Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Launches 1st July on PS4

The greatest sci-fi JRPG is returning! The next instalment in the Star Ocean franchise, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, comes to PS4 in Europe on 1st July

Yes, it’s a mere three months away! This year actually marks the 20th anniversary since the release of the very first Star Ocean, so it’s a very special time for us at the office. We’re celebrating our fifth dive into a universe we all know and love, and we can’t wait for you to experience it with us.

New to Star Ocean? Well here are a couple of things you should know:

All the titles in the series share a rich history and universe, but you should know that you don’t have to play the previous games to enjoy the story of this one. It’s not like watching the third movie in a trilogy without watching the first two, you won’t get lost.

Apart from the story, the battle system is really a driving factor in why players return to the series. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will actually boast the ability to have up to seven ally characters on-screen and battling simultaneously. *Clears throat* SEVEN! To give you some perspective on that, imagine seven characters from your favourite fighting game banding together using their flashy abilities all on one screen simultaneously and obliterating enemies. Excited much?


A veteran to the series?

Well as you know, it’s been five years since the release of the last Star Ocean game. So there’s been an itch to bring the franchise back to the top of the JRPG echelon. This was producer Shuichi Kobayashi’s mission from the start, and that passion has been contagious between our offices in Japan, U.S, and here in Europe.

He asked me to deliver this special message to Western fans:

It has been quite long since the last instalment was released and the time has now come for us to share another “tale of the sea of stars” with you. I personally adore this franchise and have been excited to be involved in the process of its resurrection. There are fewer JRPGs for consoles on the market these days and I believe that this makes the release of this new game particularly significant. The franchise has always featured exhilarating action battles and with the new game, we deliver an evolved combat system which can involve a party of up to seven characters and it is easier to execute combo attacks.
There are also many new and additional game items and content that we hope may encourage you to replay the game for added value, and I sincerely hope you will give this game a try. We would really like to get your support so that we can continue to tell more “tales of the sea of stars”.

A few things we’re excited to share:

  • The game will have dual audio options, meaning you can switch between English and Japanese voice-over. If you prefer Japanese voice-over, you can select to have English subtitles.
  • The characters were designed by “akiman” (Street Fighter series).
  • The score was composed by Motoi Sakuraba (Tales of series, Dark Souls series).


To give you a bit of background on the story, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness revolves around a blue-haired swordsman named Fidel. Look at that hair. Can we all please live in a galaxy where our hair looks that good all the time? Anyway… Fidel and his crew, which includes the pink-haired healer named Miki, embark on an adventure that will transcend space to protect a mysterious girl, Relia, from dark forces.

We sincerely hope you’re all as excited as we are for the release of the game, but until then, be sure to keep up to date with all of the new Star Ocean content through our “Star Log” live streams, which air on the Square Enix Twitch and YouTube channels.

The TLDR message of it all is, Star Ocean is BACK.

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Looking really forward to this and many thanks for the inclusion of dual-audio! Can’t wait :D

Is there a chance we will get the Star Ocean 2 port for PS4 (and Vita lol)?


although i have them both on umd, i think it wouldnt be a bad idea to just release the psp version of star ocean 1 and 2 digital, vita compatibel ofcourse, at the very least.


Yeah, I am getting this one. We need more sci-fi JRPGs.


For sure, interesting setting, one of the more unique JRPG’s, this and Persona 5 can’t wait

Good to hear to you guys did dual audio and english subtitles :)
I’m looking forwards to it.

SatoshiOokami 04 April, 2016 @ 18:41

Exactly! Nao Toyama and Ogura Yui are way too awesome to miss =D

More jrpgs are never a bad thing.

IzanagiNoOkami90 04 April, 2016 @ 14:29

The game will have multi languages subtitles (italian, french, german, ecc ) or is english only?


English and French only this time around.

Man I missed you Dan, never leave us again!!
Was sad to not have you being hyped with us during the FFXV announcement :)

Anyway, Miki figure when??? :D


Great news indeed :) If only there would be more news about Persona 5 and Ni no kuni 2…

Hey Seto, i’m extreamly happy. But would it be possible to have Star Ocean 2 on vita and PS4 here like japan? I miss that game

Still waiting for SO3 port to PS4. Pretty please?
I am really happy to see Star Ocean series still kicking, this game seems so much better than FFXV to me.
It’s just that a party of 7 kinda bothers me. Hopefully it wont become a “press x to win”. How many hundred of hours BT gonna take this time?


Never happen. It’s the worst in the series ^^”

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! Can’t tell you how happy and excited I am to finally see another Star Ocean. This is a day 1 purchase. Still surprised it’s out so early. Not complaning though! Also Motoi Sakuraba <3 Huge fan of the Tales of Series so having him here as well just makes it even better!

Any chance for a Limited Edition or Collector's Edition of sorts?

Nvm this. Just noticed CE is up on your store!

Glad to hear it’s going to come very soon. Too bad it’s will contain stupid censorship thanks to a certain group of puritan people who don’t like to see “pantsu”.


To be fair, compared to other games this censor is very minor and the only thing. Other games censor much more stuff

VirusInfection12 04 April, 2016 @ 17:25

Will this release date include Australia as well? I know they usually do but since this game is so close to my heart I would just like to be sure.

Nice. SO2 is one of my favorite PS1 games and I have very fond memories of playing it. SO3 was very nice too, except for the plot twist. While SO4 was annoying as heck with the stupid whiny emo guy as a main character, and really, who enjoys playing as an idiot?

I hope SO5 return to the greatness of SO2, and that the story and characters don’t give you any “what are they thinking!?” facepalm moments.

I’m very happy for the presence of the dual audio, but the game will be only in english?

Oooooh yes here we goooooooo.

Can’t wait :)

And I still have to play 4 >.>

Enjoyed the first 2 on PSP. Did 100%
Not much liked 3…
Never got the chance to play 4 because I wanted to Platinum it…and it takes 700+ hours…….

pablo-hassan 05 April, 2016 @ 14:43

Really looking forward to this had to pre order the ltd edition from the SE store

nice ,
dark souls 3 ( already spoild a lot before launch by to many videos , bring out world wide you games like ff 15 )
star ocean

mass efect
dragon quest …..
best rp generation after ps2
only ting missing = monster hunter
next elderscrols ( vr lollllllllllllll )

michaelleemac 07 April, 2016 @ 08:38

This looks good, but I just know it will have the same tired old story. I think they need to get some good writers in and refresh it. I think the gameplay of JRPG’s is great, but the stories of each game were old in the PS2 days…


My only question is will it be on the playstation store?

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