The Tomorrow Children open beta weekend starts this Friday

Get an early taste of Q-Games’ upcoming PlayStation sandbox adventure

Greetings, loyal comrades! Dylan Cuthbert from Q-Games here. Following the success of our closed beta in January, we are hosting an open weekend for The Tomorrow Children, from 9.00am BST/10.00am CET this Friday, 3rd June until 9.00am BST/10.00am CET Monday 6th June, to give as many people as possible a chance to experience the game for themselves, and to help give their all in service to our glorious nation and help restore civilisation!

Of course, we realise that this will be the first venture into the Void for many of you and do not want to send you off to labour without being properly educated. Study the following information closely!


The Void

The true nature of the Void is a mystery, but it will claim those who stray too far from the stabilizing fields in towns. Be sure to use the bus to travel safely to islands.


The resources needed to expand and maintain towns, as well as Matryoshka Dolls in need of rescue, are found on the strange islands that surround towns. Take your tools and travel there to toil in service of our nation!


Towns require electric power to function. Build and use Treadmill Generators to keep them going!

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Go to the Ministry of Labour to receive Ration Coupons in exchange for your hard work. These coupons are traded at kiosks for a variety of items needed for doing more work!


Towns are under constant threat of attack by the Izverg, monsters of unknown origin. Build turrets and arm yourselves to turn them away!


Remember that all comrades are working together for the common good. Items on the ground and stored resources can be used freely by all!

As your time in the Void grows, we are sure that you will learn what kind of service suits you best. We will of course support you as well, but it is the duty of all comrades to become stronger in mind, body, and spirit for the glory of all!


Join us on our Twitch channel on Friday 3rd June at 9.00am BST/10.00am CET and Monday 6th June at 2.00am BST/3.00am CET, where we’ll be covering the basics and tricks, general Q&A and talk sessions with the staff.

The beta client is now available to download from PlayStation Store, and we’ll see you in the Void in a couple of days!

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Another beta at least. I would prefer the release, but that’s better then nothing and I hope I will find a lot of time this weekend for the game.

Number9dream68 01 June, 2016 @ 14:22

Got this downloaded and really looking forward to it,gameplay looks addictive.


I’ll try it out after work on friday night.

LeftMonocle 01 June, 2016 @ 15:42

Time to get weird!


haha, my thoughts exactly!


Great game, i’ll be there


Are you able to pick your gender or it’s only female?

Is there any information about the Beta being available on the US PSN store/network? I would love to be able to play this amazing game!

Any changes over the previous betas?

FantasyMeister 02 June, 2016 @ 04:21

Where would be the best place to leave any feedback for you during/after this beta?

The Tomorrow Children is such a great game – I played in the closed beta – and I cannot wait to play again. When is this game going to finally be released? I want a LOT more of The Tomorrow Children, a lot more. I dearly hope this is something that will come out soon. It’s fantastic!


I so want to be a part of this. Pity I don’t have a PS4… yet.

Gloria_Mundi 03 June, 2016 @ 13:12

I am determined to like this, but after the mining tutorial and the credits (which I obviously left during, to make a cup of tea) it just dumped me in the middle of a town, at night, under attack. At first I was like “Oh! Stuff’s going down! What do i do?” but the game wanted me to open a dozen boxes really slowly and fill my inventory with useless junk first. Then it turned out the game had now given me all the information it was ever going to give me – thankfully i’d seen videos of getting on a bus and mining, so I did that and it was alright.

Later I tried to make an item and got a block sliding puzzle. I vomited blood in disgust and fury at a game in 2016 daring to have the worst of all puzzles and just bribed it away (if I was scoring this out of 10 it would lose 5 whole points for having sliding block puzzles.)
I’m going to get into this if it kills me but man that’s a cold welcome


Love the art style! Ye ill give it a try why not it’s free haha

outlawsteveuk 05 June, 2016 @ 00:40

Nice ,enjoying this a lot ,thnx for the open beta

Andre-Veelt 05 June, 2016 @ 02:13

Communism killed 100 million people !!
Don’t get how you can make a game about Communism :S

Well I found this game depressing.

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