10 things you probably didn’t know about DiRT Rally, coming soon to PS4

Codemasters prep the latest entry in the popular racing series

Hi my name is Paul Coleman. I’m the Chief Games Designer on DiRT Rally and I’m also a rally co driver when I’m not making games. DiRT Rally is a labour of love for me and the development team and our passionate community has been very vocal in their requests for us to release the game on PlayStation 4. So I’m incredibly excited that we’re bringing DiRT Rally to PS4 in April and you can all start setting those leaderboard topping stage times. Sony has made a big push to target core players on PS4 and that’s exactly what we have done with DiRT Rally. I hope you enjoy it.


Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about DiRT Rally:

  1. We record the co driver calls live in a D-Box motion seat while the stage is being driven. This maximises the sense of speed and impact in the co driver’s voice. We even use a Stilo crash helmet and intercom system to make sure that the recording sounds as authentic as possible.
  2. Our level design team have had their fair share of adventures while away on their research trips. They’ve trodden on tarantula nests, been bitten by hornets and have even been chased by angry Finnish farmers brandishing pitchforks.
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  4. Our vehicle artists go into so much detail when they are modelling the vehicle interiors that they even capture the hand and finger prints that are left by the vehicle owners.
  5. We have a selection of special Daily Events that reference things we teased on social media prior to launch. Keep an eye out for #Mk2Mondays, #ThatCar and #ThrowbackThursday events.
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  7. The WWGFD? Trophy is actually a reference to one of our Community Members called Greg Flinchbaugh. When we were in the early stages of developing DiRT Rally Greg posted an awesome response when we asked “What do you like best about rally?” From that point onwards we always asked ourselves – What would Greg Flinchbaugh do?
  8. Watch out for local wildlife crossing the road on some stages. You can see a fox in Wales, a squirrel in Finland and a moose in Sweden.
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  10. Neil Cole who does the voice over for the Rallycross spotter is actually one of the presenters of the FIA World Rallycross broadcast. He spends most of the race weekend in the spotters tower doing post race interviews.
  11. The driver model in the game is actually Jon Tucker who worked with us as our vehicle handling consultant during the development of DiRT Rally. The co driver model is based on me because I also voice the co driver calls in game.
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  13. One of the working titles for DiRT Rally was DiRT Pulse.
  14. If you look closely you’ll find a queue for one of the toilets in the Sweet Lamb Fan Zone in Wales. We do love queuing in Britain!

DiRT Rally arrives on PS4 on 5th April. Stay tuned for more information as launch approaches.

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heard a lot of positive feedback about this game from the pc community and I’m itching to play a rally game. wrc 5 just doesn’t seem to capture it for me and yu get nothing like this from drive club unfortunately. very excited for this

Hello Paul. I bought it on Steam the day you put in on Early Access. ¿Can I have a copy for free for PS4? Ok, Ok… I know it’s not posible, buy I had to try ;)

Now that the joke has finished, I would like to say that the game is amazing. I think this is the way to go with DIRT series. It’s ok to release arcade-style games like the previous games, but until this game, I didn’t have recent rally simulators. Congratulations on the release.

I won’t buy it again. I already have it on Steam, but the lack of support of my whell (G25) in PS4 is making me buy all racing games on PC, like I did with the recent Sebastian Loeb Rally EVO too. Now you have strong competition, it’s far better simulator that I expected, almost as good as Dirt Rally in the gameplay department (not as good) and with more content. I hope you add more rallies and rallycross tracks to in future game updates.

Why are developers unable to show “gameplay” footage on videos these days? Are game developers embarrassed by what they produce? And before you say “this is game play footage” it is clearly not. I would love to see this game how it will look when I “play” it.

What wheels are supported by DiRT Rally on PlayStation 4?

I want to know this. Won’t be getting it if my t300 isn’t supported.

Just checked the full car list and my all time favorite WRC car ain’t there. I want 206 WRC from the early 2000’s. Long time fan of Codemasters here, i was there in the first Colin McRae game and he was my favorite driver too. He won the Portugal rally championship and it was a memorable and special moment for me. Keep up the good work.


Please tell me this is a sim racer and not some ridge racer, need for speed, outrun style arcade rubbish. I have a G29 and it is screaming out for something other than Project Cars.

Its got the classic Mini in it….so I’m in. The original Colin McRae games are some of my best memories from the old Playstation. I havent played any rally games that were as much fun since so I hope that this is a return to that style of gameplay.

Got this on Pre-order! Loeb was not my cup of tea…

Looks lush, any chance of a demo :D


Ps thanks for the classic mini love, my first car was a mini :)


great news…


Now what to play in the meantime? Perhaps I’ll convince the office to have it on Steam for us to play D:

It’s been a while since I’ve had a rally game and this is looking pretty good so it might be time to get back into the genre.

Been waiting for a real rally game for a very long time on consoles wasn’t a fan of Dirts arcade style rally.

Can’t wait for this! :D

Toilets and squirrels are very cool, but it’s a rare decent rally game and not a single word about physics engine, tire model or wheels compatibility?


I want to see SAAB 96 and 99 in there, these cars were legends back in the day

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