New on PlayStation Store: DiRT Rally, Enter the Gungeon, more

Plus, blast off into Dead Star and Shutshimi

This week’s PlayStation Store update unleashes the high-octane thrills of DiRT Rally on PS4. And if you still need more adrenaline pumping through your video game veins, the bullet hell blitz of Enter the Gungeon is sure to give you the shot you need. See below for all this week’s new arrivals.

PlayStation StoreOut this week




    • Shutshimi – Free for PS Plus Members
      5th April

    • Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition
      6th April

    • RBI Baseball
      6th April


    • WRC 5 eSports Edition
      7th April

    • MXGP 2 – Day One Edition
      7th April

    • MXGP 2 – Special Edition
      7th April


    • Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
      7th April

    • SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 Empires
      8th April


    • Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Pass Deluxe
      5th April

    • Amplitude
      5th April

    • Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
      7th April


    • SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 Empires
      8th April



    • SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 Empires
      8th April

    PS4 DLC

    5th April

    • Lego Marvel’s Avengers
    • Marvels Ant-Man Pack
    • Mortal Kombat X
    • XL Pack
    • Apocalypse Pack
    • Naruto Shippuden
    • Gaara’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack

    6th April

    • SHAREfactory
    • 50s Theme

    7th April

    • MXGP 2
    • Season Pass

    8th April

    • Minecraft: Story Mode
    • Adventure Pass

    Enjoy! Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

    Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in April

    8 Author replies
    spacedelete2 05 April, 2016 @ 13:06

    all we get nowadays are indies. no wonder theres so many analysts claiming consoles are dying as all you need to do is check the weekly psn updates to see the next batch of shovelware spreading the psn store.

    RoaringMdog18 05 April, 2016 @ 13:44

    ”all we get nowadays are indies” Well that’s just not true. There are plenty big games coming out in the coming weeks, and a bunch have been released over the last few months. Sure, there are tons of indies coming out aswell, but that doesnt take away the fact that we’re still getting big 60 euro games almost every week. You can choose to ignore them, or maybe they’re not all for you, but to say ”all we get nowadays are indies” is pretty silly.

    Bgjknpqswvyu 05 April, 2016 @ 13:44

    Considering the PS4 is the fastest selling console of all time with no signs of it slowing down I don’t know where you pulled that from. Maybe it’s because you just don’t like indies.


    Back in 2006-2007, before we had online stores for games there would be maybe 1 or 2 AAA games a month worth buying. I dont think thats changed. We still get a similar number of AAA games but we also get the choice of loads of smaller games. I dont think thats a bad thing. If you dont like them then thats cool, youve got dark souls 3 out next week, uncharted out in 4 weeks. I like having the choice of different types of games to play rather than get a game, play it and finish it and then wait for the next worthwhile AAA release

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    Nothing interesting.

    Wasn’t the MKXL pack already released? What did I buy, then?

    will be there a new sale tomorrow ?

    Any word on the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth at all?

    Francesca Mead 05 April, 2016 @ 13:59

    We’re looking at a release within the next couple of months, but nothing concrete to confirm.


    @Francesca Tyrone mentioned sometime in April, was he referring to the USA release date?


    Tyrone March 8 “Final submissions for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth on console are end of next week. Hope to have it out next month NA+EU”

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    You’re welcome (sorry for no Dollars/Pounds, site is not mine)

    Amplitude for PS3! I wonder how it is compared to PS4 version :)


    Is it cross-buy? I think it was originally promised as such.

    Francesca Mead 05 April, 2016 @ 14:05

    According to the devs, it will support cross-buy.


    Good, good, will get both someday :)


    Dead star is a great game, actualy menu, I couldn’t play it, cuz servers are on maitanence, woohoo, great start…

    supersmith2500 05 April, 2016 @ 13:36

    This is why I hate online-only games.

    Golovanov-UK 05 April, 2016 @ 13:33

    Question about price for “Tearaway Unfolded”.
    £15.99 / €19.99 is a new regular price or temporary.

