New on PlayStation Store: Umbrella Corps, Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, Mighty No. 9

Plus, Deadlight: Director’s Cut, Pac-Man 256, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, more

E3 might be done and dusted for another year, but there’s no sign of a post-show hangover on PlayStation Store. This week sees a wealth of interesting new releases, including multiplayer Resident Evil spin-off Umbrella Corps, classic arcade football reboot Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s ruthless new platformer Mighty No. 9 and fan favourite 2D RPG remake Odin Sphere Leifthrasir.

See below for a full rundown of this week’s new releases.

PlayStation StoreOut this week


  • Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival
    24th June

  • Heart&Slash
    24th June

  • Mighty No. 9
    24th June

  • N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure
    (Not in Aus, NZ)
    24th June

  • Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
    24th June




  • Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice
    (Only in Aus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Malta, NZ, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, SA, UK)
    21st June

  • Super Blast Deluxe
    (Not in Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE)
    21st June

  • XBlaze Lost: Memories
    21st June

  • Towerfall Ascension
    21st June

  • Funk of Titans
    (Not in Aus, NZ)
    22nd June

  • Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
    24th June


21st June

  • Fallout 4

  • Contraptions Workshop
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Bespin
  • Minecraft

  • Battle Map Pack Season Pass
  • Battle Map Pack 1
  • Pirates: Treasure Hunters
  • Welcome Pack
  • Starter Pack
  • Advanced Pack
  • Deluxe Pack
  • Ultimate Pack
  • Pirate King Pack
  • PlayStation Plus Pack
  • Various coin packs

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

8 Author replies
RoaringMdog18 21 June, 2016 @ 13:06

Ah damn, another week without Taco Master :/ Really hope it hits psn soon. Hopefully the JP game sale starts soon aswell.

Is Mighty No.9 really coming out on the vita this week? I heard that it was releasing at a later date?

supersmith2500 21 June, 2016 @ 13:12

No, That’s just a mistake on Sony’s part. The publisher/developer has not announced any news for Vita version yet.

JohanLiebert88 21 June, 2016 @ 13:08

Where is Psychonatus for PS4 in EU?


Hi, can we get a UK price for Odin Sphere on PS4 please?
If it’s a reasonable price I’d rather buy it from PSN but otherwise I’ll keep my preorder.

Francesca Mead 21 June, 2016 @ 14:58

Please refer to Fred’s comment here about why we cannot share prices on the blog post or in the comments section anymore:


Francesca, that post is about listing all prices in the blog post, it doesn’t mean it is forbidden to help a random individual who asks for a price of ONE game in the comments… c’mon!

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supersmith2500 21 June, 2016 @ 13:09

Mighty No 9 doesn’t have a confirmed date for PSVita and Towerfall doesn’t have cross buy.

Super Blast Deluxe this week!

(Not in Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE)

oh of course. lol

Yup .Never get your hopes up..


This is because the store text hasn’t been translated to anything other then English. It is a stupid system and it has to stop. If the text isn’t translated by the dev, just put the English text on there.

Please fix this irritating problem as it happens too much with indies unfortunately. A lot of indies don’t even know this is the case.

UPDATE: Dev on twitter said more store languages are on the way.

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andrewsqual 21 June, 2016 @ 13:10

So when were you going to tell us there is a new PS4 System Update? Downloading 3.55 right now.

andrewsqual 21 June, 2016 @ 13:18

Still can’t get over the RE name today. If I was told 11 years ago “there will be a new Resident Evil game exclusive to PlayStation in 2016 and NOT EVEN FOR FREE, let alone €29.99 or €39.99, will you be interested in it”. I never would have believed it. But here we are. To this day it is the exact same thing with RE6 and those 2 Revelation games.


It’s only a stability update, they don’t need to announce those.


Is there a reason why Towerfall Ascension isn’t showing as Cross Buy? First US gets the Vita port 6 months before EU. Then it was supposed to come out last week but didn’t. Now Cross Buy is broken. What the hell is going on?


