Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness hits PS4 & PS Vita this September

Fan-favourite interactive adventure is heading west later this year

Greetings, my fellow doods! Chris King from NIS America here to give you some fresh information on our upcoming title, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness.

We are happy to officially announce that the game is coming to Europe on 16th September for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

For those who may not know much about Psycho-Pass, allow me to share with you a brief history: Psycho-Pass originally began as an anime television series, airing in Japan in 2014. The anime received critical praise and quickly made its way to the West and grew to become very popular within the anime community. Written by Gen Urobuchi, best known for his dark style and unforgiving plot twists, Psycho-Pass tells a dystopian sci-fi tale for the ages…

In 2113, the government in this society has advanced technological developments that allow one’s mental state and disposition to be quantified and profiled. In other words, with only the mere intent of behaving in a criminal manner, your mental state would be profiled in your “Psycho-Pass”, resulting in potential imprisonment or even death. This system is the government’s omniscient eyes of justice.

The Psycho-Pass is broken into two main components. One of the components is the Hue, a visual representation that conveys a person’s stress level. The other is a Crime Coefficient, a numerical value representing a person’s criminal capacity. This numerical value determines whether an individual requires enforcement by the detectives of the Public Safety Bureau.

The game


Developed by MAGES., creators of the well-received “Science Adventure” series, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness takes place during the timespan of the first season of the anime series and adds backstory and world building to the overall story, as well as in-depth storylines to each of the newly introduced characters.


You choose between two new playable characters; Nadeshiko Kugatachi, a calm and serious Inspector whose memories were wiped away, or Takuma Tsurugi, a hot-headed Enforcer who is searching for his missing childhood friend. As you proceed through the game, you are given different cases and must decide on the best course of action for each given situation. Some decisions may lead you towards the right path, and some may lead you closer to…something else. Be warned – every choice you make has its own repercussions and could end the game sooner than expected.


Fully voiced by the original Japanese anime voice actors, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness comes with new characters, new plotlines, and all of your favourites from season 1 of the anime series.

For more information on the story, characters, and game, check out our official website. We are still early in the localization process, but I will definitely have more once we get a little closer to the release date. For the time being, we highly recommend checking out the anime series.

Thank you all and please look forward to Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness this September for PS4 and Vita!

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blade1003605 11 April, 2016 @ 18:04

Visual novell for Vita\PS4 are always welcome.


Very happy to bring ’em your way, blade1003605!

HomessaHomem 11 April, 2016 @ 18:09


Heck yeah! Man I just can’t play these on TV. I mean it’s kinda like reading a book and I do not do that on a TV ^^ But hey all the better the more people that buy it :)

Heck yeah! Please NISA throw up a fat pretty LE asap :D


I am soooo buying this, thank you Nisa ! thank you !

stevilkenevil 11 April, 2016 @ 18:16

Only just finished watching Psycho-Pass yesterday; loved it so I can’t bloody wait for this :D This, Danganronpa, Zero Escape, hopefully Steins;Gate Zero…such a good year for the Vita.


You’ve got quite the list of AMAZING titles on your list right there! Thanks for your support stevilkenevil

Definitely getting this for my VITA! Curious about the price though!


Thanks for the support Veritere! The price is €39.99 for the PS Vita version, and €49.99 for the PS4 version.

Jeff-Andrew-NL 11 April, 2016 @ 18:33

Looks interesting. Hope the anime is on Crunchyroll. Never heard of it before reading this post.
Will this game have a platinum trophy?

SatoshiOokami 11 April, 2016 @ 18:39

Of course it has a Platinum trophy.
It’s a VN =)


The anime is available on Funimation which has just launched in the UK (as Funimation Now) at least; there’s a free trial for a month. That’s more than enough time to plough through the available eps.


Its also on Netflix.
I didn’t get round to watching it all, but my wide highly recommends it. It’s a little like Ghost In The Shell, with elements of Dominion (very Shirow old school in general) with a touch of more modern gritty stuff in there too.

VN really does work best on vita, so hopefully we will be getting mote than the half a dozen or so that have made it West so far.

Now if someone could just republish the psp GiTS game (which would be awesome on vita) and maybe find a way to get the Ps2 game ported.

Theres just not enough grown up anime games these days, and not enough cyberpunk, which used to be a mainstay of PlayStation gaming.

supersmith2500 11 April, 2016 @ 18:34

This is why I love NIS America. Thank you so much for the Vita support.

SatoshiOokami 11 April, 2016 @ 18:39

Truly greatness awaits! :D
Day 1 :D For HanaKana! :D

mellan_Konsten 11 April, 2016 @ 18:42

Finally I can ask this question in english (been hoping for a port and localization since the game was first announced on another system in Japan), am I supposed to see the anime before I play the game or does it spoil the story in this game?

