‘Rhythm violence’ game Thumper launches alongside PlayStation VR this October

Check out the Collector’s Edition for Drool’s upcoming sensory assault

This is Marc from Drool. Back in 2009, Brian Gibson and I teamed up to create Thumper, our rhythm violence game. Today, we’re excited to finally announce Thumper is launching alongside PlayStation VR on 13th October.

Thumper contains nine epic levels playable in both ultra-glossy 2D and fully immersive VR. Over the past few months, we’ve made many enhancements to take full advantage of PS VR. We’ve fine-tuned movement speed, the scale of the game world, and our visual effects to create an overwhelming sense of speed and monumental dread. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been a space beetle on a screaming hell ride before. But no matter which way you play, we think you’ll feel the violence!

Of course, audio is also an essential part of Thumper. Brian composed the music using a unique “gameplay first” technique. Most rhythm games take pre-composed songs and fit gameplay around them. For Thumper, we first developed the mechanics and levels and Brian used them to create an integrated sound experience that maximises impact. You don’t play the music in Thumper, you survive it.

We’ve always wanted to release Thumper and its soundtrack in a special way. So we couldn’t be more psyched to team up with the fine folks from iam8bit to create a limited edition collector’s package. Our Thumper CE includes a game code and vinyl soundtrack with cover artwork designed by Robert Beatty [link:]. Robert’s music and art were a key inspiration for Thumper and we can’t wait to hold this beautifully designed package in our hands! It will include a psychedelic picture disc and some extra special features we’ll announce soon.

Check out the iam8bit store for more details and to pre-order the Collector’s Edition.

Thumper will be available in the PlayStation Store as a digital download on 13th October.

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Excellent. I really like the way this is shaping up. The music does make me feel a bit uneasy though!


Collector’s Edition game code is for North America PSN only :(

tenshi_alpha 30 June, 2016 @ 18:23

Noooooo! I was just about to get it, too. Thanks for pointing it out! I might have missed it! They should have thought of this before advertising it on the EU PS blog!


I’m always excited for new rhythm games but that sounded awful in the trailer :(

That’s a damn sexy album cover *drools*

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