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Last September, we put a call out to PS4 owners to test out our next system software update, and since we’re getting close to the release of our next system software update for PS4, we wanted to do it again! Starting today you can sign up to be a beta tester and get a sneak peek at some of the features making their way to your PS4.

Click here to sign up. The beta will kick off in early March, and if you’re part of it, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the system software. You can roll back to the previous system software at any time, so don’t worry about downloading the beta.

In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 console with an internet connection and a master account. We’ll share more details on which features you’ll be able to test when the beta begins.

Be sure to join the PlayStation Forums to get access to our beta forums, so you can discuss the new features. We’ll be monitoring the forums throughout the beta. While we can’t always implement changes suggested by the community, it’s really valuable for us to hear your feedback to help guide the direction we take. We’re always listening!

We would like to thank everyone who signed up for the last beta, and we hope all of you (and those who didn’t too) will sign up again. Don’t wait too long to sign up – we’re accepting a limited number of beta testers, so get in now before it’s too late.

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Signed up. Can’t wait to see what you guys may have up your sleeve.


ye your right


i am levle47on COD3 YAYYYYYYYY!!


VR update? ;)

Carnivius_Prime 17 February, 2016 @ 11:08

Done. And while we’re at it, do some more of them PS2 games. Haven’t yet done any of my faves. Get to it! :)


this is why we needed actual PS2 backward compatibility as Sony seem to have given up on the PS2 games already. notice how other than Rockstars games that all those PS2 games are published by Sony so it looks like companies don’t want anything to do with it.

Carnivius_Prime 17 February, 2016 @ 11:33

I’d be quite happy if Rockstar would do a bit more and put The Warriors and Canis Canem Edit on there. Those were by far my fave ever Rockstar games and my fave PS2 games.

I don’t want actual PS2 disc playback personally. I don’t use discs anymore if I can help it. (and I long since sold all my PS2 stuff years ago) Plus I prefer the PS4 re-released PS2 games to their original versions. I’d just like them to keep doing those!


well waiting for Sony to add any games you will be waiting forever as they love dripfeeding content at a snails pace whereas if we had disc compatibility you could literally go onto Amazon and order the game you want. Sony couldn’t get many companies to allow PS2 classics on PS3 so i doubt many of those companies still care as they would rather you spend money on overpriced DLC and microtransactions than give you cheap PS2 games.

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crimsonidol-de 17 February, 2016 @ 11:09

Let me test this legendary feature called “folders” which you will hopefully add. ;)

Where do u sign up?


Read the article, friend. There’s a link. Or you can click this one :


Link is in the second paragraph…


i hope you give me a chance for the beta

Hoping for some great stuff in this update.

Signed up, I hope to see a lot of improvements to Communities and also for Groups to actually be something useful for organising friends.

I also hope to see some influence from the feedback that people give this time as the previous test resulted in no change in the firmware to reflect any if the common comments, that makes the feedback feel unvalued

jamie-sixtyfour 17 February, 2016 @ 11:51

This! I wish we could create events for communities and also be able to access those communities & events signup outside of the PS4.


I’d also like the option to turn this off entirely. Really irritating when you check below your game/app and see a random dude playing the game you’re about to play (ps live) and get stuff spoiled -_- Almost makes me want to play offline to circumvent that completely.. -_- All social stuff besides the bare necessities should be entirely optional.


@Stonesthrow PS4 has and always was marketed as a social console. You knew what you were buying into.

If you want the classic console experience, turn off the network.


its about time PS4 had more updates and features considering how much money your making on the PS4. Sony so lazy and complacent this gen.


You do know things like that take time?
They obviously don’t have enough R&D cash because YOU aren’t paying for plus you skinflint.

somethingmarkish 17 February, 2016 @ 21:05

I thought the “this is for the players” slogan meant ps4 was all about gaming and not loads of features or trying to be a home hub etc.?


Implying that “players” don’t need features?

Personally as one of those players I DESPERATELY need folders so I can sort my games how I like.

I download all plus titles and its annoying to have them push my bought games off the list.


Signed up, hoping on that some of that promised greatness. The dashboard is still ridiculously slow and unresponsive 2 years into launch…

Your console must be a lone wolf then, my PS4 is perfect.


You mean while playing a game right? If there’s no software playing the dashboard is pretty smooth here but while playing a game it’s really slow.

Carnivius_Prime 17 February, 2016 @ 21:17

Mine’s fine whether playing a game or not.

