New Killzone Visual Design book celebrates 15 years of Guerrilla’s FPS series

Pre-orders are open now ahead of its 1st February launch

We are very proud to present Killzone Visual Design, a comprehensive art book celebrating 15-years of visual design history of the Killzone series. The book is published by the digital art experts at Cook & Becker and explores the richness of the Killzone game world in colorful detail.

We sat down with key artists of our studio and asked them about some key moments and anecdotes of those 15 years.

Art Director Roy Postma, was one of the first artists to work on the original Killzone. He is quick to point out that the aesthetic of its main antagonists didn’t just spring into existence fully formed.

“The whole look of the Helghast is something that really evolved over time,” he explains. “We went through a lot of history and photo books to gather inspiration and reference materials for our enemy character.

“We didn’t set out to create the most iconic look possible – it was more like, okay, how can we make this menacing, sort-of functional, believable character.”

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One of the key things when looking at Killzone are the glowing red eyes of the Helghast. This wasn’t a style decision from day one – the red-eyes came into play after a game tester complained that it was difficult to spot the Helghast against dark backdrops.

“It doesn’t seem very camouflage-worthy,” Studio Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek notes, “but the eyes were only added after the game was in development, and we quickly realised it made the game much easier to play.”

Lead Visual Designer Roland IJzermans recounts the example of the vehicle chase over the Helghan ice fields from Killzone 3.

“The sequence just so happened to be in development while it was winter time in the Netherlands,” he says.

“I went out and I saw these ice skaters out on the lakes, and I thought that was a magnificent view, so I tried to redesign one of those into something that matched the Killzone universe.”

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But when he presented his initial designs to the Art Director, it took all of a minute for the idea to be shot down.

“He was like, whoa, is this Helghast? This isn’t Helghast!”

Roland realised the Art Director was right – Helghast machines were typically designed as overpowered, opting to tear through nature rather than sail harmlessly over it.

“So I sat down with that given information and we came up with the Ice Saw,” he says. “It was a much bigger, much more robust vehicle with chainsaw caterpillar tracks that tore into the ice. Suffice to say it quickly made it into the game.”

Killzone Visual Design is filled with lavish full-colour spreads, and insightful comments and anecdotes from Guerrilla’s own visual design artists. It’s a must-have for Killzone fans and visual design aficionados alike. The book is slated for a 1st February, 2016 release – you can pre-order your copy from the PlayStation Gear store today!

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Well I’d like a killzone mercenary 2 for vita…. Art books are ok, but we miss some great games also…

ummagummachild 18 January, 2016 @ 15:27

Well said….we definitely want KZM2.

theo_andravida 18 January, 2016 @ 15:34

I would definately buy Killzone Mercenary 2 on my Vita! And do something about the matchmaking. I was trying for half an hour to join a friend with 7 hour timezone difference and the game wasnt showing, or if it did at times, it just wouldnt connect. Its reallly fristrating. I cant join a lot of my friends! Fix it!

More of a PSGear store question than anything – but are previous items (which I had ordered) that are no longer listed on the store ever going to be on the store again? I ordered the “Double Life” tshirt and the Vintage tshirt (in blue… or maybe green, cant remember for sure), both were ordered successfully, then checking the email said on backorder. I ordered both in September, chased up in December to be told by MyPlay Direct that they don’t know if they will be getting these items in and they cancelled my orders for both.

Any idea if either of these (Double Life or vintage tshirt) will be available at all? Seeing previous Blog comments, numerous people ordered the items (which said were in stock and available for next day shipping) and yet never received them

zalwelgoedgaan 18 January, 2016 @ 15:28

Here’s a clip from the Killzone anime:


My favorite shooter series next to Battlefield. Hope to see it make a comeback on ps4.

Pre-ordered the Limited Edition & I can’t wait!!!!

Time for a Killzone VR (1-2-3) Collection

Helghast designs are inspired by the Kerberos Panzer Protect Gear from the long running Kerberos Saga created by Mamoru Oshii.

Highly recommened people search online for details and watch the films.

€50? Worth it :D

€130 for the LE…hmm…dang gota think about it.

FallingStickman 19 January, 2016 @ 09:17

I’ll think about it. Maybe I’ll finally find out how the Helghans got their hair back….

Just take my money already…

That being said though, with the limited edition only being subject to 1,000 prints, it would have been nice for those to have been signed by the artists and/or the Gorilla Team as it’ll only be us diehard KillZone fans who would buy it with the extra cost to the standard edition.

Very interested in this but I was somewhat surprised by the price. Will certainly have to leave the Ltd. Edition at £95, decision to be made on the regular edition…

Is this something that will remain on sale or is the regular edition also in limited supply?

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