SatoshiOokami 12 April, 2016 @ 08:30

It’s an original story, but is set in the middle of the first part of the first season (around episodes 6-7) so… you should at least see the first part. :)


Hi mellan_Konsten and SatoshiOokami! The game takes place during S1 of the anime, and has its own branching storylines and new cast members as well. Watching the anime shouldn’t spoil the game’s story =)

As much as I like the anime I’d prefer a proper game, not a visual novel with ‘choices’.

How is a VN not a proper game? It’s not so much ‘choices’ as it is character routes (meaning deciding how you respond to the characters in the story). Most VN games can take 50-60 hours to play – not text skipping. In reality they are longer than a lot of other so-called ‘proper’games.

Secondly VN games are fairly cheap to produce which is why so many of them have been released in Japan and there is a consumer base that wants more of these games to be released in the west.

SatoshiOokami 12 April, 2016 @ 08:34

How would you even transform PP into a ‘proper’ game?
At best it could be an action title about catching criminals… but… what defines Psycho-Pass is story.
And that can be conveyed best through VN.

A proper game is something you can actually play. Not just read and select like the old books where you go to a certain page to see what the choice you made reveals.

Story? Doesn’t stop the likes of Persona, FF, Attack on Titan etc having games with great stories. That’s a poor reason to charge through the nose for what is basically a roleplaying book with pretty pictures.

Length of it doesn’t matter if it’s boring. I would much rather play as an agent that you can move around, do quests etc in the psycho pass world. If other anime get rpg and action games then why can’t this? Laziness is no excuse.

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Yay for more VNs! Really digging this trend of localizing VNs. Please keep it up!


We will try, Rawanz! =D

Will this game have a good and honest translation or are you gonna put in a army off Meme’s like nintendo?

Looking forward to this, can never have enough VN games. Hope even more are coming west.

The link provided in the article of physical release is for US stores. Are you planning to release a physical version in the EU?

SatoshiOokami 12 April, 2016 @ 08:35

Especially considering NISA’s US store no longer allows non-US orders.


Hello Izorpo! Yes, we will have a physical version in EU, both for PS4 and PS Vita. The link in our article goes to our main webpage, which only has information about the North American version (for now), but we will update the site with European retailers soon :)

Thank you! That’s great to hear.


can’t wait!


Excellent news, seconded on a physical edition. I kept eyeing up importing it but figured it would take me years to play through in Japanese; glad I waited. I can wait a bit longer too.

This gaim has cool animu drawings.

ManikwithaNine 12 April, 2016 @ 00:19

What’s gameplay like?

SatoshiOokami 12 April, 2016 @ 08:29

Well… like VN =D

Great to see this getting a localization. There’s not exactly an abundance of grittier stuff on the VN front in the west. Looking forward to this.

pablo-hassan 12 April, 2016 @ 09:16

Amazing news need more VN on vita cannot wait for this!!

Will there be physical releases ? I would love that very much!
I loved the series and the movie, I also love the VN games, so this is win-win combination fore me :D


Hello DiSkAcH! Yes, the game is coming out as a physical release for PS4 and PS Vita! Very happy to feel your excitement for this one =)

Oh, I don’t know how to edit posts here :(
Just visited publishers site, and yes there will be physical release :D :D :D

I hope we get a physical version in europe. I want that LE very much. Otherwise it will be imported.


It’s coming as a physical version, RxTy! I repeat, do not import! =P

As long as we get a limited edition as well this won’t be necessary. But thanks for the advice ;)

ummagummachild 12 April, 2016 @ 17:10

Super excited….been long since i have heard of a good game coming to vita. I only started Steins;Gate on vita today which I am enjoying and now this one. VN is one of my favorite genre and I only like it on vita and somehow not on my PS4. WIll definitely add to my collection

No English dub?

MisterGottlos 12 April, 2016 @ 22:05

Never doubted there will be a European Version, but of course it’s great everything is confirmed now.
I hope, but I don’t think we will get it, there will be the same Limited Edition like the US get on
Really hope it won’t be an NISA Europe Store exclusive, I really can’t afford these prices there.

Anyway. Since you will bring a new Visual Novel to us, Nippon Ichi also have an original created Visual Novel: Shin Hayarigami. The Sequel was announced a few weeks ago. Would love to see part 1 here in the West.

YES!! Another brilliant VN makes it to PS Vita. :D Keep up the good work NISA, I love you! <3

r22637948-345_d3 13 April, 2016 @ 22:16

I think it’s a cool game

smile_taisou 14 April, 2016 @ 09:33

I’m mandatory buying the Vita version. One can never have enough VNs!

r22637948-345_d3 15 April, 2016 @ 00:54


Inherentdragon 15 April, 2016 @ 23:28

Just watched the first episode on Netflix and really enjoyed it!Will be watching the rest of the season and picking this up too at some point :)


Simply showing my support for this localization project! It’s pretty amazing that you guys are actually going to bring this game here, thanks in advance and keep up the good work!!

English audio? If not I’ll pass.

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