Free-to-play arena battler Trans-Galactic Tournament hits PS4 today

And PlayStation Plus members get an exclusive add-on pack

Hey PlayStation fans! Trans-Galactic Tournament launches in Europe today, and we at Kiz Studios couldn’t be more excited!

Trans-Galactic Tournament is the fastest, wildest battle arena game in the universe, with intense 4v4 battles and three frenetic multiplayer game modes to master. Play as a gladiator, rockstar, platypus or ninja. Fight in toxic factories and pirate ships. Win by strategy, teamwork or brute force.

Trans-Galactic Tournament is fast, fun and free — and if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, we’ve thrown in an exclusive add-on pack with some currency and boosts to get you started.

The game now boasts 24 playable characters, with 100+ power ups, 30 weapons, and 60 skins and emotes that let players endlessly customise their warriors.

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Always something new

Our multiplayer game modes are new twists on our favourites: Plunderball is Capture the Flag (but with instant-death kill spots), Conquest is like King of the Hill (but everywhere), and Annihilation is straight up Deathmatch (but extra Death-y!).

Champions are rotated weekly so you can try them for free, and even more Champs will be coming post launch. We also have weekly livestreams where you can play against devs, ask questions, and learn about new champions and features! Once you’ve mastered the basics, TGT’s Seasonal Leaderboards, Trophies and Daily Challenges will keep you coming back for more adrenaline-fuelled madness every day.

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Along with our friends at Red Kite Games, we’ve been working hard to refine and improve TGT for our European fans since our recent North American launch. We’ve rebalanced the matchmaking system to be more competitive for all players, and made sure the gameplay experience is the slickest and wildest it can be.

Post launch we have exciting new content to come – including new combat-savvy, damage-hungry, weapon-wielding Champions. Now’s your chance to get in the arena and show those Americans how real gamers do battle!

Did we mention Trans-Galactic Tournament is free to download? Get on it NOW! We love feedback so make sure to post your comments below. See you in the arena!


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Tnx for bringing it to EU!


You’re welcome! See you in the arena!

Is there a single player mode?

l-Star-ScreaM-I 17 February, 2016 @ 18:25

Only Multiplayer..

l-Star-ScreaM-I 17 February, 2016 @ 18:25

Didn’t expect to like it. But i really liked it. I did read about it here and gave it a try.. Damn Fun Game! :D

Hmm, online multiplayer? Nah bruh. Singleplayer only for me.


To each his own, bruh! Though ‘MaxDiehard’ is legitimately the most TGT name I’ve ever seen…

This game is actually quite fun.


A very nice one…

Fun game. Enjoyed so far. But it’s kind of frustrating to know that for real money you can gain some advantage.


Grom_Lom– I’ll admit, we do like folks that give us money. But there’s powerful advantages that money will never buy in Trans-Galactic Tournament. Workouts, the powerful core of our character customization and progression trees, are only unlockable with play-earned currency; and all items that affects stats in any way are always purchasable for that in-game currency as well.

This game is new, maybe so early for talk but… Graphics and visual shows is not enough. You can’t feel to hits. Yes İ enjoying when I play TGT, I will not delete to it but it must be better but I thinking hopefully about this game. I hope it will be better with next updates.

Your game is awesome! You bring some fresh to the PS4! And it’s free! THANKS!!!

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