MLB The Show 16 gets PAL digital release next month

San Diego Studio’s acclaimed baseball sim launches on 29th March

It’s the bottom of the ninth and we’re ready to knock it out of the park… by announcing that MLB The Show 16 will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles on 29th March, 2016!

Experience baseball’s most epic moments like never before with ShowTime. ShowTime, offers gamers a powerful new tool to help them excel in those big baseball moments. You’ll be able to slow down critical moments for maximum control and make diving plays, react at the hot corner, and step up for a clutch at bat with finer and more focused control.

For a glimpse of ShowTime, along with a couple of other new features take a look at the trailer from PSX 2015.

That’s not all we’ve got for you! The Road to the Show is back and better than ever – we’ve made it more personalised and rewarding in this year’s game!

A revamped training system gives you the chance to unlock Gameplay Perks as you work your way through Road To The Show (PS4 only). It’s also a more streamlined Road To the Show experience, as a new paradigm for base-running and fielding opportunities will maximise the time you spend in situations that matter. For the first time ever in the MLB The Show franchise, you can now also play an entire series of Road To The Show games without ever having to navigate the main menu between games.

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David Wright

As you may have already seen in the announcement in the US, this year’s cover athlete is the one and only… Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays! 2015 was a monster year for Josh, winning the American League MVP along with the MLB Players Association’s Player of the Year award and the AL Outstanding Player award. He also set a new record for most votes ever received for an All Star Game performance…so he really is something special, and we’re excited to have such a dynamic player represent The Show in 2016.


There’s a lot to be excited about in this year’s MLB The Show 16 and we’re counting the days until 29th March! In the meantime we’ll be sending out news and updates on The Show Nation and through our Twitter and Facebook accounts all year, so make sure to follow us to join the conversation.

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blendercat27 01 March, 2016 @ 13:41

Nice. Seeing as there won’t be a new one on Vita this year, is there a chance for a price drop on the last one?

lisbonlion79 01 March, 2016 @ 15:19

Please please please can you tell us if the deluxe or mvp edition will be available and if it will be available on preorder so we can preload.


Love it that this franchise finally gets an EU relese every year.


I agree. Its one of those situations where I completely see how feasible it is to release it digitally and not bother with it physically and it more than likely just not selling enough to justify it. If you sent 2 copies to every single videogame store in the UKit still probably wouldn’t sell out.

Now the only thing is, why is this game always priced brilliantly compared to every other overpriced game on the PS Store?


@andrewsqual Grainger Games in the UK get physical copies of MLB and usually I’ve noticed the games tend to sell out quickly.


Any info on preload and special editions?? Want to get me some of them stubbbs! :D

DarknessGene 02 March, 2016 @ 17:07

I get this every yr but only really play franchise mode. They never really improve franchise mode though and for me the game is becoming very stale. There’s not much difference between the Show now and what it was 5 yrs ago.


I know lisbonlion79 and robperezto have already asked this, but if enough of us ask it as well we might get an answer. Are we getting different editions or just the vanilla version? I envy the North Americans, I want the MVP edition. Will we get to preload it? So that we can “play ball” asap


Looks like Sony have listened to us, I’ve just been able to preorder the Digital Deluxe version on the store and it’s all set to auto download. There’s also the Vanilla and MVP versions available to preorder.

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