New on PlayStation Store: Far Cry Primal, Hitman GO, PvZ Garden Warfare 2, more

The Walking Dead: Michonne, Toki Tori 2+ and SwapQuest also land

Leading the field this week is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s long-running Far Cry FPS series. The latest iteration takes an intriguing approach, relocating the action to the Stone Age. Expect plenty of crafting, lots of violent wildlife to look out for and an enormous map to explore.

Also out this week, look out for elegant strategy spin-off Hitman GO, larger-than-life multiplayer shooter Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and Telltale Games’ latest helping of interactive fiction, The Walking Dead: Michonne, among others.

PlayStation StoreOut this week





  • Toki Tori 2+
    24th February

  • Foul Play
    24th February

  • Bit Trip Presents… Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
    24th February


  • Arcade Archives: Double Dragon II The Revenge
    26th February


  • The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries
    24th February


22nd February Releases

  • Resident Evil 0
  • Costume Pack 2

23rd February Releases

  • Digimon Cyber Sleuth
  • Extra mission pack 2
  • Extra mission pack 3
  • Extra mission pack 4
  • Driveclub
  • Fame Booster Pack 500 Events
  • Suzuki Expansion Pack (Bikes)
  • No Limits Expansion Pack
  • Megadimension Neptunia VII
  • Weapon Sets
  • Evolve
  • Ultimate Edition
  • Tron Run/r
  • Season Pass
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • ‘Inside Out’ – Anger Costume
  • ‘Inside Out’ – Bing Bong Costume
  • ‘Inside Out’ – Disgust Costume
  • ‘Inside Out’ – Fear Costume
  • ‘Inside Out’ – Joy Costume
  • ‘Inside Out’ – Sadness Costume
  • ‘Inside Out’ Costume Pack

26th February Releases

  • Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO
  • Rallycross Pack

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Thanks for another load of Megadimension Neptunia VII weapons.

However, I wish to point out that the Wonderland processor unit – which was supposed to release last week – is not up on the store yet. Can you look into this?

cognac-vsop 23 February, 2016 @ 1:04 pm   2

when will you announce the PS+ games for March?


Hitman GO was announced as cross-buy but it’s not the case. What happenned?

    paradoxtwan 23 February, 2016 @ 1:11 pm    

    Yeah, I’m also curious. Bought the PS4 version a few minutes ago, with the idea of downloading it for PS4 and Vita, but I can only download the PS4 version. I hope it’s just a problem in the store, otherwise I feel misguided by this part on the blog last week:

    “Beyond that, here’s what you really want to know: Yes, the game has a Platinum Trophy! Yes, the game will be Cross-Buy and Cross-Save! You’ll also be able to play the way you want to, whether it’s with DualShock 4’s analogue stick or touchpad, or from PS Vita’s front touch screen.”


    Francesca Mead 23 February, 2016 @ 3:21 pm    

    Hitman GO will be cross-buy from the 2nd of March. If you purchase today, you will get the cross-buy entitlement from the 2nd.

    paradoxtwan 23 February, 2016 @ 4:46 pm    

    I don’t want to be cocky, but perhaps is it an idea to mention it in the blogpost. Otherwise I bought it for the PS Vita first instead of having to wait more than a week to get it on my Vita.

cognac-vsop 23 February, 2016 @ 1:05 pm   4

any sales coming tomorrow?


    Nothing on psprices so probably not.


    ^ this doesn’t mean anything. If there’s going to be a sale, the games will (usually) appear on that site the night before, not a whole day before…

    ValeYard13 23 February, 2016 @ 3:34 pm    

    yeah, a new deal of the week should be incoming right?

