What were PlayStation developers’ favourite gaming moments of 2015?

Key creators tell us about their highlights of the past 12 months

As you’ll likely be aware, we’re in the process of finding out which games you all enjoyed most in 2015, via our annual Game of the Year polls – a process which should provide a pretty accurate snapshot at where the PlayStation community’s head is at after a busy year of gaming.

However, what about the developers; the hard-working folk who stoke the flames of our beloved pastime? What fired their creative synapses this year?

It’s rather less scientific than a democratic vote, but I got in touch with a number of key PlayStation developers to find out about their stand-out gaming moments of the past 12 months. Have a read below, feel free to share your own highlights in the comments, and then come back tomorrow to find out what the same group of developers are excited for in 2016.

Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director (Driveclub), Evolution Studios

“The Gothic city of Yharnam in Bloodborne is my most memorable gaming memory of the year. The combination of complex interweaving routes, devious enemy placement and beauty in the darkness really set this apart as a stand-out location. One that I’ve recently had the absolute pleasure of revisiting for The Old Hunters DLC!”


Aki Raula, Lead Designer (Matterfall); Housemarque

“The stranger-than-strange decisions I had to make in Life is Strange. Powerful and moving choices that really had an impact on me, even days after. No spoilers – just play it.”

Adrian Chmielarz, Creative Director (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), The Astronauts

“Unfortunately, revealing my favorite moment of 2015 would be an awful spoiler. Let’s just say it’s something that happens in the last two hours of Until Dawn, which is my personal game of the year, despite the strong competition from the likes of SOMA, The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

“Until Dawn features one of the best implementations of player choice I have ever seen in a video game, and to me it shows there’s a great future ahead for this type of entertainment.”

Mare Sheppard, Co-founder, Metanet Software (N++)

“Not a specific moment, but the dozens of tragic deaths incurred in The Swindle still linger. Inevitably, when the stakes are high, there will be a flubbed jump, an unfortunate slip, a slightly mis-timed attack, or an otherwise ill-advised move which brings it all crashing down on us — teaching us what not to do, one agonising loss after another.”

Mike Bithell, Founder, Mike Bithell Games (Volume)

Metal Gear Solid V was the source of many of my favourite gaming moments of 2015. Running around in the hills, trying to cut off a patrol, or spending half an hour trying to find a particular goat to attach a balloon to. The emergence of the systems, the way in which you had to adapt on the fly as situations changed, made that game a remarkable experience.”


Tom Jones, Principal Artist (RIGS Mechanized Combat League), Guerrilla Cambridge

“Aside from having some amazing multiplayer experiences in Destiny, my stand out moment was in Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture when one of the character stories ended for the first time. The resulting explosion of lights was so beautifully done, both visually and audibly, that it basically took my breath away!”

Shahid Ahmad, Developer

“If I have to choose a game, it has to be watching colleagues all around me whooping in delight or crying in despair during multi-player sessions of Tricky Towers, which is coming soon to PS4.”

Peter Field, Game Designer (Dreams), Media Molecule

“That moment when you finally work out what’s going on in Sam Barlow’s amazing Her Story. I think I yelped out loud on a very crowded train. It has some great twists and its closing moments are absolutely chilling!”

Simon Harris, Executive Producer (Until Dawn: Rush of Blood), Supermassive Games

“Mine has to be defeating Father Gasgoine in Bloodborne. I’ve piled a bunch of time into all three of the previous titles – Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1 & 2, but with all of them I reached a boss or an area I couldn’t defeat with a few retries and often abandoned them as other games came out and the call of not banging my head against a virtual wall appealed more.

Bloodborne - Father Gascoigne

“With Father Gasgoine, I thought I had hit the same point. Initially I couldn’t get even remotely close to beating him. However, I persevered and eventually beat him, triggering that amazing euphoria which is almost unique to FromSoftware’s titles, of gradually, try-by-try, getting closer and closer and then eventually overcoming the obstacle.

“I have since gone on to beat a significant chunk of the title, but still haven’t finished it, so it’s still on my playlist.”

Thomas Grip, Co-founder, Frictional Games (SOMA)

Until Dawn renewed my faith in the interactive movie genre. This is mostly due to a combination of the ‘anyone can die’ mechanic, along with the ability to anticipate certain outcomes and plan your choices.

“The major problem I normally have with these sorts of games is that I am simply reacting to what is thrown at me, and not given room to use any tactics. But in Until Dawn, I felt that my knowledge of the story was of great use, and that my choices mattered. It is far from perfect, but it showed me as a designer that sometimes just little tweaks to a formula can have huge results.”


Jun Yoshino, Producer (Bloodborne), SCEE

“So many great games came out this year… It’s definitely good to be back roaming around the wastelands of Fallout 4, but as a massive Star Wars fan it has to be taking part in the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars Battlefront. The visuals, audio and the scale just made for a breath-taking experience. Definitely, for me, the gaming highlight of 2015.”