    Also, “Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign” has no DLCs in Russia and Poland since launch (there should be 3 DLC).


    Tearaway discounted price is up until tomorrow according to the store page. It’s 12,99 euros at the moment.

    Golovanov-UK 05 April, 2016 @ 13:45

    Yeah, I know that.
    But I want to know – 15.99/19.99 is new regular price or it is like sale for temporarily discounted game.
    Maybe it will be priced 34.99/39.99 again.


    I don’t think they’re not that stupid to put a discount to a discount and then go back to the original price…

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    Can you confirm if we in the EU are getting Axiom Verge for the Vita on April 19th?
    I ask because the EU Blog didn’t even post about it like the US version did.

    HellsSyerBlue 05 April, 2016 @ 13:39

    how about sales?is there going to be one tomorrow or not? come clean do something or you guys want to do even less cuz if you do less then you need to stop making updates on the site lol how about a rpg sale or dlc sale,look at the dlcs prices 5 euros for 1 char what?so get us a good rpg or dlc sale soon,btw looks like plus is a dead service look at that games no AAA for ps3?thats verry funny,yep you guys dont care,you just put games in the service just for the sake of it


    Did you not check the store at all the past 2 weeks? The easter sale has been great and had plenty of variety in the games sold.

    supersmith2500 05 April, 2016 @ 13:40

    A Virus named TOM? It’s supposed to come out today since it’s free for Plus members.

    Also, I know Skullgirls is out next week according to the tweet.


    Virus etc. IS out…

    RoaringMdog18 05 April, 2016 @ 13:45

    It’s up on the store, they just forgot to mention it. (like they do with lots of vita games)


    Any news on Summon Night 5?


    Was it ever planned for Europe?

    Francesca Mead 05 April, 2016 @ 15:37

    No news so far, but please keep an eye on Bandai Namco channels for any announcements.


    Bandai Namco? The game was published by Gaijinworks in the US.

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    £55 for DiRT Rally is simply too much!


    Then buy it physical. Those are always cheaper.


    I cant see the point on buying games day one digitally… the physical copy is only one amazon away, and it’s always cheaper.

    Right now, buying physical games digitally is a waste of money, but for some sales… you allways find better prices for the physical release and you could sell it away when it’s done (or borrow it btw)


    The physical copy of DiRT Rally is beter anyway since Codemasters have included the Colin McRae Rally Legend Blu Ray with it.

    X_Blood_Curse_X 05 April, 2016 @ 13:55

    Wish we got Enter the gungeon on Plus. Be nice to get an indie with a bit of value for a change

    Super Meat Boy, Towerfall Ascension, Broforce, Guacamelee, Super Time Force Ultra, Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami, Sound Shapes, Velocity 2X.

    Yup, nothing “of value” so far.

    X_Blood_Curse_X 05 April, 2016 @ 14:50

    Half of those were either rubbish, dirt cheap already on PC/360, on sale a million times before launching on Plus and Broforce still doesn’t even run properly.

    Yeah sorry, I was going on review scores and personal enjoyment. I forgot that Plus is expensive enough to cater to everybody’s taste and circumstances.

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    Where is Max Payne #Ps2toPs4 ? Can we have some info about it or its release date ?

    TachikomaShiki 05 April, 2016 @ 16:43

    Damn, really disappointing there is still no news about it…


    And it looks like they don’t know either since they don’t reply. Oh well…
    See ya next week I guess. :D

    TachikomaShiki 05 April, 2016 @ 17:45

    Yep, next week again XD


    Really looking to play plant v zombie on the VITA. Its not been on the store for ages. I heard there’s a disagreement who actually owns the rights now. Anybody know?????

    supersmith2500 05 April, 2016 @ 14:33

    EA owns the rights to Popcap if you’re wondering.


    Any news about towerfall on vita? Talked with Matt yesterday on tweeter, He kindly told me it’s not on his hands at this point, but will come someday…. Do you have more info about it?

