Swashbuckling MOBA Pirates: Treasure Hunters announced for PS4

Sign up for the beta now to get an early taste of the action

We are very excited to finally announce that the game we have been working on for the last two years is going to be released in a few weeks! This game is Pirates: Treasure Hunters. Yes, we love pirates! We read lots of books about pirates! We watch movies about pirates and now we’ve made a game of Pirates.

We have always wanted to create our own universe of pirates, and this game is a totally new and refreshing approach to the genre.

Who has not desired to be a pirate once in their life? Everything in this game has been created to make you feel as though you are the legendary pirate you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s about heroes and legendary warriors that fight for their fate, glory and for the gold in the remote and wild seas. We want you to feel that excitement and become part of our universe.


You will find this game to be a super enjoyable and competitive online experience. We’ve built a number of different, original maps and game modes where you can compete and play cooperatively with your friends, and there’s an amazing league system that supports full e-sports competition.

Pirates: Treasure Hunters is the first MOBA e-sports game specifically created for a console system like PS4. Forget about pointing and click and enjoy a really fast-paced gameplay experience full of possibilities. You can expect lots of different heroes to play with, as well as vehicles and authentic pirate ships with cannons to enjoy true sea battles.

And all of this is for free as our game is a really free-to-play experience. We invite you to come on board! Enlist in the crew now and take part in the beta test!


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You’ve spent 2 years working on yet, another MOBA…

Then you may actually ask yourself this question: “How many MOBA’s are there on consoles?”
Your answer to that question may give you an idea why they made this game. :)
It isn’t hard to think that the console market really doesn’t have many real MOBA’s if any at all. I can’t really think of one at the moment.

You would be right if this was the PC market as it got way too many MOBA’s yet very few of them are actually played by a decent sized community.

This is not to be mean towards you nor your opinion just to give you an idea why it’s not all stupid to make a MOBA for console.


Sound interesting. I’m gonna give it a try.


How long do we have to wait for an Email after singing up? When does the Beta Start?

subbed, where I will receive my ticket for the beta?


Signed up.
Says I we contact you shortly.
Is that a few days, weeks, months (?) What’s shortly.


*Says we should contact you shortly.*

This isn’t a One Piece MOBA though.


I’d play that.


Thanks for the BETA code guys. Will be on tomorrow night for sure! Pity its only 2 hours a day but I will take what i can get XD


When do the servers go live? I just tried to login and apparently they’re down.


The Beta servers are online every day between 18:00 – 20:00 GMT until Sunday 28th February.

Incorrect. The servers are online between 18:00 – 22:00 GMT



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2 hours a day for an online moba that’s really gonna help sort it out guess they don’t wanna put their servers under stress testing lol

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