New on PlayStation Store: Firewatch, Gone Home, Unravel, Dying Light DLC, more

Plus, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Assassin's Creed Chronicles – Russia

There’s an embarrassment of riches on PlayStation Store this week. Where to begin? Lauded exploration adventure Firewatch arrives today, as does charming puzzle adventure Unravel, the acclaimed Gone Home, hip couch co-op romp Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, the third part in the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series, and Dying Light’s The Following expansion.

And that’s to name just a few. See the full list of new releases, and let us know what you’ll be picking up.

PlayStation StoreOut this week






  • Level 22
    11th February

  • Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair
    12th February

  • Megadimension Neptunia VII
    12th February


  • Gone Home
    12th February

*Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edit

  • 9th February: Poland
  • 10th February: Australia, India, New Zeland
  • 11th February: Benelux
  • 12th February: All other regions


  • Level 22
    11th February

  • Arslan: The Warriors of Legend (with bonus)
    12th February


  • We Are Doomed
    9th February

  • Level 22
    11th February

  • Arslan: The Warriors of Legend (with bonus)
    12th February


8th February Releases

  • Naruto Storm 4
  • Season Pass

9th February Releases

  • Dying Light
  • The Following
  • Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
  • Extra mission pack 1
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Chinese New Year Costumes
  • Valentine’s Day Level Kit
  • Primal Carnage: Extinction
  • Flyer Pack 01
  • RockBand 4
  • ‘Dancing With Myself’ – Generation X
  • ‘I Hate Myself For Loving You ‘ – Joan Jett
  • ‘Love Stinks’ – J Geils Band
  • ‘Speed Fighter’ – Masaya Matsuura
  • ‘Still The One’ – Orleans

10th February Releases

  • RockSmith 2014
  • Valentine’s Day Song Pack
  • All For You – Sister Hazel
  • Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer
  • Rosanna – Toto
  • You Make My Dreams – Daryl Hall and John Oates

11th February Releases

  • War Thunder
  • 2 500 Golden Eagles Pack

12th February Releases

  • RockBand 4
  • Disturbed Pack 04

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in February

15 Author replies

What’s going on with Crypt of the NecroDancer? It’s not out in certain areas, and their official Facebook said they’re working with you to fix it. Been going on for a week now and still no news.

Also, why was UnEpic removed from the store after just 1 day?

If I had to guess it is once again issue of translation of metadata. SCEE requires publishers to translate metadata of each product to all languages.

If your shop has X language than publisher needs to give SCEE metadata in that X language.

So try asking them if they don’t need help with translating metadata, you probably can translate it on your own because that’s just few short line of text.

Francesca Mead 09 February, 2016 @ 14:22

Crypt of the Necrodancer is still pending release for some territories, and it’s the same for UnEpic.

If UnEpic is still pending, how come it was released here for a day then pulled again? That really doesn’t make much sense.

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Can’t find Dying Light The Following DLC in store?

Its not out yet.
12th February: All other regions

Clearly says in the post :)

9th February: Poland
10th February: Australia, India, New Zeland
11th February: Benelux
12th February: All other regions

9th February Releases

Dying Light

The Following

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How much will EDF 4.1 cost?

About 40GBP if you go by the retail price.

Can’t see Firewatch bundle on the store yet? What date is Dying Light : The Following out then? Your blog post above is confusing….?

It’s really not:

9th February: Poland
10th February: Australia, India, New Zeland
11th February: Benelux
12th February: All other regions

It kind of is.

The full package ‘Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition’ has staggered release dates

However the DLC ‘The Following’ is out today (the 9th) which is 3 days earlier.

So if you have the game already, you can start ‘The Following’ earlier

Francesca Mead 09 February, 2016 @ 14:24

Firewatch will be releasing at 6pm GMT tonight to coincide with the proposed 10am PST release time.

For Dying Light, it made more sense to place the release dates separately at the bottom of the article due to the differences between territories.

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Care to post updates on Gone Home, Towerfall Vita and Crypt of the Necrodancer? Thanks!

Oh Gone Home is on the list. Scratch that one off.


What is going on with the game INSIDE by Playdead Studios, some updates about it please?

Is that the guys who did Limbo? Isn’t that game a xbox exclusive?

