Couch co-op hit Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime comes to PS4 in February

Asteroid Base’s acclaimed intergalactic adventure launches on 9th February

We’re super excited to announce that the critically acclaimed Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, this console generation’s best couch co-op experience (in our totally unbiased opinion), is coming to PS4 on 9th February! Hooray!

Team up with a friend (or a pet space-cat in 1P mode) and take control of a huge space battleship, dashing between turrets, engines, shields and super-weapons to battle the evil forces of Anti-Love, rescue kidnapped space-bunnies, and avoid a vacuumy demise. The League Of Very Empathetic Rescue Spacenauts (LOVERS) is depending on you!


Did we mention that Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is releasing just in time for Valentine’s Day? If you have a significant other, we recommend staying in this Valentine’s Day, sitting on the couch and arguing over who has the shield, fighting over the captain’s chair, and screaming “OMG, what is that? Run!” After all, nothing says “love” like a barrage of missiles exploding into a giant robotic space beetle.

But wait! Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is NOT just for lovers – you can partner and play with just about anyone. The PS4 version includes new difficulty modes to accommodate even more player skill levels, so you can explore the colorful but dangerous galaxy with your friends, roommates, siblings, parents, children, strangers, acquaintances, grandparents, and even your space-cat. Lovers harkens back to the awesome couch co-op adventures we all had as kids, but updated with 1080p neon and 200% more cosmic buzzsaws. The fate of your battleship depends on both players at all times — and nobody gets left behind.


For those of you out there who want to take on the challenge of piloting the ship yourself in 1-Player mode, don’t worry because we also have you covered. Team up with an AI controlled space-dog named Doppler or a space-cat named Kepler. Command your space-pet to use the stations in order to keep your ship safe. They’re better than you at just about everything except flying… because who in their right mind would let a dog fly a ship?

Deep space is a dangerous place, but you don’t have to face it alone!


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Great news! Looking forward to it!



Looks cool, any chance of a Vita version??


Thanks! But Vita is not on our roadmap at the moment.

Looks like this game is not on my roadmap either.





Oh wow this looks like such a great game! Definetly something i want to play with a friend.

The only problem though we aren’t lovers…bit poorly chosen name tbh, not sure if want to share this trophy list with said guy and this looks abit too complicated to play with my GF :(


Are you trying to tell us that you and your friend are not part of The League Of Very Empathetic Rescue Spacenauts?


hahaaha made me laugh at least ;)!

Hi there! The game looks totally rad, will definitely shred it with my bromance buddy )) Yet, does the game supports online coop?

Thanx :D

Please come to VITA, please come to VITA, please come to VITA…

Jeez, you vita port beggars are the worst. clog every indie game thread with the same drivvle. Its a couch coop game. Good luck waiting for that. Sony aren’t Interested in vita it so why would a dev of a couch coop game that has to put serious dosh into making a port be? Just think about that for a sec.


Beggars? Beggars!!??

First of all, I buy pretty much every new indie game that comes to Vita. That’s ‘BUY’, not ‘BEG’. Secondly, fellow co-op themed title, Towerfall Ascension – with its admittedly limited single player campaign – suits me fine on Vita, and, with its AI controlled pet system, the single player side of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime would do likewise!

Though quite why I’m justifying myself to you, I don’t know.

PS, I’ll still be buying this on PS4, but I’d love it EVEN MORE on my VITA!

Nice! I’ve been waiting for a nice new couch co-op game to play with my girlfriend. This seems great.

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