    Please be aware US got it on 15/12, thats almost four months ago… Why is being the EU version so delayed?

    and… any incoming sales near in the future?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    Francesca Mead 05 April, 2016 @ 14:36

    I don’t have any news for Towerfall right now. It was delayed due to waiting for submission from the developer of an EU version, and I will be update if I get word of a release.


    translation, they submitted it months ago and we’ve lost it.

    Hi Francesca, does that mean it has now been submitted?


    Now that the ongoing sale is going to stop soon, how about putting all the older PSP Guilty Gear and BlazBlue games on sale? Last time they were on sale, there were some problems with the publisher and it resulted in many countries not being able to buy the games during the sale period. The games have come back now, but it really sucks that some of us couldn’t buy the games for the sale prices just because they became unavailable at that time.

    And also, is PSP version of Dragon’s Lair never going to be on sale? The PS3 version has reduced in price multiple times, but to my understanding, PSP version has never been.

    Any chance the Street Fighter V avatars that are on the US PSN will come to the EU store?


    Any word yet about Taco master on the EU store?

    Francesca Mead 05 April, 2016 @ 14:38

    It’s on its way, but I don’t have an exact release date yet.

    RoaringMdog18 05 April, 2016 @ 14:38

    Nothing yet :/ The devs haven’t said a thing in months now. Maybe they gave up on the idea.

    AussieOutsider 05 April, 2016 @ 14:34

    Mortal Kombat XL Pack released again???


    DIRT demo version would be great :)


    Wasn’t the Outer Rim DLC for Battlefront available for non season-pass holders today?


    Ok, it’s on there – £12.99. But you need to update your listing really.

    why does clicking the virus named tom image bring up an email login page for yahoo?

    and dead star brings up a flickr image page.

    are simple links too difficult?!/en-gb/games/dead-star/cid=EP1349-CUSA03209_00-DEADSTARGAME0000

    look, it’s pretty easy.

    Steve_Of_The_O 05 April, 2016 @ 15:39

    Francesca, noticed there is a discount available on the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 season pass if you already own Awakenings. Can see it in game but the price still shows the usual 34.99gbp on the store. Contacted Activision who told me it was a Sony issue.

    Francesca, last week (New on Playstation store, March 29) i asked about the 50/60hz situation with the ps2 games on the ps4 and you said that you were going to enquire about it (“I’m currently enquiring about this and will update when I have more info.”). Were you able to get any answer? Thank you.

    Francesca Mead 06 April, 2016 @ 10:18

    Still waiting for some feedback on this one – will update when I can.


    Hey SONY, just a quick word, if you make all the PS2 classics on (and coming to) the PS4 60hz versions in EU, you WILL sell many more copies of all of them, I can guarantee it!


    And now the usual topic.

    Persona 5

    UltraSilver64 05 April, 2016 @ 16:16

    Noticed that Minecraft Story Mode is now 8 episodes instead of 5 and the Season Pass is now a Season Pass Deluxe.

    If you already have the Season Pass, will you need to purchase the Deluxe version to get Episodes 6-8? And if so, will there be a discount on the Deluxe version for existing Season Pass holders?

    StevenJamesHyde 05 April, 2016 @ 16:26

    The Adventure Pass listed in the DLC section covers episodes 6-8 for those who already own the 1-5 season pass


    I can’t see the adventure pass anywhere. It also said in game that I owned episode 6-8 last week.
    Let’s hope the new pass will replace the old one and owners of the old pass get the additional episodes.

    StevenJamesHyde 05 April, 2016 @ 18:11

    The Adventure Pass is listed with a release date of April 8th, so you won’t find it on the store yet. You aren’t getting the extra episodes for free, sadly

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    Sony’s sales lead is making them lazy. Microsoft on the other hand are working hard to provide a service that tramples over the PS4. Inparticular, Games With Gold. Owning both consoles only continues to highlight to me how much I’m being ripped off paying for a subscription service I buy out of habit and forced necessity, not because I want too.
    But the worst thing about all this, the one thing gets stabs my digital heart every day…is knowing, without question…Sony don’t care. Not one little bit. So long as the money keeps rolling in, they’ve keep steamrolling over the consumer.
    Roll on next gen’. Sony need to lose again for them to see how to win; right now dollar signs are making them blind.