It’s an Xbox one exclusive for about 6 months to a year. It’s not out on Xbox yet is it?

Are we getting SFV avatars?


US store has all the cool avatars not sure why they don’t release them for EU.

Yap, they dont have all the characters yet, hoping we get all next week when the game releases.

Hi Francesca/Fred.

Kings Quest episode 2 is still trying to charge even though we were supposed to get a full game in December. Or do we not get full games now

Can you fix/ acknowledge this…

Only Episode 1 was free.

Francesca Mead 09 February, 2016 @ 14:25

If you mean PlayStation Plus, only Episode 1 was available in December as part of the monthly games collection, not the full game.


Yes, we didn’t get the full game.

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Am loving Unravel!!

Hmmm. Wait till the 12th and pay £59.99 for the complete Dying Light Enhanced Edition (at a guess) or get the disc for £32.85 from SimplyGames this Friday. It’s a tough choice…i’ll really have to think about that one.


Or download the stand-alone DLC and all features of the Enhanced Edition for free if you have the Season Pass. That would be the sensible choice.


so today is the day the voting for next month’s PS+ starts yeah?? vote for Broforce!

Francesca Mead 09 February, 2016 @ 14:28

Voting will begin later today, yes :)

BROFORCE all the way!

If I’m not mistaken you made one mistake Arslan:The Warriors of Legend won’t be released on Vita.

No mention of a 10% Ps plus discount for Firewatch? The devs have been stating it will have one for the past week on Twitter…


$20/$18 in US with the PS+ discount. Why do I get the feeling that we’ll be paying over the odds in comparison?

Well it’s £15 without discount, so £13.50 with… Although both of those values came from Twitter which may not resemble what Sony do…

Can’t find FIREWATCH anywhere in the store (all other games are there). I really wanna play it.

Not out until 6pm (GMT)


Were are the prices ? Please this blog page is mess , this is not #4ThePlayers

They stopped listing prices, because the EU blog covers too many countries with different currencies.
Just click the games Image to be taken to the store and find out the price that way.
Of course, this doesn’t help with games that aren’t out yet, you have to guess their price.

No firewatch on the store yet…

Cool, I didn’t know Arslan was coming to Vita!
What’s that?
It Isn’t?
Oh…thanks for getting my hopes up for a non-existent product…

Also, Earth Defense Force 2 for Vita, Is that out this Friday?

There should also be Dreii releasing on the Vita this week, Earth Defence Force 2 is indeed scheduled to release this Friday

According with the info above it seems that the Dying Light content is been treated as two different products. Dying Light the Following Enhanced Edition aka the full package will be released on different days as stated.
The Following expansion which is under PS4 DLCs will be released today.
I checked Dying Light site and came across the same info.


Firewatch is not in the Store!

CoolRichy007UK 09 February, 2016 @ 14:47

Firewatch gets added 6pm gmt!

CoolRichy007UK 09 February, 2016 @ 14:48

Firewatch added to ps store 6pm gmt didnt you see the post that said it


The post was added 2:24 pm and mine was added 2:26 so most have just missed it :P

Dying Light release dates are still a bit confusing. Is the following DLC coming today to everyone in Europe and the full version (Game + DLC) is coming on 12th of February or do we have to wait for the DLC also until friday?


Not out for Europeans till Friday, which I think is a bit unfair. I was looking forward to playing today.

The free Japanese Voice pack for Megadimention Neptunia VII – scheduled to be available on release date – is not mentioned in this post. It will be available, right?

Definitely getting Neptunia

ATTENTION PLEASE! Has anyone from the UK already received the new Dying Light update version 1.09? I keep on getting the old one which is 1.07. Thanks

CoolRichy007UK 09 February, 2016 @ 14:46

Your ps4 is broked


1.09 is for xbox one i believe

dio_tsirigotis 09 February, 2016 @ 16:41

The patch I downloaded last night was 1.07. Is this a bit of a mix up?

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Nice heads up on the GTA Trilogy. Don’t I feel silly buying Vice City and San Andreas when they first released.

Hi, do you have an anticipated date for the Rock Band 4 Export pack (RB1) ? I believe it’s out in all other regions/platforms

Stupid website!! How much is the god dam following??? I’ve finally lost it with this blog.

