How Hello Games’ artists conceived No Man’s Sky infinite universe

Plus, your first look at the upcoming Limited Edition Custom PS4 Faceplate

Hello! Sean Murray here, a programmer working on No Man’s Sky, the infinite science-fiction adventure coming soon to PS4.

Our game is procedurally generated – created by the PlayStation 4 – but we always want it to have a unique recognisable style, to look like a science fiction book cover come to life.

This is only possible because of our super-talented art team. When we talk about No Man’s Sky, we like to talk about the maths involved in creating the visuals, but really it’s our artists that give the game its beautiful style.

We wanted to try and explain how it works with a quick video, because it’s very different to any other game I’ve worked on. We recently let a recording crew loose in the Hello Games offices, and not only did they film us hard at work on the game, but our team also helped to answer a few of the questions many of you have been asking over the years. Hopefully you like it!

Once you’re finished watching, you might be interested in some new footage we recently had to show on PlayStation channels where I gave Anthony Carboni, friend of the studio and fellow sci-fi geek, a tour of some of some new features and also let him have a quick play. Be warned – the body count is high!

Before I go, I also wanted to share something really cool – a Limited Edition Custom Faceplate for PS4 that’s coming to SIEE regions.*

We think it looks great, and will be excited to hear what you guys think too! It’ll be available the same week as the game.


Thanks as always for the support and interest in the game. It means the world to us. See you again very soon!

Find out more information on No Man’s Sky at

*No Man’s Sky Limited Edition Custom Faceplate available in UK & Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Check with local retailers for cost and availability in your area

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The faceplate is a great bonus. It should serve as an example to other publishers instead of doing a totally new system instead.

I hope it becomes available in retail though and not just as a limited edition, I’d hate to miss out as not all of us can buy new releases straight away or pre-order in advance.


That would be because it’s not available yet

Ups My Bad


I’m really excited to play your game, Sean. June can’t come soon enough! :)

Faceplate not available in Norway :( Makes me wonder what the reason is…. Looks like once again I’m forced to buy stuff from scalpers on E-bay because of stupid distribution decisions….

not available in germany either….. completely sucks!


try living in the USA. Not even available in this part of the hemisphere

hulkvsfaisal 22 April, 2016 @ 17:14


No Man’s Sky could be the Game of my Dreams. A whole Universe to explore. Thanks Hello Games. (A realy crazy Idea, to make such an Game! )

I would like to have a Mothership in the Game.

PS:Are Flight Sticks supported ? (PS4)

(Sorry for my bad english, it is not my nativ….)

very nice to see that the Faceplant is not being available in Germany according to the list. THANK YOU SONY, I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO PUT IT ON MY PS4 but apparently you hate your germany No Man’s Sky fans…….


Bleib ruhig und Kauf es als Import (zum Beispiel, Amazon Uk liefert nach Deutschland )

Ich weiss @MACDALTON aber ist doch komplett dumm das wir mal wieder ausgelassen werden! Aus welchen fadenscheinigen Gründen auch immer….

ScribbleAlex 22 April, 2016 @ 18:20

But will it fit on the Neo?


Although I am very excited about this game I’m still waiting to hear if they’ve changed that ridiculous ‘die and lose all your progress’ idea. That kills the game stone dead for me. In a game this vast where you can virtually explore space and discover new planets, the notion of losing everything when you die is just crazy. I won’t buy the game if that’s how it works in the final version.

As far as I know that was never considered to be a thing.


If you die in Space, you maybe loose your Ship (not all your progress)

KristopherL400 24 April, 2016 @ 00:46

I watched the gameplay on YouTube shown by IGN First less than a month ago and it shows that when you die, you spawn at the nearest planet or space station WITH your ship.

BTW, pre ordered this! Literally cannot wait to play this!

Surprise, surprise. Canadians get screwed again :(


Probably because this is the EUROPEAN blog, not the US one…?


Aww no U.S. release…?…….

That faceplate looks very cool. Shame that this couldn’t have been included with the £70 limited edition of the game, having pre-ordered that already I’m not sure I’ll get that as well for another £20 :(

Sean, from Guildford, Surrey. Could you please answer a question for me.
On the PlayStation the price is £59.99
On the PC via the Humble Bundle Store it is £35.99
On the PC I can run No Mans Sky in 4K, on the PlayStation I’m stuck with 1080p.
my question is this, as I intend to play this for a long time and as your the “founder” of the Studio releasing it, when the PlayStation Neo arrives this October, will you be releasing a patch to allow for 4K support.
As you yourself have praised the artists work here, and I would like to to view them in the highest resolutions possible, the 4K patch will be coming right?
Otherwise I’m going to have to get it via the Humble Bundle for Steam.

Please answer, as I’d hate to have to switch systems and lose my progress if it does not

Thanks Sean
Richard, Cornwall, UK

CoolRichy007UK 26 April, 2016 @ 13:36

Im saying yes 2 all

pablo-hassan 25 April, 2016 @ 09:32

The game looks incredible can’t wait to play!! Also dat faceplate…

CoolRichy007UK 26 April, 2016 @ 13:35

I wonder if there is a company called goodbye games in another universe

I canceled my per-order
Zero replies on the blog from Hello Games, Zero. And their must be at least 10 pages on the blog for this game.
Poor show, Sean, poor show.

I’d love the concept of people being able to place their country’s flag on newly discovered planets. No fighting for planets or anything like that. I just think no matter where you come from across the globe. We all share the desire to explore and travel the unknown.

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