    Did I miss Rainbow Six being on sale at some point? 🙁


Wasn’t Hitman:GO supposed to be crossbuy? It’s currently listed as Vita and PS4 versions separately and have heard people buying one, not had access to the other.
Will wait before buying for this to be sorted 🙂


Oh, Francesca, since I never said it until now and I was just thinking about it, you have my thanks for fixing the issue with Rayman back in December. Your efforts are appreciated 🙂

cognac-vsop 23 February, 2016 @ 1:08 pm   7

my Far Cry Primal disc is on the way, can’t wait to play it! want PVZ 2 as well but maybe later when its on sale

madmanwithabox12 23 February, 2016 @ 1:08 pm   8

Might have to grab Hitman GO if it’s not too pricey.

Why don’t you list Vita DLC any more? And Foul Play is also a Vita game.

Carnivius_Prime 23 February, 2016 @ 1:08 pm   9

Meh. Shadow of the Beast was gonna be out next week but I check my pre-order and now it’s out on May 17th? Second time it got delayed this year. Oh well, let’s see what else I can spend my money on in the meantime.


    Next week? I thought the game was still MIA?

    Carnivius_Prime 23 February, 2016 @ 1:29 pm    

    Nope it was scheduled for end of January but got pushed to March then to May. The pre-order has been on the PS Store for a couple of months now.

    CluckNuggets 23 February, 2016 @ 2:31 pm    

    It’s a shame, I funded my account to pre-order it, I’ll probably buy Gravity Rush Remastered now. They’ve delayed Shadow of the Beast repeatedly, it probably isn’t in the best state. We’ll just have to wait to enjoy it.

    ValeYard13 23 February, 2016 @ 3:35 pm    

    I was looking forward to this. It’s weird that no one has mentioned the release date being pushed back. Hope the game is ok.

alcibiades4291 23 February, 2016 @ 1:08 pm   10

yeah i’d quite like to learn if there’s a sale starting tomorrow.

Alexiel-FR 23 February, 2016 @ 1:09 pm   11

tron have a season pass ?? can’t believe this.. i will wait for all in one package…


    Well, what did you expect, the game came out as a Early Access junk on Steam. And even after exting E.A. it still got incomplete/unavailable game modes.



    CluckNuggets 23 February, 2016 @ 2:03 pm    

    At least they’ve continued to deploy fixes and stay in contact with gamers. How long is it since Ridge Racer has been updated?


    Months later and you still keep spouting hot air? If it makes you a superior being, good for you. I only said the truth. If only you bothered searching…

    CluckNuggets 23 February, 2016 @ 2:33 pm    

    Come on man, don’t take life so seriously and laugh for once. No I’m not superior at all.


    I probably need to laugh, but you need to grow up…

    CluckNuggets 23 February, 2016 @ 7:45 pm    

    And to think… I was going to give you a free copy of Galaga and a neGcon controller 🙁


    … just shut up already.

StevenJamesHyde 23 February, 2016 @ 1:09 pm   12

The 20% discount on Hitman GO is an unexpected bonus, but not if you have to pay for the game twice…

Aces73High 23 February, 2016 @ 1:10 pm   13

Any news on Towerfall Ascension for Vita, yet?

infernalmonkey1 23 February, 2016 @ 1:11 pm   14

So uh, what happened to Ninja Senki DX on Vita and PS4? It came out this week in America, and it was supposed to be out this week in Europe too.

    Aces73High 23 February, 2016 @ 1:14 pm    

    Yeah, great call. I’ve been really looking forward to Ninja Senki DX :0(


    Been waiting for this too…pretty disappointing.

    Aces73High 23 February, 2016 @ 2:30 pm    

    Tribute Games just replied to me on Twitter…

    “It was [due this week], but it’s been pushed back for reasons out of our control. We’ll update when we know”.

    Oh deer!

    Francesca Mead 23 February, 2016 @ 5:31 pm    

    Ninja Senki DX is now set for release next week.

    infernalmonkey1 24 February, 2016 @ 12:37 am    

    Thanks, Aces73High. Sounds like SCEE screwing over indie devs for the crime kf making a Vita game as usual.


As both Driveclub trophy packs will contribute to the trophy list of Driveclub Bikes, will there be a Driveclub Bikes Season Pass? Would it include those to packs? I don’t want to buy those packs and next week a Bikes Season Pass appears :/

The content of the packs itself looks great!