Dominic Matthews, Product Development Manager (Hellblade), Ninja Theory

“As a Englishman born in 1984, walking into the countryside village of Yaughton for the first time in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture was a special moment. I felt like I was walking into my childhood. It’s fantastic that The Chinese Room were given the chance to make a creatively risky game and, in my opinion, they totally nailed it.”

Pekka Kujansuu, Gameplay Programmer (Alienation), Housemarque

“Defeating the last boss in Bloodborne on my first try was an amazing moment of triumph in such a difficult game.”

Brynley Gibson, Executive Producer (PlayStation VR), SCE London Studio

“The key gaming moment for me has to be Destiny: The Taken King. This is where that game really started to deliver on the promise of what it set out to be. It was simply better across the board, ate my life and, man, did I become obsessed with opening chests on the Dreadnought.”


Rex Crowle, Lead Creator (Tearaway Unfolded), Media Molecule

“So my gaming moment of the year is (and I’m trying to not to spoil anything here) a scene from Life Is Strange, where I tried to save someone from dying, and failed. Probably most of the games I played this year involved having to save characters at some point, but during Life Is Strange was the only time I failed to do so and really felt it. I couldn’t just have another attempt, the scene didn’t restart, the game continued with the aftermath. And I had to deal with that loss, just like all the other characters in the game.”

“My other memorable moment was right at the start of Fallout 4 when I found Dogmeat at the truck stop, I love the Fallout games and finding my trusty canine companion felt like settling right back into that world with an old friend.”


Dylan Cuthbert, Founder, Q-Games (The Tomorrow Children)

Bloodborne of course! Every boss battle is a memorable gaming moment but I particularly liked the moment I first took down one of those big heavy fat guys in the first town.”

Simon Bennett, Co-founder, Roll7 (OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood)

“For me it was the moment I beat John (our Creative Director and game beast) at Rocket League with a flying goal. A simple but awesome pleasure…”


Luke Borrett, Producer (Hatoful Boyfriend), Mediatonic

“It’s a tonally contradictory toss-up between beating Ludwig in the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC and nailing a song perfectly in Persona 4 Dancing All Night. Two very different experiences, resulting in similarly crushing failure, followed by the giddy exhilaration of success. Who knew demon slaying and throwing J-pop fuelled shapes had so much in common?”

Matt Birch, Founder, Heavy Spectrum (Shadow of the Beast)

“It’s been a great year to be a gamer. I remember playing The Order 1886, being blown away by the fidelity of the graphics, and really enjoying the sequence where you take over the airship.

“I also loved playing Batman Arkham Knight and the clever way the game narrated to you. Anyone who’s played it will know what I mean!

“I also had some lovely moments with smaller titles. I found Toren a really lovable experience and found myself captivated by the unique atmosphere in Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture.”


Corey Davis, Design Director, Psyonix (Rocket League)

“The Shadows of Yharnam boss fight in Bloodborne. You end up fighting three bosses at once, plus giant snakes that emerge from the ground. It made excellent use of the mobility built into Bloodborne’s combat.

“With every good game like that — the Souls series, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, etc. – there’s a fight that makes you feel like you’ve achieved some really satisfying level of mastery over the combat system. Shadows of Yharnam was that moment for me in Bloodborne.”

Nathan Vella, Co-founder, Capybara Games (Super Time Force Ultra)

“A short while ago I attended PlayStation Experience 2015 in San Francisco and was lucky enough to be given a shot at playing Rez Infinite wearing the full body vibration suit. Rez by itself is amazing. Rez in VR is wonderful. Rez in VR wearing a suit that provides intense vibration feedback tied directly to the game, its interactions and its music? Now that’s damn memorable. Just look at me!”

Nathan Vella

Masaaki Yamagiwa, Producer (Bloodborne), SCE Japan Studio

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt released in the same year as Bloodborne and is also a huge RPG title. It’s made so very well that you are just completely immersed in its world. Also, the free post-release DLC made me feel that the developer really wants the best for the players and wants them to enjoy the game as much as possible. It gave me an impression that the developers are really working for the player’s enjoyment and I admire that so much.”


Alex Perry, QA Technician (Dreams), Media Molecule

“The big gaming moment for me was being able to load up Tearaway Unfolded at home on my own PS4 with a friend and seeing how beautiful it was out in the real world, having spent so much time with it in development. That was super-exciting to experience with a fresh pair of eyes.

Did you enjoy this?


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LordRastan 29 December, 2015 @ 2:19 pm   1

Hi Fred! first of all, happy new year for you and all the sce blog team!!!
now to the point 😉 when we will know the IGC games for january?

Thanks for your answer!!!


    Yeah, i hope they get announced soon. Won’t buy anything in the sale before the announcement, i had a pretty negative experience with that..


