New discounts on PlayStation Store: Alien: Isolation, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, 100s more

Grab savings on Resident Evil 0, SOMA, The Crew: Wild Run and Amplitude

We’ve got a fearsome array of titles going on sale this week. See below for hundreds of discounts on the likes of Alien: Isolation, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Resident Evil 0, SOMA, The Crew: Wild Run and many more besides.

Deal of the Week (until 09/03/16)

Great Games, Great Prices promotion (until 16/03/16)

Resident Evil 20th Anniversary (until 16/03/16)

Digital Discounts (until 16/03/16)

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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I bet your partner gets sick of hearing that.


I bet he’s not old enough to understand that joke.


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warensembler83 02 March, 2016 @ 14:34

Some interesting prices there. I’ll probably pick up a few games finally :)

Damn why can’t Amplitude be 50% off I only have €10 on my account :(

Could someone tell me why Resident Evil Revelations 2 never seems to get discounted on PS Vita, even when the PS4 and PS3 versions do?

reggyx3clover 02 March, 2016 @ 18:03

Well they have discount it two times in US store but I don’t know what kind of grudge does this store have with Vita version, maybe its because they’re shocked that the game made it to ps vita

No revelations 2 for vita in the sale??

It seems that the EU discounts have followed the steps of US.

So could we also have some flash sales in the future?


That would be awesome. I remember last year they got a sale in which lots of cool games including Gravity Rush and lots of Telltale games were only 1 dollar…

Please guys list prices alongside the titles… its really tedious having to click into each one to check…


Either way, the PLUS discounts don’t get taken into account that way. Best to just check the store via ps4..

CluckNuggets 02 March, 2016 @ 19:13

The prices wouldn’t be correct anyway, they were unable to list the correct price of a single brand new game in a single blog post, and then the person placing that game on the store would set the price too high…..

supersmith2500 02 March, 2016 @ 14:39

Yes SCEE, why are you against the Vita recently by not putting a Vita version on sale.

FaustoesSpartan 02 March, 2016 @ 14:45

Sony just killed the PS TV, Vita is next


Vita was killed way before PSTV.

FaustoesSpartan 02 March, 2016 @ 14:44

Better then PS Blog EU:

You can see the – magic! – actual prices!

Oh, nice, i was waiting for a 33% discount on Rebel Galaxy (same as PC) but 45%? Bought.



Everyone needs to play Rebel Galaxy it’s so good! Dat soundtrack man!


So The Crew Wild Run edition is now £2.50 less than the Wild Run dlc for the original game?

If the dlc was discounted to £10 – £12 then I would buy it.

But I am not paying £25 for a few motorbikes and a couple of extra events.

Why no discount on The Crew Wild Run level pack?

ZombieMeat666 02 March, 2016 @ 15:00

AC Syndicate was deal of the week not long ago at £30 now you have it at £22 or £37 with season pass! Thanks Sony…

Nothing good in this sale really just lots of overpriced stuff. And I bet AC Black Flag or Rogue is on ps Plus soon maybe next month, same with that ZOMBI and south Park, you can kind of tell now because you will put games on sale at good prices to make some money then put them on plus.


Black flag is to costy for ps + you will get two indie games which noone cares about

I would get Resident Evil Super Bundle but PSN won’t let me buy it because I already own Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition…

Any update on the Hitman Go cross buy issue?
It’s one week later and I still can’t download the Vita version.

zalwelgoedgaan 02 March, 2016 @ 15:19

Welp. Good thing you don’t have to spend €100, ain’t it.


Is the resident evil 20th anniversary theme going to be made available to us in EU and UK as it is in the USA?


I was about to ask that. Weird we get the discounts but not the theme.


Don’t count on it.

EU deals and events are never the same as the US.

Where’s Phantom Breaker Battle Ground’s DLC or Phantom Breaker Battle Ground Overdrive?

finaly nice discount bought watch dogs and alien isolation :) 24 pounds for those 2 is great offer i will buy unity and syndicate when the price will be same :)

bonzothebuzz 02 March, 2016 @ 16:19

First Assassin’s Creed game is still showing up as €9.99, that can’t be the offer price right?!/en-ie/games/assassin%E2%80%99s-creed/cid=EP0001-NPEB00393_00-ASSASSINSCREPKG1

Finka_Karfein 02 March, 2016 @ 16:34

Again Prince of Persia discount… with the DLC Epilogue about 3-4x times more expensive. Ubisoft, fix this or no buy…

Max500600_NL 02 March, 2016 @ 16:36

Please fix the AC Syndicate listing in the Store, price suddenly increased from €28 to €32 and I get an error when I add it to my cart.

No Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag gold edition? No discount on the Season Pass to make up for it is very disappointing.


So.. Still primarily last-gen sales, I see.. Oo
I do like that the deal of the week are now older games at actual sales prices as opposed to newer games with a neglectful pricecut. Although it’s always just one game.. Atleast the DLC is included in the sale now but you should do bigger sales at these prices and do more sales on DLC and season passes.


RE Revelations 2 is tempting but I’d be more inclined to get the regular edition at an even better price. Was too late to snag that one the last time it was on sale..


