Hardware: Rivals gets new map and ranked play today in free update

Mojito Bay and Ranked Play Season One live now, more coming soon

A lot’s changed in Hardware: Rivals since launch. We’ve added loads of additional content, and we’re just getting started. Today’s 1.10 Update brings two new major additions to the game, entirely free of charge. First up, we’re hugely proud to introduce our new map:

Mojito Bay


Soaked in a tropical storm, this Top Secret naval base, off the grid and hidden away on the uncharted coast of a lawless equatorial dictatorship, is the rumoured test site for a dangerous and unstable experimental weapon system. The kind of system that would fit snugly on a tank, say, or FAV. The kind that would cause outright devastation in the hands of a crazed combat driver, high on vengeance and hungry for war… Mojito Bay is live today!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)


Ranked Play

For those of you who’ve been busy on the battlefield, scorching your Rivals and eagerly scooping up Salvage for that sweet new vehicle add-on, we’ve got a brand new Ranked Play system to sink your teeth into.

Open to all players of all levels, Ranked Play will run in seasons. The idea is simple. Start off as a lowly Recruit and work your way up to General. Earn points for defeating other combat drivers – the higher the Rank of the driver you beat, the more points you’ll get and the faster you will level up. Unlock exclusive rewards for hitting set Ranks along the way. Get to the top before the season ends but be warned, this army cares little for past glories. If you lose your way and your kill count drops, you’ll face demotion. Only the very best will make it all the way to the top.

Season One starts TODAY, so fire up your engines and see how you measure up.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Given the insatiable appetite for MORE SPEED among you all, demonstrated by the immense popularity of our Super Charged Events, you probably noticed that as of Patch 1.09 we’ve just gone ahead and boosted the speed of all vehicles by default. The weapon balancing has also been tweaked to deliver more explosive and dynamic combat to compliment to the faster paced action.

Along with the twin stick shooter control system that debuted a couple of weeks back, we hope these tweaks have added a new dimension to the gameplay, especially for new players for whom the more expansive (but difficult to master) advanced controls could be a bit too hot to handle in the heat of battle.

We’re constantly monitoring your feedback and responding as quickly as we can, so please keep hitting the official community forums and let us know what you think!

And finally, just to let you know that we’re always thinking of you, we thought we’d give you your first peek at an even better future… Jackson’s Pit, Blister Lake, The Lost Temple, Outpost 92 and now Mojito Bay. But what’s that on the horizon, shimmering into view like a beautiful oasis in the mind of a crazed desert wanderer? What’s that, indeed..?

Coming soon:


Happy Hardwaring!

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singularAnomaly 26 February, 2016 @ 10:56

Nothing much to say really.. just commenting coz I was first. :p

Looks great though. Especially the last image. (Y)

Looks good. If there’s anything this game needs more of, it’s maps!

extacybonglife 26 February, 2016 @ 22:45

Might’ve come back if more trophies were added but still, not a bad game with all the latest fixes!

They still not fixed Splash Damage trophy… This is the only one that still remaining to me

I tried the map last night and it’s quite good, a nice change from the others with an interesting new special.

The ranked mode is a good addition but I struggled to get drawn in by it with no real indication of how your actions in each round contribute to your progress and no new trophies to go for. Steps in the right direction but hopefully you can make it more involving.

After this update, many times the rank calculation and kills frozes after the competition. And the Splash Damage trophy still bug. Please pay attention on both issues.

By the way, I loved the game!

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