I was waiting for this post, to ask the same.NA is cross buy and Deviants said that ours will be too.


the dev is talking to Sony about fixing it. It should be cross-buy so hold off from buying right now


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Hi, first time I’ve managed to get a post in early enough to hopefully get an answer for ages. Could you please find out whether or not we will ever be getting Organ Trail on the PS4/Vita in PAL territories? I’ve been told by the devs that they have submitted it now three times and they are hoping it gets passed this time. Any news at this point? Thanks.

I’d like to know it too, especially if you think that it was released in US on last Halloween

Francesca Mead 21 June, 2016 @ 14:43

I don’t have an update for Organ Trail unfortunately.

Also could you be more careful/specific when abbreviating country names please? Aus as mentioned in Dragon Fantasy could refer to Australia or Austria.

crimsonidol-de 21 June, 2016 @ 13:26

I guess they mean Australia, as New Zealand is included but none of the countries that speak german (Germany, (Aus)tria, Switzerland). BTW it’s fun to see a game with a list of included countries. I was confused at first as I thought it was the typical blacklist of excluded countries. :\

A XBlaze game out of nowhere? That’s a nice surprise. And a discount as well. Might as well bite on both versions.

Where is Dishonored 2 pre-order? I want that D1 definitive edition right now.


It’s available on every other digital platform I’ve found, and even on the US Playstation Store. I’ve been searching for news on this for a week now and nothing. It’s infuriating. Even an update or reason why it’s not here would go a long way, just so I can go and get it through a different provider.

ratchetjak12 21 June, 2016 @ 13:22

Deadlight directors cut and mighty no 9 for me this week.
Any news on shadow blade Reload UK release is it coming anytime soon francesca :) reply when you can.

Carnivius_Prime 21 June, 2016 @ 13:25

Pac-Man 256 is good fun. Been playing it for the past half hour. :) Wish it was on Vita too though cos I wanna take it out with me.


I agree its excellent fun. if you want it on the go its available on play store for android.

mellan_Konsten 21 June, 2016 @ 13:27

Any ETA for kick-off on the Vita?

Francesca Mead 22 June, 2016 @ 09:55

I don’t have a release date for this one right now, but it’s being worked on.


Hello, any ETA on Sky Force Anniversary that’s not just a simple “summer 2016”? That date could be anything from today to late September.

Also i thought Mighty No.9’s release date was today?


Also wondering if there are progress with my issue with the static themes… that everyone thinks i probably invented or something.

Francesca Mead 22 June, 2016 @ 09:58

If there isn’t a more specific release date, it can mean there just isn’t one yet. Release dates can be moved around and I don’t want to give anyone misinformation.

For the themes issue, there aren’t any more enquiries I can make without repeating myself – the Store team says that the structure of the Store is working as intended, and for any account related queries customer support will need to be contacted.


And i keep insisting that it has NOTHING to do with accounts. I’ve tried changing browsers, computers, even routers. I’ve even listed the specific themes which just cannot be “purchased”, i can’t do anything else.

Hi @Francesca
Please fix wrong price (1 euro less) and cross-buy for Towerfall; I bought it for ps4, but I don’t have one, because the developer told me it has cross-buy.
Please PLEASE, where is Organ Trail?
Will never Dragon Fantasy Book II arrive in Italy (so Super Blast Deluxe)?

Please give me some info.
Thanks in advance

Italian blog moderators never answer, so I write here.


I don’t understand why Dragon Fantasy is not available in many countries when it’s clearly available everywhere for PC…

And Edsylv is totally right! Only UK blog mods respond to posts! The rest is a mess!


In general I’d like more consideration by the moderators of a blog, I mean, if I go to work and I don’t do my job my boss fire me.
Anyway, please @Francesca answer my questions.
COMPLETE answers, please.

Thanks again.


Because the store text hasn’t been translated to anything other then English. It is a stupid system and it has to stop. If the text isn’t translated by the dev, just put the English text on there.

Please fix this irritating problem as it happens too much with indies.

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madmanwithabox12 21 June, 2016 @ 13:59

Odin Sphere is the definite highlight of the week. Got my Vita copy coming this week.