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White-Wolf--1997 17 February, 2016 @ 11:23

We want change psn id


they already said when you make you online id you won’t be able to change your name


@rayna-monique – The problem is they didn’t say that when you first created your id back in 2006. And even if they did in some line of the multi page agreement everyone ignores, 10 years is a long time with the same ID if you do not like it… So those who have been the most loyal are stuck with an old name, with the only option being to create a new account and abandon your trophies/games. The majority would be more than happy to pay to change our ID names, like with Xbox Live.

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I’ll gladly help out again. Here’s hoping you continue to listen to our feedback during the beta. Keep on rocking!


But the question is, bigger party size? Because for sure 8 is just isn’t enough!

I have no idea . But i hope the new update are going to change psn id


people need to stop asking this. its not going to happen and would need the PSN to be completely overhauled for months offline and that would cost this money hungry company too much money just for one feature to please neckbeards.


i know i was 11 when i made my online id and thats my name if people wanted to change there name they need to make a new psn


I don’t get why people seem to assume that changing your ID even needs a new firmware. It’s something that’s saved server-side in their databases, the firmware only uses the information like ID and password and logs into those systems remotely.

So no, this won’t be in this firmware since it never will. Might one day be available through a website tho…

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It was fun last time. Hopefully I get lucky again!


I’ve been waiting friend notifications for 2 years, how about finally giving them to us? even xbone has had them for almost 2 years

Pls give us folder support with this update oh pretty please… im tired of searching through my library, it has more than 100 titles all digital. it is a nightmare. yes i can sort alphabetically and recent use, but i want folders with custom names like local coop, open world etc. We already has folders like tv and video, we just need to be able to create custom ones and manually add games there. it is a must have with digital games i think.

Things needed
Change ID Name
Delete Demos etc from Library
Communities needs more functionality (Search feature)
Turn PS4 Controller light off completely (save battery)
ITV Hub (May need to negotiate with ITV)

More PS Plus games, axe the PS3 to give us more ps4 titles

I still play my PS3. No need to cut others off (yet) for no reason.


No reason? That’s all space that could be used for PS4 content, the console we’re basically forced to sub for and is most modern and popular.


Theres tons of AAA games they can still give us on PS3 so keep that.
Axe the vita, fewest number of people have it. Most the AAA games which they could put on PS+ have already been on PS+

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Hide/manage your online status (like on PS3)

Multiple friends delete, everything possible to multiple option

Game folders options (favorite, recent…)

Option to manage or remove Whats New iritating “features”

1. Customization for the home screen (pin, sort and hide items).

2. Wishlist on the console, not just the website.

3. PSN ID change.


signed up.

XxRaGe_NuKeZzXx 17 February, 2016 @ 14:10

Haw do you sign up


The last one was severely underwhelming and blocked remote play so hopefully this is better.


How so? My Remote Play works fine, if not vetter than before.

As in the beta. It’s not in beta now is it? But the mismatch of system version between ps4 and vita meant it wouldn’t work.


They released the ps vita firmware when the beta went live though that allowed it to work for people in beta and not in beta.


Couple of things I can think of that keep reccuring or need some work. I’d like the maximum volume for headset/phone you connect via the Dualshock 4 to go higher, it is too low for playing with in-ear sets.
The option to turn off Party invites (not just the notification -_-) as this gets abused with spam etc..
A sorting option for the Apps bar (former XMB) so I can atleast see my games instead of pre-installed apps everytime I rebuild database or whatever. Ridiculous I have to start up every game just to get it to the front.
The option to delete games without a zero percentage (PLUS games mostly) from your trophies.
The ability to add purchased content on ps4 to your list without downloading it. Ridiculous I have to purchase something, quickly leave the store to delete it from downloading, and repeat..
That’s all I can come up with now, hopefully some of it gets taken into account.


I think you may have damaged your hearing.


No, I just have one of those crazy loud jet engine launch PS4’s. But even apart from that, it’s still fairly quiet altogether with my in-ear Sennheiser and Apple headphones. (Also, I refer to the in-ear kind that simply sits in your ear, not the ones that go in your ear canal and might be louder). A couple of extra bars of volume definitely wouldn’t do wrong.


Oh, and another small thing I forgot. In the What’s New section, I’d like to be able to choose what I see, not what others decide to show me. For example, I don’t want to see what trophies a friend unlocked even if he decided to share that in the What’s New section.

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Allow us put are trophy list in alphabetical order on ps4 ^_^

GHOST_MAN_KILLAZ 17 February, 2016 @ 14:28



I’d really like to see howmany hours I have put into my games. Xbox has this, so why doens’t Playstation? It’s always great to compare the hours played for each game with friends! Such a little addition should be no problem at all. Even Steam and Origin has this…




Please, let us finally turn off the screenshot notification icon.

