Homefront: The Revolution is big – here are the numbers to prove it

Deep Silver’s FPS, out this week, offers a huge single player campaign

Hi everyone! My name is Craig Turner and I’m the Community Manager at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, working on Homefront: The Revolution. The whole team here in Nottingham has been hard at work pumping our blood, sweat, and tears into the game so you guys can have an awesome experience when you get your hands on it as it launches this week!


Here are a few behind-the-scenes tidbits directly from our dev team:

  • There are 95 unique heads/faces as part of the Resistance! We scanned a lot of heads with our state-of-the-art face scanning technology, so many of the characters in the game are pretty special to us, because some of them are us. We are the Revolution!
  • The open world of occupied Philadelphia is populated with more than 384 unique and individual NPC personalities! We have a wide cast of characters in Homefront: The Revolution, and the great thing about the Resistance is that it’s made up of people who come from all walks of life. We’re really excited that PlayStation fans will get to meet the cast and discover their unique stories.
  • There are more than 50,000 lines of dialogue reordered to convey the story of Homefront: The Revolution. In order to deliver the level of storytelling we aimed to achieve, we focused on capturing the perfect performance to give our characters and story life. Speaking of dialogue, communication is key in the Co-Op Resistance Mode. You’ll need to work with your team if you want to stand a chance against the KPA.
  • E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  • Gear up with 31 attachments across 6 different weapon groups. All of these can be accessed on the fly without going into any menu, even during combat! The KPA outmatch you when it comes to firepower, but with the Resistance’s conversion kit you can adapt your weapon in battle to stay ahead of your enemies. Out of those attachments, 9 are quite unique and can convert your standard battle rifle into, oh, let’s say, a freedom launcher!
  • Lastly, you’ll be happy to know there are 136.5 rubber ducks in the game (don’t ask about the half one). This one is probably the most critical element to Homefront: The Revolution. You’ll catch glimpses of these little guys as you traverse through the city. Don’t be afraid to investigate abandoned buildings, you might find hidden resistance supply caches and rubber ducks.


We’re all incredibly excited for you to learn more about Homefront: The Revolution come launch day, and we look forward to hearing about your triumphs as you ignite a revolution yourself.

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That’s… a bunch of not so critical information :)
I’m more interested in campaign length, amount of weapons, quests, possibility of different playstyles and so on.


Agreed… nothing really critical in there.

That said, this hasn’t been on my radar at all; I hadn’t even heard of it until recently. However, I’ll check out some reviews (for more info, not for scores), and if there is indeed a ‘huge’ single-player campaign, I might pick it up. Providing the gameplay is decent, I’m only too happy to support a developer who focuses on campaign over multi-player.


It’s worrying that all of the images are from the E3 press kit, almost a year old..

Vallhall_74 16 May, 2016 @ 20:34

I talked to one from Deep Silver today and he/she said the campaign was 30 hours.

CluckNuggets 16 May, 2016 @ 23:24

I hope it’s better than X: Rebirth or the previous Homefront. Deep Silver is starting to get a negative reputation.

iamdark1988 17 May, 2016 @ 07:56

No disrespect to Deep Silver, but I remember when Ubisoft tried to build up Watch_Dogs in a similar fashion. Just looked how that ended up, hype killed the game.


Nah, i’m not going to preorder anything. I don’t trust you anymore. Maybe when it goes around twenty or less bucks. MAYBE.

Just been reading on eurogamer this has the first two levels of timesplitters 2 in there as an Easter egg. How about porting the rest of the game to the ps2 emulator on ps4. One of my all time favourites.


Best easter egg ever

So, Jim Sterling’s review of this game then …

Was a fun read :) And a nice accompanying video

CluckNuggets 21 May, 2016 @ 17:49

It completely flopped, Deep Silver is a cursed brand.

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