Nevermind my last comment, just noticed the regular season pass is on sale too :) But I’ll get the Deluxe edition for the couple of extra euros anyway.


Telltale, EA, Activision and now Ubisoft games… yeah… same things over and over again… and vita is thrown to the garbage can once again. Thanks Sony :) Call me when you will give proper Vita and Dlc deals next time… it’s been long time since last ones…

Hi Sony. Unlike the above poster, I don’t mind you repeating old deals. It’s just a shame you won’t repeat the one I really want: Mass Effect 2 & 3 DLC. Last time was almost a year ago (May 2015).


There was a massive EA sale a few weeks ago that included a lot of DLC including Mass effect 2 and 3


There was one huge EA sale back in December and January as well… all DLCs for Mass Effect 1,2 and 3, so you missed them.


@Chris: Can you please check why the German Mobile Store is messed up since weeks?
Example this Week: Click on the alien banner results in a 404.
Click on the Sale Button in den Menu results in a “0 Games this category”

Please fix, i use the Mobile Store a lot.

With how obsessively sony is trying to kill the vita, I kinda doubt we’ll even have a decent sale for it again


I can’t understand: we have the SAME Resident Evil sale as the US store. But we DON’T get a sale on REVELATIONS 2 for PS VITA.

PS Vita is dead: it’s Sony that killed it, not the customers… I guess there would be a lot of people ready to buy RE: Revelations 2 on PS VITA like me…

Not really on topic but can someone look into the ‘cross-buy’ with Hitman: GO.. Bought last week on the vita and was going to download for the PS4.. been told I can’t purchase the crossbuy one as ‘I already own it’ and going on to my download list it says I can download it for either the Vita or PS3.

Knew this would be a faff!!


Check last weeks new games post. They mentioned the cross buy not coming into effect until a partivular date (which i forgot)


Thanks for replying :) Yes did check last weeks bits..I’m sure it was 2nd March for the crossbuy coming into effect.
However, tried to download Hitman:GO actually on my PS4 (I had been trying on the web store yesterday) which worked fine.. so if anyone is still having trouble be sure to try either off your Vita or PS4 to download it if you haven’t :) Hope everyone gets theirs to download OK! :)

AC Rogue for £5.99! That’s a damn fine price.


I don’t mind the lack of prices but could you at least split the list into ps3 & ps4?

Monopoly PLUS for 8,99 €

i just bought it for 2.99 $ (and it was 14.99$ also before)
come on sony.
use the same discount scheme.
this is a bloody shame


US going to get these deals too? All we got was Resident Evil sale.


Dear Sony,

Why do you so intensely hate the PSVita so much?

It is the best handheld system that has seen the light of day. I just don’t understand the grudge you have against it, and I struggle to remain loyal to your brand.


Totally useless list without prices. I’d even be happy if the price was listed in euros then atleast I’d have an idea of how much things were.

LORDSaRdOnIcUs 03 March, 2016 @ 18:26

Why is the ubisoft sale not showing up on my psn store app or on ps4 or ps3,only sale showing is resident evil sale???? Irritated I was interested in purchasing a few titles especially alien isolation


because you’re in the US and this is a EU sale maybe?

Romero_Carpenter 04 March, 2016 @ 05:40

Any chance a discount on Assassins Creed III Season Pass. I already own the disc version of the game.

FantasyMeister 04 March, 2016 @ 10:19

I just snapped up Trials Fusion Awesome Max Edition for £9.99 (includes Season Pass etc), many thanks for the discount!

bonzothebuzz 04 March, 2016 @ 11:28

Still waiting on the sale price of first Assassin’s Creed, it’s still €9.99, can you fix it? cheers

DieFliedermouse 04 March, 2016 @ 12:59

Here’s an idea to everyone on here complaining that Sony hates the Vita beacuse they haven’t included much in this sale.

If you love the Vita so much, why don’t you try buying something full price for once and support the industry?

Why is there no discount on Resident Evil Revelations 2 on the Vita like there is in the sale on the American PSN?

FlyinAtFreeLevel 06 March, 2016 @ 11:08

I’m so glad I don’t buy games day one anymore. Thanks to these sales I have gotten so much more for my money, alien isolation I’m loving this game more then I thought, and all dlc for 15. Battlefield 4 around 22 I think it was, all dlc and season pass. Final fantasy arr and havensword bundle collectors edition 25 maybe it was lower. And other games got cheap minecraft, sleeping dogs with all dlc. Yeah I’m like two years behind the games but better be late then pay so much

Battlefield prices are a joke to begin with so ill take the bargin.


Its not just the sales. Have you seen this weeks new release post? Nothing for Vita, yet there are new titles released. I’m quite fed up with the ignorance we Vita owners get.


so monopoly plus is on sale again…. and i was tempted…. but it’s been a lower price on previous sales……. so not biting until it inevitably gets reduced again to a lower price. i’m pretty sure there’s also a law against misleading sale prices too but i’ll let that one slide.

TheLordPegasus 09 March, 2016 @ 08:44

Might be nice to start sorting these lists by console instead of just alphabetical Chris. Just saying.

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