Dragon Fantasy Book II took years to get here. It was out in North America years ago. How bad is SIEE QA? Towerfall is months late and been screwed at every turn. I feel sorry for these developers having to deal with this stuff. =/

At least the Vita games are all listed this week. No in fact, we’ve gone the other way now -> listing Vita games that aren’t out this week (MN9). Don’t be surprised if the handheld version of that is either cancelled or really, really bad and like a year late.

Speaking of MN9, what a trainwreck hahaha.


Agreed. The demo was pretty cool.

Carnivius_Prime 21 June, 2016 @ 15:58

Yeah Mighty No 9 has not been getting good reviews. I can’t say I was ever that interested. It’s always looked rather bland and characterless compared to real Mega Man games and I’m already tired of those (since there’s a bajillion official ones to choose from). PS4 owners better off buying the Mega Man collection of the original first six NES games instead if they haven’t already.


@madman: that’s not the same Dragon Fantasy Book II we were supposed to get years ago though. that one was for PS3 and Vita. this one is for PS4 and Vita.

also, MN9’s debacle is well deserved, i hope the lesson has been learned.

windsorblue01 21 June, 2016 @ 14:01

would love to know why you can no longer be botherd to list all the dlc for ps4 ps3 and vita when the american blog staff can since i know its not because you are not told about it since its on the webstore in new this week section hours before you post this.

do you just pick and choose what you want to put up ? just asking would love to know.

also i know that lately you only try to put ps4 dlc up but your not even putting all the ps4 dlc up, for example rockband 4 dlc is out every week you havnt botherd with it for months, but the american store does. so instead people like me who want to know whats on the store each week have to check new this week section every day instead of it being on here in blog post titled new on ps store this week when the title should reed some new stuff on psn this week check the webstore or console for other stuff.


What a great Vita update! So many things i want there :)
You should have released these during E3 week and then spent five minutes talking about the Vita. You could have done that instead of that old guy from Ubisoft that couldn’t even pronounce playstation properly.

Hi Francesca

Just a quick request could you list new demos on the update each week.


they do list demos sometimes. they did it last week, for example (Odin Sphere)

Please answer at my comment number 16: please answer at ALL the questions.
We are costumers, please, don’t leave us alone.
Please demonstrate me I can still count on UK. Italy left Playstation costumers years ago


Is south Park the fractured but whole coming up for pre order on the PSN store today?

Francesca Mead 21 June, 2016 @ 14:53

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is not currently available for pre-order in AUS/NZ. I don’t have any information on when it will be, but will update if I hear anything.


I need to know about South Park the Fractured But Whole pre-order in Australia

justrealjordan 21 June, 2016 @ 14:43

Hi Francesca,

Since Tekken 7 was officially announced at e3 for consoles. Will any tekken games on the store be on sale soon? Tekken 5 DR?


ClankyBridges 21 June, 2016 @ 14:49

Any idea how much kick off revival will be on uk store please?


It was previously announced at £9.99 for the digital copy and £12.99 for the physical copy. Although this could change before release.


Hopes raised for a second there. Then i thought, what is more likely, that the Mighty number 9 vita version is out at some time as on its bigger brethren, or another stuff up in this post? Yeah its rhetorical.

McSmellington 21 June, 2016 @ 15:11

Is Asemblance not out today? I thought 21 June was the release date and seen the odd review pop up too.

Its European release has been delayed a couple of weeks because of issues with PEGI, according to the developer. Having played it, however, I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. It’s incredibly short.

A few things. Is there a reason the digital version of Grand Kingdom was delayed by a week in Australia? Also, will the digital version of Odin Sphere similarly be delayed since these delays seem to match those of the physical versions? Should we expect Star Ocean 5 to suffer a similar setback or is it just NIS published titles being delayed?

I’m not upset at the delays, Australia and NZ always seem to get the short end of the stick, it’s just nice to know ahead of time if we need to wait a bit more.


wait, Odin Sphere was delayed in Europe? it i supposed to come out this friday!


