Sky Force Anniversary blasts onto PS4, PS3 & PS Vita this summer

Infinite Dreams’ arcade shoot ‘em up returns, packed with new content

Hello Pilots! My name’s Marek, I’m the co-founder of Infinite Dreams. I’m extremely proud to announce that Sky Force Anniversary, our modern air-based shooter, will launch on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita this summer!

Sky Force Anniversary is a recreation of Sky Force, a title we made more than a decade ago — it made quite an impact on the whole mobile gaming industry. When creating Sky Force Anniversary, our main goal was to preserve the old school, arcade shooter feeling of the original and make the game bigger, bolder, and more intense than ever. And to be honest — we think we did it.

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Sky Force Anniversary features an extensive single-player campaign where your main objective is to save the world from General Mantis — the nasty leader of evil forces. In order to defeat him you will have to blast through hordes of enemies, collect funds, rescue civilians, and constantly upgrade your ship with new, devastating power-ups.

Throughout the game you will have access to various types of weapons, passive skills and power-ups, starting from the impenetrable magnetic shield and ending with the mighty mega-bomb which annihilates all visible enemies with a huge blast.

What about enemies? Well, a game can’t call itself a shoot ’em up without a plethora of opponents and bosses waiting for you around every corner. In Sky Force Anniversary there are tanks, fighters, jets, ships, turrets, bombers — we have them all.

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Okay, but what happens if you complete the whole single-player campaign? Well, there’s still plenty to do — you can invite your friends and play the game with local co-op, you can fulfil additional goals like completing a mission without a scratch, and finally, you can compete with other players by participating in weekly tournaments that take place on unique new levels, updated every seven days.

We’re all super excited to join the world of PlayStation with Sky Force Anniversary — it’s a really big thing for us and we all hope you enjoy the game when it launches on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita this summer. And yes, it will most definitely support cross-buy.

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hell yeah!!!! this will be great on vita!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cross buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t need such a long speech. I will buy this game, you hear me? I WILL BUY IT!!!

Marek Wyszyński 27 April, 2016 @ 17:34

Thanks for the kind words!

HomessaHomem 27 April, 2016 @ 17:14

Good news for my Vita!

Marek Wyszyński 27 April, 2016 @ 17:35

This is good news for all Vita fans ;).

Will fit nice on the vita and x buy as well. Platinum??

Marek Wyszyński 27 April, 2016 @ 17:36

Unfortunately not, Platinum is reserved only for bigger titles.


It looks like a ‘big title’.
Shame but I’ll still buy if not for me for my kid, he’ll love this and I’ll probably buy it for my vita. What’s the likely age rating?


Bigger titles like Pac Man you mean?

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PS3 and cross-buy? SOLD.



Marek Wyszyński 28 April, 2016 @ 17:55

The price will be $9.99, 9.99€ and probably 6.99£.


Thank you!

Helvedeshunden 27 April, 2016 @ 17:45

I love this game. Already played it a lot on my ATV, but I think I’ll have to get it for my Vita eventually. Especially if there is a TATE mode.


Had me at singleplayer.

Shame about no Platinum though, Velocity 2x managed to get one.


Will it be PlayStation TV compatible too?

Świetna wiadomość! Cała ekipa mypsvita trzyma kciuki za poprawne vitowe wydanie! :-) Czekamy!


Hit seat coop only, or online too?

Marek Wyszyński 28 April, 2016 @ 17:52

It’s local co-op only at the moment.


I bought this for my iPhone many years ago. Will be buying again!! Thank you for supporting the Vita too!

CitizenEldar 28 April, 2016 @ 07:22

Cool! Love these kind of games, especially on the Vita!

pablo-hassan 28 April, 2016 @ 10:34

Love the look of this and for vita too ! Who says vita has no games !!


How bad will the microtransactions be?

I’m assuming they’ll be in there…

Marek Wyszyński 28 April, 2016 @ 17:51

Definitely no microtransactions – the game has been totally remade, it’s a 100% premium game.


What a premium game without a platinum?


This game didn’t have microtransactions on the Steam version, i wonder why you guys are assuming this one will… also what does “premium” have to do with trophies?


Remember playing this but I have no idea on what platform. iPhone? Is that possible? Yup, Sky Force 2014. ANd I have a bigger phone now… *goes back to playing Sky Force*

I like some old-school style shoot-em-ups – I grew up with them – so this is now definitely on my radar. All platforms and cross-buy to boot? Mr Ambassador, you spoil us.

CluckNuggets 29 April, 2016 @ 21:51


CluckNuggets 29 April, 2016 @ 21:51

Final Burn Alpha


… huh?

this is an original game… you won’t find it on MAME or FBA…


Great news! I’ll certainly be grabbing this on Vita!

Take my money already… love this on Steam and will buy again for my playstation’s :D

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