Gifts on PSN would be awesome as well. I could spam my friends with digital Yakuzas :)


Ah yes, the screenshot notification too.. In fact, the whole thing altogether. I don’t need a damn screenshot for every trophy I earn, it’s ridiculous.

crimsonidol-de 17 February, 2016 @ 17:41

You can turn the screenshots off. Open the share options (press the Share-button until the menu pops up and then press the options-button on the DS4). There’s a menu for screenshot settings. Select that and deactivate the checkbox related to trophy-pictures (can’t tell the exact text as I’m using german UI).


Really? Had no idea. Thanks, will give it a try.

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The PS4 interface was designed by a monkey. It lacks half the features of the PS3 (don’t get me started on online notifications/status, game folders, sorting options…). The multitasking OS is not that bad, but the GUI needs a complete overhaul.

We need more than (half-baked) communities and verified accounts.


#1 most requested feature has to be the ability to change ganertag?


It’s called PSN ID

Close enough.


hopefully the beta will be worth it :)

Just sort out PSN, theres constant problems, signing in problems, masses of disconections from games, cant add funds to wallet problems, cant purchase problems, these things are more important to a user than new software.

If your saying this new software will ease those problems then great.


Are you sure your internet isn’t just rubbish?


no my internet is fine , 40gb… go to Project cars forum or F1 forum or Evolve forum or Helldivers….mass disconnections all over the place, but Sony say there is nothing wrong. Right.

Enjoyed getting in on the ground floor of communities with the last OS beta so looking forward to this one too, always exciting to try new things!

KlingonKhan007 17 February, 2016 @ 15:36

Can not wait


Almost forgot, allow ps4’s to pick up and connect to 5Ghz wireless connections, surely this can’t be that difficult? Should have already being implemented at launch…


Please be considerate of other competitive players and have it wired.

It is not as simple as releasing a update to enable this. They need to physically add a better wifi chip into the PS4. As the one in the PS4 does not and cannot support 5ghz wifi.


I see, doesn’t change the fact that this chip should already of being in the ps4 at launch. As for being considerate towards competitive players my connection is fine as it is, just wanted the 5ghz for faster game downloads of digital games from the PlayStation store.

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I never thought testing unfinished OS which is crucial to maintain hardware working at all is a good idea.
Even with finished and fully released OS was a lot of troubles from time to time.
Let’s hope no one will brick their PS4 during testing.


Would you rather have buggy software released due to lack of proper internal testing? Because that’s basically what every AAA studio does nowadays.

QA Testers are no longer a thing when they can just churn out updates.

I really hope USB Media Player makes a return. It was so much easier and more functional than ‘Media Player’ or ‘Spotify’.

Still works on mine, latest firmware


“Works” is a strong term considering it can’t play albums in proper order, unless you by hand change the files to suit the ps4 :S


Friend notifications.
View trophies when offline.
One button to add all PS+ IGC games to basket and ‘purchase’.

ManikwithaNine 20 February, 2016 @ 02:50

I like that one button thing

please bring online status notifications and change online id, they’re my only ask haha


Signed up, let’s see what you’ve got :)

EvilAngelEight 17 February, 2016 @ 18:22

Please let us change the PSN username… Pleeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeee :D

Already signed in! I’m so excited! :D


PS2 Disc Playback and finally make it happen please


Ps Now for ireland come on we waiting long enough



Hopefully the next update will allow users to remove/hide items on the home screen and library. I don’t see the point in having things like The Playroom and ShareFactory taking up space when I never use them. Or demos still being listed in the library right next to the full game I now have.

It would also be good to have an option to turn off the videos and screenshots that now appear on each game’s home menu page. If I’ve just started playing a game I really don’t need an autoplay video showing the final cutscene at the end of the game. It was fine the way it was before. People know where to go if they want to see things like that.


Exactly. And even if we can’t delete apps we never use, atleast give us a sorting option to get them out of the picture. I don’t want to look at those things any more than I would an ugly background.
Didn’t even know about the demos on ps4, haven’t tried any since my list on ps3 grew too big -_-
And also agree with your second point to turn off the streaming vids in the home menu page. Was much better before when you just saw the installed and available DLC.


The UI really need to focus more on the user experience!
We need a better community, timeline sharing etc. -focus on the social communication!
And I would love to get somekind of process-status-thing on the trophies;
when you need to kill like 1000 monsters to get a trophy, you have no clue how long in the process you are :D

And of course: Changing PSN ID ;)

Backwards compatibility would be great, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Folders, and to be able for trophies (also view trophies even if offline) to sync automatically would be nice. :)

Folders is a good call… Get set up with genres etc. Plus a little more social on the xmb

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