@Lance_87 So far the physical version is delayed by a week in Australia. Theoretically Europe itself is unaffected.


*phew* my €39 copy is safe then lol. i pre-ordered it for PS3…


Will Resident Evil 7 be available for preorder in the store like the US?

AL3MERH_2011 21 June, 2016 @ 16:07

Where is Psychonauts ? :(


UK only. . That ask uk fans stay in Europe . If vote out will get high prices on videogames we get in uk and less games so vote in.


i don’t think the average UK citizen will ever care about games prices :( sorry for you guys. i loved buying used PS2/PS3 physical games from UK, especially from the now-defunct Play(dot)com.

StumpyCross8 21 June, 2016 @ 17:47

Yes, Kick Off Revival, finally! Now, if I could only plug in my good old Kempston joystick to PS4…

S_P_A_C_E_M_A_N 21 June, 2016 @ 18:30

Totally. I remember reading the features on the side of that joystick. I think one was ‘ergonomic design’. Awesome.


I used to play it on my competition pro 2 :o) I am really looking forward to this releasing on Friday. It’s looking great from the footage shown so far.


So, when is Mighty No. 9 coming up on the Playstation Store?

The game apparently has been up for pre-order on the American store for quite some time, it even has a pre-order bonus. Is Europe being cheated out of said pre-order bonus?


it’s even written, read again.


What I see written is the release date of the game, what I am asking is whether the game will be put up for pre-order before the release date and whether the pre-order bonus that was on the American store will be coming to the European store.

However, seeing as the game launches tomorrow, my guess is that no, no ability to pre-order and no pre-order bonus.

It took years for Dragon Fantasy II to get an European PSN release (and it’s the updated/iOS version instead of the original version)… and it isn’t even out in most European countries (mine included) :( Guess I’ll never play the sequel on PSN then.


Maan.. in this update alone, there’re more games not available for some than anyone would like.. and electronic at least odin sphere is available, thankfully.. would’ve really sucked otherwise.


i wonder when we’ll get those E3 sales they got over at US.
not interested of the same old EA sale

Wait what. NA blog has Grand Kingdom avatars as free. On our EU (NZ) store they cost 85c. What cheeky thievery.
Sent comparison pics on their Twitter.


nothing new under the sun.

Hi Francesca, any update on Towerfall cross buy today?



Not even a quick one line update, Jim. Why am I totally not surprised?

Hey, at least Euro 16 has been great today! Made up for RoI, beating ITA and qualifying to the last 16. Awesome!

FatPrincess2015 22 June, 2016 @ 13:00

Dear Sony PlayStation, could you please look into the pre-orders of The Last Guardian? I already payed for it in the PlayStation Store, but I didn’t receive my PS4 theme of the Last Guardian :-(


Hi, when does the psn store in the UK update? It’s still showing those terrible EA deals and I’m still waiting for it to refresh to deals which are remotely on par with the US.


It was updated yesterday, heh.


Don’t you just love how the UK constantly gets shafted with terrible deals and how Sony is Pro-US.


Why can’t I find kick off on the UK store?

I thought Towerfall was Crossbuy? I own it on PS4, but I have to buy it again on the Vita. Please help. Danish PSN store.


Hi, there have been loads of queries on this and the game makers have contacted Sony about it. Sony is currently not responding to most of the enquiries.


Any news on the Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6 problem? I have the Disc version + Adventure Pass on PS4 and it’s asking me to pay again when I try to install.


My daughter had this problem on her Ps3. Instead of going through the PS store, load up Story Mode, and “purchase” it through there. IT downloaded as intended then.

everblue180 24 June, 2016 @ 09:05

I bought mighty no.9 for ps4, when I can download the psvita version? @Francesca Mead


The Vita version isn’t finished yet which is why it’s not available. At best I’d allow another couple of months…


Still waiting for the Shovel Knight Theme on the Vita ☹️
But now I see the Grand Kingdom Vita is also not on the EU PSN

Is America only getting updates for the Vita? Because it feels dead here on the EU Store


*Grand Kingdom Vita Theme

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