“An embarrassment of riches. Where you begin?”
How about updating the actual store..??

CoolRichy007UK 09 February, 2016 @ 14:46

FOR THE LAST TIME PEOPLE dying light enhanced aka update today the FOLLOWING is out friday 12th feb aka all other regions look on dying light twitter it says other regions aka the following out friday 12th uk and europe now you all know its not confusing when it was posted on dying lights twitter account when the uk gets it lol


And yet on this very post it states:

9th February Releases

Dying Light

The Following

The Following DLC (thats part of the season pass and works on the original Dying Light) is live today. Says so in the Blog Post.

NorthernFusion 09 February, 2016 @ 15:03

Please consider commas or full stops next time. Hell, consider both.

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Looking forward to Firewatch!

On a side note, are you sure Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is releasing on the PlayStation Vita?

I’ve never seen a Vita release mentioned by anyone before – and the site I write for ( has never covered it. If so, that’s interesting!


I thought I read something a while back about getting Unravel trial that goes for two hours and then continue the story when we buy the game. Do we not get that or was that just an EA Access thing? :S


I think it’s just an EA Access thing, a ploy to attract more players to their Sub service.


That is very disappointing if it’s true. :(



supersmith2500 09 February, 2016 @ 15:21

Where’s EDF2 for Vita? Is it not out the same time as EDF 4.1?

It is as I have both on pre-order at shopto and both are cheap…probably a lot cheaper than on PSN


I know it’s not out until 6pm, but what’s the difference between Firewatch and the Firewatch Bundle?

Also, any word on Towerfall Vita? The PS4 game is a genuine highlight of that console’s library, I’m really looking forward to taking it everywhere I go.


Pretty sure the bundle just gives you a theme on PS4


Yeah, I haven’t heard of a Bundle Edition before this. On the Firewatch website, they say you can buy a bundle with the soundtrack.
Some Googling showed me a bundle with Theme and Soundtrack. So. Let’s see.


Where the heck is firewatch? Im in london and have been checking for it since midnight.


It’ll be on the store at 6pm


So still none the wiser about The Following DLC.Just the DLC,not the enhanced version.Is it today or Friday?

2 more hours till firewatch

“An embarrassment of riches”? Don’t you mean “embarrassment of digital prices”? Because the EU customers are having to pay some extortionate prices to buy online in the store when physical copies are much cheaper.

Speaking of extortion, where’s the discount for those of us who bought Yakuza 5 when it was first released, you overcharged us for the game by hiking the price up beyond what Sega stated it would be on release, yet no word of recompense for us, the consumers keeping you shower in your jobs. And you wonder why so many people have so many complaints in here?

Physical copies will always be cheaper than digital while physical copies are still sold on the high street.

The publishers will always want to have their games/consoles given shelf space so they can attract consumers in-store, and the stores will not give you shelf space if your product is cheaper digitally as nobody is going to travel to the store to buy a game that is cheaper digitally.

It is the supermarkets and stores that drive the price of digital titles up, the sooner consoles go ‘fully digital’ the sooner we will see cheaper digital titles. It’s sad to say, but while consoles and games take up shelf space in a shop, we will always see physical copies cheaper than their digital counterparts.

That isn’t entirely true as there are people who would pay more for the physical item. I prefer a tangible item to have in my hand then onto my shelf or to resell. Digital has no value for me even though we are suppose to be able to sell on digital material according to EU law. Not every game that I buy do I want to keep as I can resell it and then buy another game or games.


FireWatch is not showing on the Store?!?!? Is it definately out today?


6pm gmt, for the twentieth time this thread


Found this regarding The Following:

‘The DLC officially launches on February 9th for North America, South America and some parts of Europe including Poland, France, Belgium and Holland.

Brits unfortunately have to wait until February 12 unless they download the add-on via Steam, but spare a thought for gamers in Japan who won’t be able to get their hands on it until April 21!’

Bizarre that we have to wait but whatever, a blog post from the Dev’s would of been handy this past week and saved a lot of fuss (I’d of thought they’d of been interested?).

So – no idea why under the DLC section they have the 9th, wrong information it seems.

