Action/stealth hybrid Filthy Lucre breaks cover on PS4 this summer

Your first look at the debut game from new UK studio Fabrik Games

Hi all, Graeme Ankers here, CEO at new UK developer and publisher Fabrik Games.

Do you like stealth games, but hate that you cannot go off-plan when it hits the fan?

Do you like action games, but get frustrated that you cannot use your brains as much as brawn to tackle a sticky situation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you will want to stick around for this next part: Filthy Lucre is the game you have been waiting for.


Action and stealth meet in the murky underworld of Filthy Lucre, where you will infiltrate Britain’s criminal network to help your rotten boss take out an equally rotten rival gang’s operation. We are bringing the unique flavour of Brit gangster flicks to games, with all the slick suits, sly humour and sore heads you would expect.

We have created a game that allows you to dynamically choose how you want to play, without feeling constrained by the design. If your carefully planned, tactical approach goes pear-shaped, there is no need to rage-quit; change up the plan, switch to assault weapons and muscle your way out. The game dynamically adapts to your play style, with cutting edge AI adjusting their approach. Filthy Lucre is all about the cinematic art of the reversal: hunter becomes hunted becomes hunter becomes… you get the point.


Every single mission can be played your way; go in all guns blazing or go dark and avoid all enemy contact. With over 30 upgradable weapons and gear items, you will never be able to blame your tools.

Filthy Lucre takes place across varied locations, ranging from swanky corporate headquarters to the nitty gritty of elaborate bank heists. With missions spanning the city’s seedy underbelly, it’s not only loot you’re after – assassinate high profile VIPs, sabotage gang operations and cause chaos wherever you can.

It’s not just the objectives you can tackle your own way, our non-linear mission structure allows you to pick and choose the right mission at the right time. Only got time for a quick blast? Jump in and take out a VIP. Looking for something more involved? Get your safecracking gloves on and empty everything you can from the bank’s secure vault.


Our entire campaign is not only a blast in single player, but any mission can also be tackled with a friend in network or local multiplayer. Just make sure they don’t nick all your precious swag…

Releasing this summer, we cannot wait to show you more of the game. In the meantime check out our reveal trailer and head over to fabrikgames to find more info and sign up to receive more news about all things Filthy Lucre.

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Looking nice! Grats on the announcement Fabrik

Sounds right up my alley. Always great to see new UK devs too. Will be keeping my eye on this one!

Graeme Ankers 01 June, 2016 @ 15:28

Thanks! Keep your eyes peeled for more Filthy Lucre news over the next few weeks :)

Looking cool but Fabrik Games website is down? Want to see more :)

Graeme Ankers 01 June, 2016 @ 18:53

Our website is now back up! Take a look for more news about all things Filthy Lucre :)

Wow, this looks great!
Love the realistic aesthetic. And we don’t get near enough games with east-end London voice work.
And local multiplayer to boot? You guys are spoiling us.
If it plays as good as it looks, you’ve got a day one sale from me!


I’ve seen enough….I’m sold.

Looks right up my alley. Day one buy ‘guv.

From a studio made up of ex Sony Liverpool and Evo developers you know this is going to be good. Will be picking this up for sure :-)

Gotta say, it look pretty cool. I just hope it’s properly balanced for singleplayer and multiplayer.


Yeah this looks fantastic.

Really can’t wait for this to come out – looks amazing, well done Fabrik

Congrats guys on the announce, very much looking forward to getting my hands on the game :)

residentSteve 02 June, 2016 @ 10:11

Wow another game that my iPhone could run, roll on e3.


Oooh, you’ve got that new fangled iPhone with the twin analogue sticks yeah?


Graeme have you left FireSprite?


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Plaese solve this error

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