    Flying_Pig 23 February, 2016 @ 1:19 pm    

    Evo have advised that those packs won’t form part of a season pass, so I think they’re safe to buy. They’re only £2.99.


    Ah that’s good to know, i wasn’t able to find that information on their Facebook oder Twitter pages.


So I just bought Hitman Go that was suppose to be Cross Buy according to the blog post last week. How do these things normally resolve does it sort itself and i’ll be able to download later or do I have to go through the ridiculously poor and long winded ‘Customer Service’ of SCEE?

    Francesca Mead 23 February, 2016 @ 3:22 pm    

    Hitman GO will be cross-buy from the 2nd of March. Since you already purchased, you will receive the cross-buy entitlement from the 2nd.


    It has probably gone the way of Towerfall on UK Vitas. Just because Sony say something’s due out it doesn’t make it true 🙁

All the content released this week, even the stuff they didn’t even bother to post because silly reasons. There’s also a F2P game for PS4. Again, sorry if it’s in French, but it’s currently the only good alternative…

    Alexiel-FR 23 February, 2016 @ 5:19 pm    

    yup the French manager clara is awesome, and she tries to do her best for example to put the prices back, even if sony doesn’t want to… for some stupid reason ….

AussieOutsider 23 February, 2016 @ 1:25 pm   19

Wow, the WWE 2K16 or Rock Band 4 DLC that was released today doesn’t even get a mention on here this week…


Just wanted to let you know that the recent changes to the blog have made me stop following it completely. I used to really look forward to it when Jawad was doing them, but with less and less information, while the Information that’s there is often wrong, there’s no point.

That also extends to the PS Store as well, where pricing errors (usually much higher than intended by the publisher) and regional unavailability of indie games (which is on you because of silly language requirements, not the publishers) just make it a chore to follow the weekly releases. I just stopped caring. Looking forward to announced games is pointless because there is no guarantee it will even appear on your store or at the price that is comparable to other regions. It’s usually up to us to report those problems to the small publishers so they can get them fixed, because they usually aren’t even aware that their game isn’t sold in e.g Norway. And it often takes weeks.

If your goal was to just ignore problems until people stopped complaining, well, you succeeded with me. I guess people still buy the big AAA games which bring most of the money so you have no reason to change anyting.

SuperJay182 23 February, 2016 @ 1:26 pm   21

it’s not listed but there is a 15% discount on both versions of Far Cry Primal at the moment!

Carnivius_Prime 23 February, 2016 @ 1:31 pm   22

In regards to Double Dragon 2, does anyone else have a problem with the filesizes of Arcade Archives games? I have the first Double Dragon and what is approx 36MB download takes up 579.7MB of the hard drive which is nuts. I tried deleting and redownloading (again downloaded 36MB) and still it takes up that same huge amount. For a game where the MAME rom is just 522k is bizarre. Some bug?

    blendercat27 23 February, 2016 @ 3:56 pm    

    For starters, the PS4 version would include digital audio files, not some old synthesizer code. Can also assume (I haven’t actually looked at the PS4 version) some high-res images, etc.

    Carnivius_Prime 23 February, 2016 @ 5:23 pm    

    Doesn’t explain why the game is only a 36MB download but takes up nearly 600 on the hard drive yet doesn’t download any further update after the initial 36MB so something is definitely suspicious. I can’t believe they’d use near 600MB on an old 80’s arcade game with no enhancements or online features at all.


So will I get a refund for the fact I pre-ordered Primal only for it to be cheaper for the ‘launch price’?!


    “Pre order, you get great bonuses! Never.”

    warensembler83 23 February, 2016 @ 3:33 pm    

    Are you telling me you pre-ordered the game and paid full price, only to find out that the game had a 15% discount on release? Is this even legal? I have only pre-ordered on the digital store a couple of times, but it’s good to know this to avoid doing it again.

