Need For Speed gets new modes, features, Trophies and Challenges

Competitive multiplayer, single player end game content and activities due Wednesday

Hello PlayStation Community! It’s always a pleasure to be here on the blog and this time around I’ve got some exciting new information surrounding the next Need for Speed update, including a feature I’m personally very excited about, SpeedLists.

New Feature: SpeedLists

Multiplayer is an area that we know many of you are deeply passionate about, and we’re really excited to be bringing you SpeedLists, a feature which builds upon that competitive gameplay you’ve been requesting.

These are a series of five pre-selected events that you compete in against other human opponents. At the end of each event you’ll gain points for the place you finish, then, once all events have been complete the points are tallied up, the final standings are displayed and the best racers will be shown off in in a short cinematic sequence.


Once the winner has been crowned, the process begins anew, meaning for those that enjoy competitive multiplayer racing, SpeedLists will quickly become the go-to choice.

Getting into the action is quick and easy, simply select the new SpeedList tile from the main menu, chose from Quick Play, Speed, Style or Mixed, and away you go.

As you play SpeedLists you’ll soon find yourself awarded with a title based on your overall position within the NFS Community. Be warned though…there can only be one PlayStation World Champion. Do you have what it takes to become the best?


New Feature: Prestige Mode

We’ve upped the ante on some of the best events in the game. Test your skills and beat the target scores across each of the Five Ways to Play; Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw to once and for all prove that you really are the Ultimate Icon.

Once you’ve completed the main narrative you’ll get a call from an old friend who’ll hook you up with all the details. From there, a brand new App will be installed into your in-game phone, allowing you toggle between both regular and Prestige variants of events as you wish.

New Feature: Activities

Located across Ventura Bay will be two new types of activity for you to participate in, Drift Corners and Speed Runs.


Approach a Drift Corner and send your car sideways to rack up the points or go full throttle through one of the Speed Runs in order to leave your mark on the Speedwall. With bragging rights at stake you’ll want to ensure you’re coming out on top.

New Trophies

Three new trophies are waiting for you to unlock and add to your collection.

  • Basic Bronze: Win all the Prestige events
  • Gold Plated: Win Gold on all Prestige events
  • Speed Master: Win all the events in a SpeedList


Daily Challenges

We’ve made some changes to the way Daily Challenges award the decal for completing three in one day. Moving forward, each Daily Challenge that you complete will reward you with one of 150 decals on offer, earn them all and take the personalisation of your ride to the next level.

The SpeedList update comes out this Wednesday (27th April), so don’t forget to leave your PS4 in rest mode. Did we mention that it’s completely free?

I look forward to running into you in SpeedLists, try and keep up!

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Now the bad news: This is the last update they are making for NFS so no more cars, fixes, parts for cars without any. (and no neons dispite them being meant for last November)

Prem-aka-Prince 25 April, 2016 @ 19:44

Do you have a source for this or are you just being needlessly sarcastic?


Look for the big youtube link (to big to fit here) near the end is when he says “last ever update”

Prem-aka-Prince 26 April, 2016 @ 00:53

Thanks so much for coming back to share your source, I do appreciate it. However it appears to be gone now (including the long form google videos link) sadly, so I can’t listen to the exact wording to come to my own conclusion. However, without knowing whether the removal was for cover-up or correction, I had to look for other sources.

The only thing I found was inconclusive evidence to the contrary: through a reply to a comment on NFS’ official twitter account, they clearly suggested that more cars are (planned to be) on the way at some point in the future… suggesting at least one more update.

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does this game have manual transmission?

I think manual got added in the last update along with drag races

Prem-aka-Prince 25 April, 2016 @ 19:43

Manual transmission was added in an earlier free patch

An American who drives ‘stick’? I salute you sir!

Prem-aka-Prince 25 April, 2016 @ 19:56

I hope Prestige mode will turn out to be fun as I’m not much for the multiplayer myself. In the NFS site post when talking about the trophies you’ve said “These ones are tough!”, but the Mental Block and Level 70 trophies are already far too tough! So I hope I will have a chance of beating them.

Very mysterious though, no idea how many there are or really what they’ll be like, as you haven’t been very specific. What really confuses me about a hard mode is that you already have infamous rubber banding, so why do you even need scaling difficulty…

Still no offline mode, still not gonna buy it.


Do u live in a cave with no Internet buddy.. The game is a next gen game guys like u only halt progress as the servers are perfect on NFS

infernalmonkey1 26 April, 2016 @ 09:14

The servers are ‘perfect’ because nobody bought this garbage game. Forcing customers to be constantly connected online to play a full price single player game is the dumbest thing EA could have possibly done with this franchise.

silverleo9166 26 April, 2016 @ 09:22

Yes I agree with the offline mode. It’s not about how good the servers are, it’s about that you should be able to PAUSE the game whenever you want and the fact you can’t is ludicrous!

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got to admit, when I bought the game, it felt lackluster, missing the fun of tension of the previous game, and despite trying hard, doing little very well. however with the updates rolling and adding content (as in reasons to drive for a bit, do not need something grand), at least this game feels like something to return to a few times.

Most wanted is still my fave. No grinding cars just finding cars. Exploring the world for billboards and gates, and pulling off sick jumps. Now I can discover a spot… take a photo. Who’s idea of fun is that? It does look fantastic and I have got some enjoyment out of it but not only do i prefer Most Wanted on PS3, I prefer it on my Vita too. Goes to show thar graphics arent everything.

LIAMB0RGHINI_95 01 May, 2016 @ 21:02

Do you have to be lvl 70 to unlock the prestige events? I’ve beat the game but still cant seem to play any of the prestige.

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