New King of Fighters XIV roster details revealed

K', Benimaru Nikaido and Robert Garcia join the action

Since the reveal of our first playable demo of The King of Fighters XIV at PlayStation Experience 2015, we know a lot of fans have been starving for more information. In line with the recent Taipei Game Show, the dev team is pleased to detail our latest character reveals!

I’m happy to let the PlayStation Nation know that fan favourite characters K’, Benimaru Nikaido and Robert Garcia will be returning to the ring in King of Fighters XIV’s massive roster of 50 characters.

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

Benimaru Nikaido

First debuting as an original King of Fighters character in ’94’s Japan Team, along with his distinct hairstyle, Benimaru “The Shooting Star” Nikaido is known to be one of the most flamboyant characters in the KOF Universe. His lightning powers will make him a formidable opponent against any rival!

Robert Garcia

A classic Art of Fighting Team member, this memorable latin lover of powerful kicks returns to KOF once again! A suave practitioner of Kyokugen-ryu Karate (and Osaka-dialect, hehe), his lavish style is sure to attract many players.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

K’ (kei-dash)

Protagonist of the “NESTS Saga” (KOF ’99~2001), this dark hero is widely regarded as one of the coolest, most popular characters in the KOF Series. Along with Kula Diamond, be sure to watch out for their fire and ice!

Creator’s Comment — Lead Game Designer, Yuji Watanabe:
For the latest three characters we’ve announced, the team has been adding some brand new Special Moves and bringing back some of the classic ones as well! Please look forward to a finely-crafted move list later this year.


Although the dev team is buckled down, currently working hard to provide a new installment both fans and new players will be very satisfied with, please be sure to let us know what future events and venues you would like to see King of Fighters XIV playable at throughout 2016!

I’m sorry I cannot reveal more exciting information at this time, but please look forward to more King of Fighters XIV character announcements in the near future!

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0 Author replies

check my avatar and guess if i’m gonna buy this???

zalwelgoedgaan 29 January, 2016 @ 16:17

YES! We must buy this game! There are so many characters that I want to try out and they only revealed 13 of them so far! X_X

Mine is better :p

Release date?

No one on one option, why?

zalwelgoedgaan 29 January, 2016 @ 18:31

Every KOF game has a 1 vs. 1 option, don’t worry.

Kula Diamond and Kyo are in, so i’m 100% sold,

AlucardTepes_DE 02 February, 2016 @ 12:53

Same, specially I’m also pleased they brought back Angela.

Bring back my girl Vanessa!

Sad there’s only one kof game I could rock my Jenet/Vanessa/Liz team :(

This has really been an interesting ride. The game didn’t look good at all at first but it has slowly but surely been improving. Gone are the days of the most beautiful pixels but if still have the best system I’ll be there day 1…actually I’ll still be there day 1. It’s a new KoF I have to at least try it :)


Happy to see more of the old faces (and new clothes for Benimaru and Robert. When will K’ get a revamp though?)

50 characters means they’ll be some welcome returnees but if Ramon, Yashiro, Yamazaki, Geese, Blue Mary, Hotaru and Xiangfei can show up again I’d be highly pleased.

Bringing the game to any major event in the UK (London or Manchester) in 2016 would be most welcome and I’ll make the trip.

Is Rugal Bernstein In this game? I love him In the series and he was great as a final boss :)

Not a fan of the art style, but still optomistic.

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