    @bioxz. Would you like to talk about it laying down on your couch?

    Mardolina 29 December, 2015 @ 5:12 pm    

    Someone (Fred or Chris) said on the blog last week that it should be today…but yeah…


    Most likely tomorrow and i bet that one of the ps4 titles will be Hardware Rivals since it will be released at the same day as ps+ games are available and few people were interested in the beta so i guess they (devs) will try their luck with ps +.

    Mojo__Man 29 December, 2015 @ 7:08 pm    

    I’m gonna take a guess at Grim Fandango.


    Don’t take iARDAs up on his offer – he is a well-known teabagger…


    That’s why I prefer my tea loose. No Baggins, ummm, bagging involved.

    StevenJamesHyde 30 December, 2015 @ 8:54 am    

    Hardware Rivals and Grim Fandango confirmed, just got an email


    I must have psychic talents!

    Unfortunately I already bought Grim Fandango.

    RodrigoSharingan 30 December, 2015 @ 12:23 pm    

    Why do you want to know? Its gonna be a awful selection like everytime. Sony allready has the money so, why care about us?

gerneric123 29 December, 2015 @ 2:29 pm   2

I loved it when your boss said Vita owners should suck rocks if hey ever expected the company that made the machine to support it with games. Did I say loved? I meant loathed.

    LordRastan 29 December, 2015 @ 2:43 pm    

    Yeah, such a waste of potential, when they announced gravity rush 2 on ps4… well… it still hurts, they should use the gravity 1 engine to provide us some prequel, spin-off, whatever… I own ps4, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever buy gr2…. maybe second handed, but not in any way sony could receive directly my money… that’s the only way I have of contestation… (well, and internet trolling….)

    Im sure you, sce guys, know it, but, PLEEEEASEEEE!!!! support vita… it stills has more than enough power to be the greatest hand held ever, it only needs games, gtas, god of war, fps, tps…. anything from A to AAA not only indies…

    LordRastan 29 December, 2015 @ 2:51 pm    

    by the way, thats something I can’t understand, sony made some great engines for vita: Sly thieves in time, uncharted, tearaway, gravity rush, wipeout, unit 13, and above all of them: killzone…. but there are not new games taking advantage of this fantastic engines… that’s a total waste of resources… how difficult could it be to use the engine and add some new maps and silly history to cast a new killzone mercenary “the lost contracts”?, modders around the world are making it all the time on pc… I really can’t understand… and, meanwhile, your resources wasting on VR, wich will be a fail like kinnect, move, virtual boy, and all the other nonsensenses from the past… when the oculus bubbule burst, you will have a 400€ add on filling your warehouses….


My favorite gaming moment of 2015 was everytime I teabagged someone I killed in any FPS games I played online.

Completing Advanced warfare on every difficult setting.

PS4 – getting to play these games

2013 Killzone Shadow Fall
2014 Dragon Age Inquisition
2015 Metal Gear Solid V

2016 will inevitably be Horizon or Mass Effect Andromeda. Gogogo

    Amerianness 29 December, 2015 @ 4:53 pm    

    I was excited for Mass Effect until their racist as all heck gameplay designer posted this

    I won’t be buying anything that this guy is involved in ever again.


    @amerianness, thank you for that. I had no idea that people working on Mass Effect Andromeda were so racist, I won’t be buying this either. Absolutely disgusting, Bioware and EA should be ashamed of themselves. I will be sharing this with everyone I know, I know quite a few fans of the series like myself that would not be so pleased to see such blatant racism and will boycott this aswell.


    Am I missing something? I don’t see anything overly racist about him making fun of the former Canadian Prime Minister who was a Racist and damaged the Canadian economy.


    I’ll buy it to support the non-racists working on it. I know it’s probably a very small team, only about 30 minutes worth of closing credits, but heck, there has to be someone who could throw the first stone.

    Wow I can’t believe that you wouldn’t buy the game because of that. I mean how much of a [DELETED] do you have to be, for this to offend you? Jess Christ you guys need some help.


My favorite gaming moment was when you raised the price of the Bloodborne DLC after announcing it at a lower price and didn’t have the common courtesy to issue an apology for it.

    paul-p1988 29 December, 2015 @ 8:19 pm    

    And don’t forget the moment when they announced Yakuza 5 would be £29.99 but went live at £32.99, they seem to be making a habit of this!


    Mine too. Or more specifically – watching people whinging about it and then buying the damn thing anyway.


    @Tolq, got any examples of people that did that?…

    RodrigoSharingan 30 December, 2015 @ 12:18 pm    

    Never forget. Im still discusted about how Sony treats us.

dieselakita 29 December, 2015 @ 5:59 pm   7

my favourite moment was a pretty long one the whole of bloodborne to be exact the best game or should that be moment of anything ive ever played

Lunastra78 29 December, 2015 @ 6:07 pm   8

Bloodborne: Seeing the previously invisible Amygdala for the first time. The whole game was filled with memorable moments though.