    SuperJay182 23 February, 2016 @ 4:26 pm    

    you’d hope Sony would refund the difference like Amazon do, but I highly doubt it

CluckNuggets 23 February, 2016 @ 1:39 pm   24

I like that Sony discounted Rainbow Moon (PS4) by 50% if you already owned it. It might not be cross-buy but it’s a little bit better.

UAE-WAHDAWI 23 February, 2016 @ 1:55 pm   25

I bought TWD Michonne on ps3 but still can’t download it ..

PlanetJumble 23 February, 2016 @ 1:58 pm   26

Is the date for PvZ GW2 correct? Originally it said the 25th. Do we get a days worth of zombies and plants as a present? 😀

DTSquared2015 23 February, 2016 @ 2:00 pm   27

Fix the Hitman GO cross-buy issue and I will buy it

daisytree5 23 February, 2016 @ 2:09 pm   28

Will swap quest be playable on the playstation tv?

paleboyjack 23 February, 2016 @ 2:17 pm   29

I hope GTA is on sale this week for us!


The 15% discount for Far cry primal is nice, but given that the original price is unreasonably high then the discount makes the price equal to the other AAA games on the release date.


    Even at 15% off it’s still 20% more expensive than I can pick it up in store.

    I just don’t understand who the market is for AAA titles on PSN. I figure it must be people who live in Antarctica and don’t have access to retail outlets or delivery services.

PiccoroDaimaoh 23 February, 2016 @ 2:51 pm   31

Why don’t you mention The Four Kings Casino and Slots? It came out today, it’s free and it has a PlayStation Home kind of vibe.

What about ninja senki? Organ trail? Towerfall on vita? Unepic?
And foul play is for vita too >:-(

DTSquared2015 23 February, 2016 @ 2:55 pm   33

What happened to Civilisation Revolution 2 for PS Vita? I read somewhere it was to be out by now


    Delayed for sometime in 2016 🙁

    Lethalx08 23 February, 2016 @ 5:24 pm    

    Yeah got randomly delayed till a unknown date in 2016 which seems odd as i don’t remember the Japanese release suffering with bugs or major issues which would cause a delay.

    Wondering if the delay is them doing a retail release (wishful thinking)


All the other games due on 24th are out, so where is bitrip runner 2 for the ps4? I have been looking forward to it all week.

SoKaioken20 23 February, 2016 @ 3:12 pm   35

Hey guys! Hitman GO crossbuy will activate on March 2nd. So sez Fred 😛 :


    Activate 2nd March when the 20% off deal has run out?


    If you buy it know, you can download the other version for free from March 2nd on (or at least, that is what they are saying).


    * If you buy it now


    Would prefer to have the 2 in my library now rather than relying on something happening in a week (maybe I don’t understand all the technical difficulties but couldn’t this have been just crossbuy from the start?) but will buy the Vita version now and wait for the PS4 unlock next week — this maybe could’ve been mentioned as I nearly bought the PS4 version today before noticing it was just PS4 and wanting it mainly for the Vita, would have been a bit annoyed to have bought the ‘wrong’ one…


    I agree that it is strange that it will be activated this late. I don’t understand why this is (maybe the 20% off?).
    They should indeed mention it in the posts about this game in my opinion instead of answering in this thread and post in on twitter.


    Btw: I think they are doing their best, I suspect the tools they are working with are not as good as they can be. All those technical difficulties each week with new releases and with the deals are not a coincidence anymore.

SuperSaiyan4 23 February, 2016 @ 3:16 pm   36

I Pre-ordered Far Cry Primal on PS4 and it’s on offer with PS Plus! I’d like a partial refund of the difference please!

    fps_d0minat0r 23 February, 2016 @ 7:00 pm    

    What was the incentive to pre-order a digital game at such a ridiculous price?

    I dont see why Sony would issue a refund. Getting more money is the only reason they even have pre-orders on digital goods. Its otherwise absolutely pointless pre-ordering a download.

