How to blow up a viaduct in Sniper Elite 4

Take a closer look at Rebellion’s upcoming WW2 shooter

Hi everyone, I’m Tim from Rebellion and this week we’ve been lifting the lid on Sniper Elite 4 at E3.

For those of you who remember our teaser trailer back in March, it ended with the game’s protagonist Karl taking aim at an ominously large railway gun which was just ACHING to be exploded!

We didn’t want to tease you for too long so here are some new details about our Viaduct level and the different ways you can approaches you can take to clean the Fascist stain from the foothills of Southern Italy…

The “Up Close and Personal”


If you’re new to Sniper Elite you might be surprised to know that sharpshooting is just one of many core stealth pillars of the series. You have a silenced pistol, distractions like a whistle, lots of cover and a suite of ways to traverse the map (more on that later) and get the jump on enemies. And when we say “get the jump” we mean, drag your hapless enemy into some shrubbery for one of the brutal new melee X-ray kill cams. Ouch.

Of course it’s also possible to place your satchel charge on the viaduct without killing a soul, but that’d be a sad waste of all that kit you’ve been carrying on your back…

The “Scenic Route …”

There’s no doubt the foothills of Southern Italy are rather stunning, with warm sunlight dappling through alpine trees, past babbling brooks and … SNAP OUT OF IT SNIPER! This is no place for a holiday!

No, it’s time to get your map and binoculars out and survey the vast level for what it is – a wealth of deadly potential, with dozens of paths and secret objectives that can be completed in any order, hapless Nazi patrols to terrorise, collectibles to find, and much, much more.
Oh, and you can take out the Viaduct, you know, if you want to …

The “Cliffhanger”

This approach is more reckless, and not a little dramatic. Large chunks of the huge environment are ripe for clambering – buildings, trains, cliffs – away from prying Nazi eyes. This is at its most effective on the dizzying heights of the Viaduct itself. If you find yourself in the midst of a firefight you can’t win, mantle over and down the sides of the scaffolding (don’t look down!) and keep your Trench Gun handy … for close encounters.

The “old-school sharpshooter”

This is a sniping game after all, but we figured that with Sniper Elite in the title you knew that already! Viaduct actually offers some of the longest sniping lines in Sniper Elite history, and the imposing (and very active) railway gun offers you ample sound masking to crack skulls from a distance. Once you’ve thinned the ranks you can launch a more brutal assault on the Viaduct with your arsenal of machine guns, grenades, and explosive traps.

We hope you enjoy all the footage coming from E3 and maybe one day we’ll blow up the Viaduct together in co-op online.

Until then!

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Love sniper elite 3. Have to say multiplayer took ages to sort out and it’s still not as polished as other multiplayer games. If lessons have been learned from 3, number 4 will be awesome

Literally just finished 3 earlier today… and yeah, i think ill get some more than this comes out.

Love this game D1P for me. As mentioned earlier just make sure ‘polished’ this time before u launch. I can wait, make it work out the box so to speak.

how could this happen to me

Loved both SE V2 and SE 3. So I can’t wait for his one to come out. SE 4 above looks great. I really hope they also include a stereoscopic 3D option for the panoramic views like “The Scenic Route” and “The Cliffhanger” above. With the clear resolution of my PS4 as shown in the above photos, 3D would make it fell like one was really there.

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