Hotline Miami 2: Getting a good combo going whilst listening to Carpenter Brut’s Rollemobster

Soma: The amazing underwater sections, especially the abyss. Another game with lots of moments.

Planetside 2: Killing other players as the Predator (Infiltrator class) and Robocop (Max class)


My favorite was finding out the pluss games each month .The digital sales as well ,god the made me and my friends laugh till are bellys hurt ,thanks for the jokes sony .”for the players ” oh god stop my bellys killing me .

    ask_the_lonely 29 December, 2015 @ 8:14 pm    

    Lol, this – me too. The ‘two for one’ sale was criminal. They boosted the price of games to make the sale totally irrelevant. Games that used to be $59.99 NZD shot all the way up to $89.99. Despicable.


    They did that, yeah, that’s really bad. Ridiculous. But they also lowered some prices a bit. I took the deal for Divinity and Until Dawn and am not disappointed, sir, especially after seeing Divinity went back up to 54,99€. If I’d taken Blood Bowl 2 or Saints Row 4 or UFC, for example, I’d be ashamed of myself. But nah, I’m good.

madmanwithabox12 29 December, 2015 @ 8:52 pm   10

“nailing a song perfectly in Persona 4 Dancing All Night.”

Luke Borrett knows what’s up. There is no greater feeling.

I have to agree with Mike Bithell, MGSV is a masterclass in incredible gameplay.

Also shouldn’t the Persona 4 Dancing All Night link work?


    Still on the fence if P4DAN is able to scratch my Persona 5 itch.

    madmanwithabox12 30 December, 2015 @ 7:23 pm    

    Totally worth it dude, it’s tonnes of fun. Especially if you liked P4G. I got it at launch and keep coming back to beat my scores and unlock everything.


Firing up my PS4 for the first time was a decent moment. Having my controller talk to me when I played Transistor. The ending of “Ethan Carter”. The first sunset in Witcher 3. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition reminding me of how I put hours upon hours into Ultima VII Part 2 – Serpent Isle. Ah, fun times.


Good luck

FlatericUK 30 December, 2015 @ 9:30 am   13

PS4 PS Plus in Jan.
Grim Fandango and Hardware Rivals


    How odd that they have totally ignored PS3 and VITA. I wonder if they have dropped them now from PS+.

    Expect it to kick off in a big way if so!

    StevenJamesHyde 30 December, 2015 @ 10:34 am    

    Unlikely… the blog posts, emails and youtube videos for the last couple of months have only highlighted the PS4 titles, but the PS3 and Vita offerings have still been there. Last month’s PS3 games were the best in ages, I thought


    Ah ok then, thats good.

    Rumours on the grapevine are suggesting Borderlands2 for Vita. I hope that is true!

    LordRastan 30 December, 2015 @ 10:54 am    

    uff… when they get the fast lane can’t stop them… another graphic adventure… uff… at least I could play it on vita… If the rumours are right, I will sell my borderlands right away… it gets playable, but barely, and having on plus is more than enough for me

    RodrigoSharingan 30 December, 2015 @ 12:20 pm    

    More rice then… The only way he are getting anything better is by not buying PS+ anymore.


    I do like adventure games, but we have King’s Quest this month, had Broken Age and TWD just recently, it’s the same as with those blasted platformers before that, one after a-friggin’-other, no diversity. And those remakes, bah, I played King’s Quest when I was a wee boy, played Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, etc. If they’d at least remake The Dig, but nooo, that’s not a funny title.

    Oh, I’m ranting again.

    By the way, does anyone actually care about Hardware Rivals? I don’t get why I should.

To developers. If Seamless expanding world’s like minecraft, crew,and streetfighter are the future, when updated few times couldn’t you give a compression update now and then, 500 gb really isn’t much.

What I mean by Seamless. game that do not do add on like getting a second disc with an intiely new map totally separate to the game, very dated. Games like dying light and assassin creed. Good games throw. If a game gets extended it should be an extension of the exsisting map, if its not possible for some reason?, then it should be more missions on exsisting map. Open world games have so many ways it’s simple routing route a different way to a different destination. Ther space that don’t get used on exsisting maps through story. GT5 is a good example in my view, An alternative if a problem should be random mission generator.

nulenvoid 31 December, 2015 @ 2:02 am   16

This was a good read, always nice to get a feel for developer interests and especially Masaaki’s reasonings for his moment, makes you feel like supporting developers like this who come across genuinely interested in their craft as opposed to monetising every aspect of their fan base like they’re a brain dead revenue stream.

Much respect.

Shake1494 2 January, 2016 @ 2:50 pm   17

Battling Sahelanthropus.