Vote to Play starts today – which game will you choose?

Take your pick from Action Henk!, Broforce and Assault Android Cactus

Hi PlayStation Plus members, Vote to Play voting begins today! To help you make an informed decision on which game to choose, the creators of Action Henk!, Assault Android Cactus and Broforce have each recorded a video pitching for your support. So, let’s learn a little bit more about the games and the studios that made them…

Action Henk!
Studio name: RageSquid
Studio location: Utrecht, the Netherlands
From the developer: Action Henk is a fast paced running, jumping and butt-sliding platformer in a glorious 3D toy filled world! We’d love to share Action Henk with the PS+ players for free, so vote for Henk!

Assault Android Cactus
Studio name: Witch Beam
Studio location: Brisbane, Australia
From the developer: Assault Android Cactus is a fast paced tightly tuned shoot’em’up that plays like a modern day arcade. It’s exciting to see Cactus make it to PlayStation 4, we hope you’ll vote for it so everyone can get to experience it!

Studio name: Free Lives
Studio location: Cape Town, South Africa
From the developer: Broforce fights terror in the name of freedom through the use of excessive force to blast liberty into terrorists. Vote for Broforce because freedom should be free.

To get your vote in, fire up your PS4 and, with your PSN login, access Vote to Play under the dedicated PlayStation Plus section on the top left corner of your PS4 home screen. Details can also be found under What’s New or the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store.

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Until we get a video game adaptation of Sophies Choice i guess ‘Vote to Play’ will have to do.

thats your – and my opinion. but a lot of people here will argue with us. I think GWG has the better lineups in the last month.

BUT back to topic.
i will vote for cactus – because broforce was canceled for vita.
go cactus go !!


GWG this month is Zhero which is an ‘old school’ sidescroller, Hand of Fate which is a card game and Styx, the game we got free about three months ago. Hardly a stellar line-up.

I think I’ll leave you entitled cry babies to whine some more like you probably do every month. We could have three AAA games to vote on next month and muppets would still moan because they don’t like the game or they’ve already played it.

Bye babies.

Click the thumbs up button if you’d prefer none of these titles for next month.

I would sign but i think this vote is unfair. With Broforce the other 2 won’t stand a chance imo.

uhm… where do we vote?


To get your vote in, fire up your PS4 and, with your PSN login, access Vote to Play under the dedicated PlayStation Plus section on the top left corner of your PS4 home screen. Details can also be found under What’s New or the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store.

In my opinion, all psplus members should have the option to vote, not only the PS4 owners, link an option to vote throught store with a PC, a Vita or a PS3

As soon as there is something worth voting fo,r I will.



This is how I personally would like to see the instant games collection work. If the ps4 gets two games, one could be a solid title that everyone expects, with memorable characters, emotion, atmosphere etc etc and the second title could be something more quirky that you might have missed, something to broaden our gaming horizons.

Please though for the love of god why all this side scrolling and 2d business. It can work sometimes but not all the time. Isn’t the unreal engine readily available to use as a devoloping tool. Outlast and Contrast were great examples of what can be achieved by a small team that I would love to see more of on the IGC.

I’d like to add that I don’t play online unless I’m going for a platinum trophy and required to do so, therefore this looks like another month where Sony have taken my money for nothing. I love you Playstation but please more imagination.

Don’t fret, you will get a second title.

Probably a 2 bit puzzle platformer or single episode of a multi episode game.

I don’t want to waste my unlimited Internet…

I vote early access to ark survival evolved for ps+ subs cmon guys i hate to say it but x1s got it why not us? come to think of it theyve got an entire library of last gen titles aswell


ARK Survival is built for PlayStation Morpheus in mind, so no, they wouldn’t release it early.

The PC people are the beta testers.

@MaxDiehard its on xbox 1s pre release program now they’ve been playing it since December, their testing the console version in effect for us ps4 players remember Google is also your friend

Assault Android Cactus and Broforce are all kinds of awesome. Not so sure about Action Henk though. Where do we vote?


…via our PS4’s. Just saw it above.
Hmm, still not sure whether to vote for AAC or Broforce though.


I’m baffled they didn’t included that info somewhere in the post…

They already announced it last time.

And since it’s impossible to gain new customers in such a short time, it’s not necessary.

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Great what a load of rubbish ypu could have games on here witch are 2 years old like knack Assassin’s Creed black Flag Battlefield 4 Killzone Shadow Fall now they would worth it not indi crap

Because a brand new physical version of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag you can buy from shopto for £16.85 is too much for you?


This is a vote for ONE of the games. It’s really not difficult to understand.

At least this time around the most uninteresting title can’t win by a landslide. They’re all equally unappealing to me. By the way, is Broforce a sequel to Super Time Force Ultra?

Well, guess my vote is clear, since I like cacti.

I will be voting for Assault Android Cactus.

For future reference you might want to show more gameplay than people stating how great or cult or whatever a game is. That’s really a turnoff.

Assault Android Cactus looks AWESOME! Top-down co-op shooter, what’s not to love? By far the best game by a long shot here.

It has no online… Broforce does


Vote for voting! That one actually got me to smile :d Broforce for me, I guess. Seems like a straight up action co-op shooter that I might enjoy, just hope the controls and technical stuff are on point. AAC gameplay I might enoy, but not too keen on the environments and looks of the game. Other way around for Action Henk, there I like the look of the environments but the gameplay totally isn’t my thing.

The one chance we get for a game that doesn’t look like it’s also coming out for Commodore 64 and flaming Broforce is gonna win.

Why cant we just vote on this page hehe :) Anyway thx for the free games Sony. !

I’d be happy with anyone of these 3 they all look like fun. Just a shame Bro force isn’t on the vita

THE-PLASTICA-MAN 10 February, 2016 @ 07:52

Can we vote using the web store or the PS App?

Action Henk! please :)
There should be more splitscreen games for ps4

damienmcnugget 10 February, 2016 @ 09:31

I’m voting for Action Henk. Expecting to receive yet another pixel piece of crap that I’ll try once and uninstall, but still voting for Henk.

You will it’s called Broforce lol

at least I now understand how that Grow Home I never even booted up, got voted in instead of something I trully enjoyed, bought it day 1 and paused all other games for until I got plat for Armello. just like now, despite all 3 games of different genres, I do not care about any of them. I will vote for the mildly best of them, Broforce, won’t even boot it up and that’s that. many of us will. and those hyped for the other two will become emotionally attached to them until they release and would at least feel the urge to buy them. I guess this is a good way to promote games to give them some additional value without actually doing anything spectacular.

LittleHellXIII 10 February, 2016 @ 13:55

I voted Broforce, although I like the look of AAC as well.

himynameism1ke 11 February, 2016 @ 04:39

The first time they did this I voted immediately because I thought that at least 2 of them looked intriguing. This time though, none of them remotely interest me.

Please take my lack of vote as a protest to the current indie fest of ps plus


ugh, 3X crap choices…

how about if we vote for the crap games that we don’t want ???????

I understand people wanting better games but saying that if they gave away Far Cry Primal they’d be someone somewhere moaning about something

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