Francesca Mead 09 February, 2016 @ 16:09

The standalone DLC will initially release on the 9th for Poland, and since this is the EU blog, we listed it there. After the other staggered release dates, it will be released for the rest of Europe (including the UK) on the 12th.


Did you find any info on FireWatch? It’s seems theres a mix up about the release date as well, since it’s not showing up on the UK PSN store.

Francesca Mead 09 February, 2016 @ 16:11

As mentioned above by myself and others, Firewatch will release at 6pm GMT today.

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Jesus it’s getting fair bad when DLC is being released in different locations on different days. Why not release it today for all countries seeing as dying light has been advertising the following on the game as 9th of february. Swear it was only just finished and no date had been set for 3 months!!

dio_tsirigotis 09 February, 2016 @ 16:24

I’m so glad Adventures of Pip is finally out. Been waiting to play since the PAX reveal. So giddy!

I forgot to respond last week, so I’d just like to say thanks to Francesca for clarifying the Harvest Moon issue. Now I can stop posting about it every week!


I’m patiently waiting for Crypt of the NecroDancer to be released, and I understand that they are working hard to translate descriptions in the respective languages. But what I don’t understand is why they need to translate the store description in countries like Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, when everything in the store is completely in English in those countries??!

Yeah, they need to change that. It doesn’t make any sense. Or they should at least let the developers know this. My sister translated the story for Actual Sunlight (and a lot of other people did after the developer asked for it on twitter and on here).

I agree that it should be mentioned in what language the game is in, but the store itself if it really needs to be translated (maybe it is so by law), Sony can maybe help the developers with this. Most of them (especially the small indie teams) don’t know this and they miss out on a lot of sales because of this.


So there’s really some living people translating store descriptions? I live in Finland, and every description translated into Finnish looks like something out of Google Translate. Just awful. Just let it be English.

It was purely because I saw the message here and my sister is a professional translator from English to Dutch so I asked her. Otherwise the game would not have come out in Belgium (and I wanted to play it).
But I agree, most of it looks translated with google translate.

I don’t know if it is the devs who do this themselves or how that works.

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Sorry Francesca, not sure I get what you are saying.

Do you mind telling me exactly when both Firewatch and Dying Light: The Following release?

Not sure I get the message :P

Firewatch will release at 10 A.M PST (so 6 P.M. GMT) ( The developers asked for this so they can stand by when it releases (

This time Sony doesn’t have anything to do with it ;)


6pm gmt for Firewatch, 12th for Dying Light.

Reading. Try it.

Sarcasm. Try having a sense of humour ;)

Really looking forward to playing the 2 Bruno Mars tracks in Rock Band 4 when I get home from work this evening!



Fire watch is out on USA store where is it for UK/EU please reply.


Read these comments and you shall be answered.

CoolRichy007UK 09 February, 2016 @ 17:14

everyone wants Firewatch if it not added 6pm loads of ppl will moan

Hi guys, can I just suggest that that you put release times in the article as I’ve been refreshing the store all day waiting for Firewatch and it won’t be available till 6pm. The reason I was refreshing the store all day is because Unravel and Assassins Creed are already out so I was like “where the hell is Firewatch?”.

Just a suggestion, as it really would help us customers.

That is a very good idea. As always we must wait for the Americans to get it before us… Hopefully it will be 6pm tonight

CoolRichy007UK 09 February, 2016 @ 17:12

If Firewatch int added to ps store 6pm i suggest everyone posts we want Firewatch now now NOW!!!

CoolRichy007UK 09 February, 2016 @ 17:10

1 hour till Firewatch gets added so no delays no this that etc etc bla blaa bla 6pm Firewatch gets added to ps store so hurry up and add it already dont wait till 6pm add it now we want Firewatch nowwwwwwwwwwwww


I know this is playstation europe but I just wanna let that out.

Thanks dude I thought it was a great idea too, maybe I should be a editor for this site if they have any vacancies going…
We aren’t waiting for the americans to get it before us. We are getting it at the same time if all goes well.

Firewatch still not out yet. 30 mins past due. How about an update?


Past due? At the time of your post there was still 33 minutes left

dio_tsirigotis 09 February, 2016 @ 18:20

It’s out. Just search for it specifically from the PS4 store.

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