Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta announced, new story trailer debuts

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We’ve been dying to show you more from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – and now’s the time. With this new trailer you will get to know Faith better through glimpses of her amazing journey – from carefree thrill-seeker to true heroine. You’ll also get a taste of what you’ll experience as a Runner: unique free-running and combat in the stunning yet perilous city of Glass.

This is just the beginning. In the upcoming months, you’ll learn more about Faith’s story, the world around her, and the amazing gameplay of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Sign up for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta

Some of you will be able to step into the shoes of Faith before our run towards the 26th May release is complete. We’re happy to announce that a closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming for PlayStation 4, and you can now sign up for a chance to be part of it.

Stay tuned for more info on the closed beta, when it’s coming, and other details.

Sign up for a chance to play the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta

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Trial Run……I see what you did there!


Is the beta region locked ? I do not seem to find a way to bypass the fact that my country is not included in the drop down menu in the region selection during registering… damn , and i wanted to give the game a try :/

Ouch, feel for you :/

Vincent Vukovic 04 February, 2016 @ 21:37

Which country are you in?

Great to see a lot of countries excluded … AGAIN.

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Is Sarkeesian actually involved in this project? Can someone competent tell me?

She’s never been involved, that was just a load of internet hatemongers causing trouble.


My bit now ea do yours and give me a code

When I click I forgot my password or try to create an EA account the page just closes.

Had the same problem. Just go to this site

Ta, I clicked on a link from another news site and it worked perfectly.

Super hyped! We’ve been waiting for the sequel for too long!


Hope this is good because that trailer was great and also EA can you start marketing this game more please because i hardly hear about it but i bet if it fails you’ll complain about low sales.

I loved the first game and the trailer looks great. Signed up for the beta.

First was crap. This will be too. Just stick with battlefield. That’s where the money is.

alice_push_lara2 07 February, 2016 @ 07:50

i would love to play this game in third person perspective
wish there will be an option like GTA 5



When you click register the page just closes?


Also the playstation beta area generally is broken. You are unable to log in as the page says there is an apache bridge error ? Ive emailed tech support but I am waiting to hear back. Wanted to play Tomorrow Children :(!

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