Gravity Rush Remastered swoops onto PS4 this week

Kat is back! Watch the launch trailer here

Hello again, Gravity Rush fans! The wait is finally over — Gravity Rush Remastered launches tomorrow on PS4 (and on 5th Febraury in the UK)! Grab the digital version on PlayStation Store or a physical copy from your retailer of choice.

To commemorate today’s launch, we received a special message from the game’s director, Toyama-san:

I’m so excited that fans around the world will finally be able to experience Kat’s adventures on the big screen!

When I was young I was raised on a variety of games, comics and animation. Gravity Rush Remastered is filled to the brim with that old fashioned flair that Japanese entertainment is known for.

So just like me when I was younger rummaging through comics, I hope you enjoy diving completely into this mysterious world!

Thank you for supporting Gravity Rush Remastered!

On behalf of all of us involved with the Gravity Rush series, thank you very much for all of your patience, kind messages, and support for Gravity Rush Remastered. We hope you enjoy Kat’s adventures in Hekseville on PS4, and we sincerely look forward to sharing more about the Gravity Rush franchise soon.

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It would be nice to see a discount on the Vita DLC to celebrate the release of the PS4 version :)

I own Gravity Rush on Vita. It’s Good. I would download it again if the last update (3.57) hadn’t borked the PS Store. When is that going to get fixed?


Played GR on Vita and fell in love with it. Getting this on release, and GR2 is my most hyped game right now. So nice to see the IP get so much love. Thanks guys.


finished it on vita,no need to rebuy it

Phew, we can all relax now. The most talked about topic online this week has been whether ‘Psyhakiasman2’ would be buying Gravity Rush on the PS4 or not. So glad that’s over, the tension was too great.
Thanks for letting everyone know.


More Kat is always welcomed =)

Does this include all the DLC? If not cross buy would be nice…

It does.

Can’t wait to play it again. It would be a good preparation for Gravity Rush 2.

warensembler83 03 February, 2016 @ 08:06

I started playing it yesterday at midnight :P The comics don’t look as cool as they did on the Vita, but otherwise the game looks and plays great. Looking forward to more Kat action!

Game is sat there preloaded and ready to go, meanwhile I see my US and EU friends playing but I’m locked out until Friday. This archaic practice needs to stop, there is no law or valid reason for this Friday in the UK nonsense, especially with digital content. Absolutely infuriating.


Is the dynamic theme any good?

Couldn’t say mate, just like the game I’m locked out of the theme until Friday even though it’s paid for and installed.


Same here, I was hoping someone from the rest of Europe might know


No soundtrack for Europe in the store?

There are no sound effects when you collect precious gems in the physical PAL version of Gravity Rush Remastered!

If sound effects are important to you then maybe consider getting a digital release…

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