Trillion: God of Destruction on PS Vita wants you to fight a boss with 1,000,000,000,000 HP

Idea Factory’s latest strategy RPG lands on 1st April

Trillion: God of Destruction is a PS Vita strategy game where you must stop a demon, Trillion, who seeks to consume the whole Underworld. The catch? Trillion’s got one trillion HP. You’ve got six Overlords to defeat him. In your first playthrough, not all of them will survive.

So how exactly do you beat a boss with 1,000,000,000,000 HP? I’m here to give you an overview of what it means to prepare for a boss like this.

I’ve played all kinds of great strategy games, from Phantom Brave to Valkyria Chronicles. But with about 50+ hours of gameplay, none have had a longer, more punishing final boss battle than Trillion. But that’s my favourite thing about Trillion — a large portion of gameplay is done not only on the battlefield, but off it, during preparation.


Despite the strategy RPG label, Trillion also has strong raising sim elements, because you must train your Overlord and customise her stats.

Trillion consumes the Underworld by day, but sleeps after some period of eating. While he’s asleep you must cycle through training, rest, and socialisation to improve your Overlord’s overall stats, maintain her condition, and raise your affection points!

Sound easy? Well, Trillion: God of Destruction was developed by talented SRPG masterminds, so when they say strategy game, they mean it! And in Trillion, preparing for battle is more like playing with the cards you’ve been dealt.

For example, training awards stat points that you can add onto your Overlord’s stats to change up her fighting-style. However, the amount of stat points you earn isn’t guaranteed. Just like in real life, some days training is “Good,” other days it’s “Excellent,” and if your Overlord works too hard without rest, you’ll get a “Bad” and she risks injuring herself.


Overall, here’s the game flow:

First you train in whichever training regime to earn stat points, and then afterwards you allocate those points to your Overlord’s stats. Training takes up the whole day and if you do great or excellent, you earn a Training Medal that you can use to enter the Valley of Swords.

If you train everyday, your Fatigue gauge will fill. To relieve Fatigue, you can choose to Rest for the whole day. By Resting, you’ll be able to do a number of things: Sleep, Interact, Order, or Underworld Prize.

One of the most important options here is Interact. You can spend time with your Overlord and build her Affection Points for you, which will be useful in battle but also determine which ending you will earn.

After some training and enough Training Medals, you have a shot at the Valley of Swords, where you can find items and earn more EXP!

Finally, visit the research lab to hire Devil Envoys as assistants on the battlefield and the Blacksmith to customize your weapon. Now you’re set to fight Mokujin, a Trillion-replica made by Faust, the necromancer who revived you!


After the whole cycle ends, set equipment and items and the true battle with Trillion starts!

But no matter how much you’ve prepared your Overlord, there’s a strong chance she won’t make it… And the training cycle will begin again with a new Overlord.

We’ve only scratched the surface of it, but there are tonnes more game mechanics to cover like romance/dating elements, skills and stats inheritance, and Trillion’s different evolutions.

What do you think of this unique preparation cycle? Let’s discuss in the comments!

And make sure to check out Idea Factory International’s YouTube page for videos about the actual fight with Trillion and the dating-sim aspects of the game!

Trillion: God of Destruction launches 1st April and is up for pre-order on major retailers now.

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It’s going to be day-1 for me. Going to pick retail edition as soon as possible.

I’m super excited about this game.

Literally my most anticipated game at the moment. Sounds unique and I’m very excited to play it.
Thanks for bringing it west and in general for all the Vita support, IFI ;)

Was starting to think this wouldn’t see the light of day over here. Thank you for doing it! So good to see some developers & publishers haven’t given up on the Vita! <3

Day 1!!

Bad-MuthaAdebisi 24 February, 2016 @ 19:45

Yum yum, delicious strategy. I’ll keep my eye on this.

Why have I only just heard about this!? :) Looks really interesting and am sure I’ll pick this up.. and as others have said, nice to see the Vita getting some love :D

AlucardTepes_DE 26 February, 2016 @ 16:33

You should pay more attention to other websites, like this one “siliconera”.
I was waiting this game since last year actually.
(My debuts was, if it will ever make it here, and guess it did.)

If you want more new’s about it, check that website, they cover everything related to good games from japan, even before its 1st official release in japan.



I don’t have a vita:-(


It’s never too late, bro!


Don’t, buy beer instead.

Grabbing this fo’sho!

#VitaRocks! :0)


Grabbing this on release for sure. Gives me a strong Disgaea vibe.

AlucardTepes_DE 26 February, 2016 @ 16:35

Sim-date? Interesting, wasn’t aware of that.

Sacred_DarkSoul 28 February, 2016 @ 21:03

So much emphasis on a trillion, which doesn’t actually tell the consumers anything since numbers are relative.

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