New Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay footage debuts at E3

Plus, special editions and pre-order bonuses detailed in full

At last night’s PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference, Guerrilla Games was excited to share more gameplay from Horizon Zero Dawn. In this demo, we follow Aloy as she journeys beyond the walls of her village to defeat a ‘demon’ which is terrorising locals and breeding fear throughout the valley. Aloy will have to use every ounce of her knowledge, intelligence and agility to survive this encounter.

If you missed the show, don’t worry, we’ve included the segment again below:

Horizon Zero Dawn will offer a deep and satisfying action RPG experience with a narrative to match when it launches on 1st March 2017. And we’re pulling out all the stops for the Collector’s Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn, collaborating with Gentle Giant Studios and Dark Horse Comics to produce a set of unique and exclusive physical extras on top of our in-game bonus content.

Pre-order bonuses

We’ll elaborate on the different editions of Horizon Zero Dawn in a little bit, but first we’d like to talk about pre-order bonuses. We’ve put together a pre-order bonus package that consists of:

  • Nora Lookout outfit – a unique outfit with enhanced camouflage and an extra modification slot.
  • Nora Longshot bow – a hunting weapon with improved accuracy and an extra modification slot.

Note that selected retailers in your country may also offer additional pre-order bonuses such as:

  • Nora Machine Trapper Pack – a resource pack that includes modifications for your weapon and outfit, and resources for crafting ammo and traps
  • Steelbook case – with exclusive cover artwork
  • Exclusive art prints

Special editions

In addition to the regular physical and digital versions of Horizon Zero Dawn, these are the special editions available for pre-order from selected retailers. Choose the edition that’s right for you:

Horizon Zero Dawn Limited Edition (€79.99 RRP)

If you want to enjoy the world of Horizon Zero Dawn even when you’re not playing the game, the physical Limited Edition is for you. It includes:

  • 48-page artbook by Dark Horse – featuring Horizon Zero Dawn concept art
  • Steelbook case – with exclusive cover artwork
  • Two resource packs – Carja Trader Pack and Banuk Traveler pack
  • Two outfits – Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Banuk Trailblazer Outfit
  • Two weapons – Carja Mighty Bow and Banuk Culling Bow

Horizon: Zero Dawn Limited Edition

Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition (€129.99 RRP)

This is the big one! The Collector’s Edition offers a terrific bundle of physical and digital items to enhance your Horizon Zero Dawn experience. It includes:

  • 9″ statue by Gentle Giant – featuring heroine Aloy in amazing detail
  • 48-page artbook by Dark Horse – featuring Horizon Zero Dawn concept art
  • Steelbook case – with exclusive cover artwork
  • Three resource Packs – the Carja Trader Pack, the Banuk Traveler Pack and the Nora Keeper Pack
  • Two outfits – the Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and the Banuk Trailblazer Outfit
  • Two weapons – the Carja Mighty Bow and the Banuk Culling Bow

Horizon: Zero Dawn Collector's Edition

Please check with your retailer of choice for available pre-order editions and bonuses. Horizon Zero Dawn’s release date is still a ways off, but I hope you’re as excited for the official launch as we are here at Guerrilla. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Horizon Zero Dawn news and information!

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Stonesthrow 14 June, 2016 @ 05:33

That song <3 Really excited for this. Being up against a new behavioral kind of enemy that you still have to figure out as opposed to humans or even 'traditional robots'. Getting that Shadow of the Colossus vibe from this in more than just the big creatures. And that's definitely a good thing :)

Guys….you stole the show for 2 years in a row :)

The game is ready. Probably you delayed it for not going agaisnt other blockbuster titles.
Hope this can be your very first great IP :)

Stonesthrow 14 June, 2016 @ 15:53

Clearly you never heard of a little thing called Killzone? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it not great :p

Looks great. As my colleagues said – It looks like Witcher with laser dinosaurs :-D

So where do you order the collector edition then i see no retailers here?

Holy god that voice acting is atrocious!

Yeah, but not bad enough to be comical, unfortunately.

zzzSINANzzz 14 June, 2016 @ 13:32

Please don’t be an “Only at GAME” they are a rip off

dessembrae2 15 June, 2016 @ 21:51

The game is looking awesome. I’m really interested in getting the Limited edition but I can’t find it for sale in the UK, are there any details on when they’ll be available to order?

Yep once again still no answer from Sony Playstation on this question of a UK retailer yet in USA Gamestop are taking pre-orders for it already. Europe PS4 fans as normal are always the last to get details.

dessembrae2 18 June, 2016 @ 15:56

Preorders for Special and Collectors Editions have gone up on GAME, Special edition is exclusive to GAME

ShadowFlightBA 20 June, 2016 @ 14:07

Gameplay footage? Where? It’s mostly cut scenes. Anyway, I was really looking forward to the this game. E3 2016 has changed my minded. I was excited about hunting robot creatures, the twist in having to kill people too has changed my mind. Sorry, no purchase for me, that ruined it totally.

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