    Unless youre happy with that, support physical media, pay less and have the freedom to do this:
    Long live physical!

terrytezo 23 February, 2016 @ 3:37 pm   37

Can please look into why friends activtes and your own activtes not showing up on ps4 news feed,All thats showing up on ps4 news feed activtes from 4days ago WAS WORKING OK LAST WK


Discounting a game on day one that was available for preorder at full price. Stay classy sony.

HaidenFox 23 February, 2016 @ 3:45 pm   39

On PS STORE says Plants is out on 26 feb not 24?/??

dio_tsirigotis 23 February, 2016 @ 3:51 pm   40

Isn’t Garden Warfare 2 out on the 25th?

Stonesthrow 23 February, 2016 @ 3:55 pm   41

Always in for more Telltales. Will pick that up after I finished Primal. And will wait for a pricecut on Hitman GO.


Francesca, does the blog no longer list all the PS4 DLC released each week? I note that Rocksmith and Rock Band 4 tracks didn’t get a mention last week or this week, although last week’s releases are on the store.

If that’s the case, and will be going forward, then why provide an incomplete list?


I said it last week but it’s worth saying again 😀 PLEASE bring the Arcade Archives versions(only on Japan PSN Store at the moment) 🙁 of ‘Bubble Bobble’ and ‘Scramble’ to the UK(& Europe) 😛

Lethalx08 23 February, 2016 @ 5:22 pm   44

Woot Digimon DLC 😀

Anyway has there been any news of the Twitch app in europe ?. All i get from Twitch themselves is soon & they’ve been saying that since last year.


    Twitch App! Twitch App!

    Only thing I’ve heard from Twitch was that it was up in Playstation EUs hands :/


Still nothing about SFV avatars Francesca?


How much for PvZGW2 !!!!!!!


Hi, please can we get some kind of update on when we can expect the Rock Band 1 Export to Rock Band 4 going live? This has been live on SCEA for some time now but no sign of it on SCEE? How much longer are we talking? Days? Weeks? Months? Please can someone give us a response on this? Thanks 🙂

    Francesca Mead 24 February, 2016 @ 12:13 pm    

    No news about this currently – please continue to keep an eye on Harmonix channels for DLC release dates.


    Thanks for replying to one of the many Rock Band queries we’ve submitted over the weeks.

    This isn’t actually about DLC as such, but the export of Rock Band 1 tracks to PS4. The latest from HMX suggests the delay is with Sony rather than them. Can you offer any more insight or comment?

ratchetjak12 23 February, 2016 @ 6:27 pm   48

Hi francesca, any news on the UK release of Gemini: Heroes Reborn. America have had it for a month so where is it. Luckily I have walking dead and Tron to keep me busy. If you could reply with an update would be helpful, thanks.

erondell1987 23 February, 2016 @ 7:15 pm   49

Someone please.. I can’t buy anything on PS Store for about 2-3 hours. It keeps saying my credit card information is incorrect. I used my credit card so many times on PSN Store. I haven’t changed anything on my account etc. What should i do?

By the way, there is also something wrong on PSN Store web page. Sometimes it’s opening without a problem, but sometimes it can’t load.

I live in Turkey. Maybe it’s a regional problem? Anyone with any information?

fps_d0minat0r 23 February, 2016 @ 7:17 pm   50

Hi Francesca / blog staff,

I’m seriously considering my stance on the UK EU exit, and need an answer to the question that will sway me one way or another:
If the UK left the EU, would we get our own blog with prices listed in GBP?

A detailed response would be ideal, the future of my nation is at stake.



    Is this a serious question! There are lots of countries represented here on this blog that aren’t EU as in European Union. Norway, Switzerland, Aus, NZ, AUE, Israel, Turkey, etc


    Really? This will sway you on such an important issue?

    RedDevil757 25 February, 2016 @ 5:15 pm    

    I couldn’t agree more with this. Its ridiculous that prices aren’t listed anymore and the reasoning behind it. Tbh the new store update list is useless if you don’t put the prices!!

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