Hit pirate sim Pixel Piracy sets a course for PlayStation 4

Take to the high seas in Quadro Delta’s acclaimed adventure

We’re thrilled to be bringing Pixel Piracy to PlayStation 4, alongside 505 Games and Re-Logic. Abstraction Games have done an awesome job bringing our PC indie hit to console and we’re grateful to have them all as part of our pirate crew!

I actually wanted to get in to games because I saw that Andrew Spinks (from Relogic and Terraria fame) had been in the military and had changed his life to pursue his dreams. Likewise I was stuck in the army on the Jordanian/Iraq border getting mortared daily and thought that there was more to life than that! Andrew really inspired me to grab my dreams, turn my life around, and make them happen. It’s funny how things turn out, because Re-Logic published the game when we were ready to launch on PC, so my dreams came utterly true!

Lonely Pirate Board herCannon Attack
Cannon Attack
Board her

My life changed when I met Vitali Kirpu, an insanely talented one man band developer, who had this awesome game demo which ultimately became Pixel Piracy… and the rest is history. Over time we’ve added more folks to the Pixel team and added a ton of new content to the game, making it the deepest open world Pirate RPG sim there ever did live!

The great thing for console players is that they get all of the major PC update content already baked into the launch version. We’ve partnered with 505 Games on the console launch – it made such a perfect fit given their work on getting Terraria out to the masses on console. They’ve done a great job with Abstraction to make improvements to the UI and to make sure the console controls are nailed, and giving it the all-round piratey polish it needed to bring it to PlayStation.

Lonely Pirate 

If you like pirates – this is the game for you! If you like the sound of recruiting a motley crew and sailing the seven seas in search of booty, other pirate crews to kill, chasing chickens, building your ship block by block, cleaning the poop deck, boarding enemy ships, then jump aboard!

Ship BuildingShip Parts
Crew ManagementCharacter equipement
Ship Parts
Crew Management

It also has this wonderful pixel look – the title gives that away J – but don’t be fooled, this is a really deeply-layered RPG simulation that rewards time spent and exploration. Our pirate dudes are only a few pixels high but they are cheeky and deadly in equal measure!

Let us know what you think – or otherwise you might be the next to the walk the plank!

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You had me at “open world Pirate RPG”!

You lost me at “pixel”

AmorousBadger1 22 January, 2016 @ 07:13

Oh man, if only it was mostly brown and had a self-consciously macho title, then Andy would buy it.


So. No Vita?

Vita? Where are you?

I’d buy this. For my Vita. PS4? Maybe it’s just me but I can’t stand looking at these kinds of games from a big screen TV. It just annoys me and my eyes.

100% agree (and remote play does NOT cut it) – this kind of game is ideal for the Vita; not a large TV…

Let me also chime in for a Vita version^^ although this looks cool enough to pick up in during a good sale at some point. Good luck with your game!

I’d buy it for the Vita.

Every indie should be crossbuy with vita. So no vita no buy.

AmorousBadger1 21 January, 2016 @ 21:37

LOVE Terraria. When can I give these people my money?

AmorousBadger1 21 January, 2016 @ 22:23

And what’s the likely cost to be?


Re-Digit isn’t the developer of this. They’re just in partnership.

It’s been pennies on the PC (in so many bundles) – so probably £50 on PS4

Seriously?! You would decide not to play a game because the graphics are made of pixels rather than polygons? If that is the case, I feel truly sorry for you.

AmorousBadger1 22 January, 2016 @ 07:14

He was hoping for it to be more brown and have more macho dudes who are ‘in the military’ in it.


Yeah, great, now smash us with the £18.99 price tag

This one I’ll wait to come out for a few days before deciding if I’ll purchase it or not, since the PC version has / had lots of FPS issues with extensive play / big ships battles, among other problems.


Would genuinely love this on VITA! Not so sure about PS4, though.

nukualofaperson 22 January, 2016 @ 13:02

I love the look of this. Think I might buy it.


I’m beginning to wish there was a separate blog for vita, it’s constant from you guys, get on Twitter and ask the developer directly!


#1 – This is a PlayStation Blog, for all PlayStation branded products. We have as much right to comment on a post as anyone else that logs in and posts, even those posting disdain for others.

#2 – If you owned a Vita, you’d understand.

#3 – Usually developers hang around on their posts and answer comments directly. So you can’t blame people for asking.

#4 – This game looks perfectly suited to the Vita, perhaps more so than the incredibly more powerful PS4. That gets more support.



LieutenantFatman 25 January, 2016 @ 22:44

I’ll definitely be buying this when it comes to the Vita.

ziggy-mandias 26 January, 2016 @ 09:28

I’d of rather a version of Tiny Death Star personally. ….. seems interesting this though it would like be a wait for a PSPlus release as there are far too many other games to play for me.


You_Better_Hide 15 February, 2016 @ 10:35

So when is it coming out? Apparently the 16th on the USA store… so when do we get it?
Also, is it coming to Australian PSN?

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