    I wish the blog had an edit feature, using a mobile on the train produces odd results. Granted that would mean staff would have to, y’know, actually READ blog comments more than once a day, but it would be useful. Wishful thinking.


    Or…you could just buy your games, and stop expecting them all free?

    Entitlement is rife this generation.


    Games With Gold is doing well, but Deals With Gold is rubbish most of the time. Also, let’s not forget that you’re only eligible for Deals With Gold if you’re subscribed. In other words, you have to pay them to get a discount.

    Meanwhile on PSN, sales have always been better, and you don’t need to be a subscriber to benefit from them.


    New store design… :/

    jason-bridges 07 April, 2016 @ 19:10

    It’s certainly different…


    What is happening with The Walking Dead : Michonne – Episode 2 on the PS3?

    It’s not available, and a certain PlayStation Support employee I spoke to on the phone today (named Joe) was incredibly rude, dismissive, not the least bit interested in helping, or allowed me to finish a sentence (cutting me off repeatedly). How does one go about making a formal complaint?

    According to…!/en-au/search/q=michonne

    The PS4 version is $22.95 and says it’s a “Bundle”. The PS3 version is also $22.95, but says it’s only “Episode 1”.

    Episode 2 is available for the PS4 version, but not the PS3 version in SCEE regions.

    Could that description please be corrected & could you please make Episode 2 available? (according to Telltale, it should have been available to us on March 31st)

    Could you please ensure that we do not encounter this problem yet again when Episode 3 is released?


    I feel for you. Sony have the worst customer service I’ve ever known across all business and industry. Rude, poorly informed, uneducated, and completely unaware of issues and problems surrounding the platforms they’re being paid to aid in. The online CS is equally as bad, 99% of the time answering questions and pleas for help by forwarding a link to the same website script they read from. If there isn’t a web page they can post, they just ignore you.
    Terrible service. But, so long as Sony keep selling PS4’s and people continue to buy PS+, why change? There’s no motivation to do so, and senior management are so out of touch, they think everything’s fine in Playstationland. They can only surround themselves with sycophants for so long.


    And, what’s happening with this week’s Rock Band 4 content?

    There’s supposed to be a 30 song mega pack (the pre-order content). The individual songs are on the Store, but the bundled pack at a discounted price is not. In the US, it’s $14.99 for the 30 songs, so i’d expect it to be no more than $19.95 here in Australia.

    halfaworldaway 05 April, 2016 @ 17:40

    They still can’t be bothered to put the prices in the blog post, who’s bright spark was that?


    They removed because to many people complained that they didn’t list the prices in their local currencies so it got removed.

    Finka_Karfein 05 April, 2016 @ 18:01

    Hope Ratchet & Clank Trilogy will get a discount to celebrate the coming release of the remake. Would buy both :)

    madmanwithabox12 05 April, 2016 @ 20:31

    Can’t find Shutshimi on Vita. It’s supposed to be a PS+ title.


    I had to go to the online PS store, purchase from there to make it appear on the Vita download list. Fun little game.

    snake_eyes5703 05 April, 2016 @ 23:09

    Is there any update as to when the Gaara’s tale scenerio pack will be on psn?


    Is there any news on the DLC:
    Naruto Shippuden – Gaara’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack
    Thats is supposed to be in the PSN store today and for some reason it is not? Does anyone know when it will be available or what’s going on with why it isn’t there?

    Edvardcooper 06 April, 2016 @ 08:52

    Any news about Psychonauts for PS4?

    Where is unepic?



    Where’s Lords of The Fallen The Complete Edition? Supposed to be out today 6th April. It’s also listed in the post above.

    noodleboy1972 07 April, 2016 @ 16:22

    Nothing about the sale that started yesterday.Had to find out elsewhere.

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