. Other studios should take that as an example. Publishers, too.


I’m disappointed that I had to write in Kick & Fennick as “Other” in the Best Vita game category. It should have been a part of the list. It’s one of the best games on the system and a literal exclusive.

Bloodborne for Game of the Year.

Until dawn GOTY


As for Uncharted 4, I honestly hope Nathan Drake will die horrible death. With his eye gauged out and knees shattered. I see him screaming in agony for minutes, backstabbed by Sully. Left alone, despised by everyone.
I really think he deserves it. To think I’ve wasted 30 euros for his crappy adventures, what a shame.


And he destroyed all those historical places and is a mass murderer. He’s actually a villain.

Zengamerqwerty 19 December, 2015 @ 10:58

Interesting to see the list of free PS plus games. Most never heard of but a couple that might have even worth getting.


How GTA aint make it

I am having a hard time voting between Black ops 3 and Destiny! What do you think is better?




Yakuza games filled in half of the polls for me. The rest was taken by Rocket League. Pity we couldn’t add some “worthy mentions” to the polls – Tearaway, Oreshika, Danganronpa, Superbeat, Murasaki, FF14… many of those were in my mind while choosing the aforementioned.

You shouldn’t list all the ps plus games in one place. I didn’t realise how crap the service has become until seeing this list and the fact that i havent even tried a single one of the free games from the past year (excluding those like mass effect 2 that are unbelievably old).

Sigh maybe i should give up hope that sony will start caring about ps plus users like the good old days…

Bloodborne took my GOTY, best OST, and best expansion.
Game is unbelievably amazing. 10/10

It’s all about bloodborne this year, it will win all awards so hurry up and get bloodborne 2 out to us and then u can win the awards next year then. BLOODBORNE IS THE TITLE OF THE PLAYSTATIONS LIFE!!! Do not underestimate the power of the HUNT, I loved it

PlayStation plus. I agree terarded Sony forgot about us plus users as soon as we all started to pay for it.


PS3 games on ps4 plz

The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are the only valid reasons to own a PS4 right now, and after two years of existence that doesn’t make a particularly standout game library.


Utter nonsense

This guys more LAMER than Gamer!! :s

Elijo compañía del año a cd Project red porque así se hacen las cosas un juegazo espectacular y encima casi todos los DLC son gratuitos escuchan a los compradores osea nosotros y ponen un DLC que hay que pasar por caja que calidad durabilidad y precio es muy asequible así se hacen las cosas tomen nota señores de Sony


Most anticipated 2016 is without a doubt uncharted 4 for me, best story for me was until dawn I enjoyed that game.


Ow yea, kinda forgot about Until dawn. Really enjoyed that story the first time although I found it really boring the second time around.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 best multiplayer ofc. And worst game ever Destiny


Not sure if serious :p


thats just you’re opinion , dont state it as a fact

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